Friday, July 11, 2014

The Calendar Quilt

For quite a while now, I have wanted to do a quilt based on the months of the year. I probably had about half of the fabric I needed.  A few weeks ago I used my birthday money to buy the rest (as well as some other fabric I "needed" with some notions.) I started the quilt last week, but got side-tracked with a few things like kids and being out of town (and possibly a few books.....).

But this week I made a  point to work on it and last night I finished it.  I probably would have finished it earlier, but Mr. Seam-Ripper and I had (sadly) a few dates.  Uurrggg. I hate ripping out!!  But it needed to be done.  I had gotten a few of the pieces in the wrong place (which is easy to do when the pieces are the same size) and a few months out of order. Also, I wasn't happy with my football fabric (used for September). By the time it cut in to small triangles you could no longer tell it was helmets and footballs. So, I Mr. Seam-Ripper and I ripped out those triangles and I re-cut those parts.  I probably should have gone to the store and bought new fabric with a smaller print, but I felt that I had already spent enough money on this particular project.

I am a little disappointed with the over size of the blocks.....the picture from the pattern just looked bigger...I guess that's just a good photographer at work!  Also, I tried some quilt in some curves on the pinwheels....and I just don't sew curves very well....need to stick with straight lines, I guess.

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