Wednesday, July 30, 2014

An Un-Welcomed Guest

Had every intention of going to bed early last night.  Until I saw/heard a wasp buzzing around my head in my bedroom.

And of course, everyone was out of the house for the evening. Lovely.  NOT!!

This happened a few times in Guam, but with geckos.  They ended up being sucked up in my vacuum cleaner.  Maybe not the best choice, but I was able to sleep with the knowledge that a gecko was NOT going to join me in my bed.

I sat very still and quite reading for well over an hour before William came home.

Sadly, he had no desire to kill the wasp.

Thankfully, the vile thing finally landed on the floor and I was able to hit him several times with a shoe.

Then I sucked him up in the vacuum.

And yes, I was able to sleep nicely with the knowledge that no wasp would be joining me in my bed!

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