Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday Report

We enjoyed watching the World Cup over the last month....even if William fall asleep just before the
final. Not sure why he was so tired....but we all enjoy a nice long Sunday afternoon nap every now and then, and I guess it was his turn.

Friday night we had a few couples over for dinner. It went very well. One of the couples have a four month old.  So sweet! The other couple just came back from their honeymoon. We joked that the baby is what happens after the honeymoon! While we laugh, they did not. So, I guess it's a touchy subject.

Today Benjamin had his summer check up.  He needed his normal meds renewed as well as paper filled out for school so he can have his Epi Pens at school.  While he weighed one pound less than he did at his last appointment in April, but has grown one inch.

Not sure how you grow one inch but loss a pound!!


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