Friday, July 18, 2014

Paper Work Done!

Today was the last of the kids' doctor appointments. YEAH!!  In the past I have tried to have all three in one day - that was just overwhelming for the doctor.  We just have a lot of paperwork that has to be signed in order for the kids to have epi-pens at school, and the doctors don't like to be rushed through them. Also,  I've gotten to where I don't like having two or three kids in the room at the same time.  Room is too small....feel like the doctor doesn't really give enough attention to each child. 

Last year all the paper work was done wrong, so the school nurse, then, had the hassle of calling and faxing the clinic to get it corrected. So, this year I felt that if each child was seen separately, then we could avoid that problem.  And I think we did! Each child got a thorough exam...we got to talk about each child's health in depth...and got all the paperwork done.

Also, each child got a lunch out with mom and dad as their appointments were all at 11:10. Love it when we can spend time one-on-one with a child.

Poor William, though....  He got  a little more education this know the kind...."turn and cough".  Poor kid.  But he is almost eighteen and he plays a sport that can be very physical. Oh, well. Such is a part of growing up.

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