Monday, July 28, 2014

Growing Up

This week the kids are with the youth group for Mission Week.  They stay the night at church and during the day they volunteer at different places around town. Last night as they were getting all their stuff together, we had to gather blow-up mattresses, sleeping bags, blankets, towel....all that fun stuff they need to camp at the gym at church.    At one point I asked Benjamin if he had everything he needed. He said yes...that he just needed a quilt.  I asked if he was sure and he said was.

As usual when the kids are gone, I get in a cleaning mood to clean their rooms. As I was straightening up Ben's room I saw his sleeping bag.  And that's when it hit me why he said he just needed a quilt.

His sleeping bag?  It's a Hot Wheels one...not exactly what a 13 year old wants to take for all the youth group to see.

Tonight after I helped cook and serve dinner for the youth group, I went to Target and bought Benjamin a nice plain blue adult size sleeping bag...with not a Hot Wheel in sight.  I'm sure he'll sleep much better tonight than he did with just a small quilt. He may be my baby, but he's not longer a baby.

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