Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Lazy Summer Day

This is a lazy week for me....not too much going on. Yesterday, Melissa and I went shopping for school uniforms. At one of the local 2nd hand places, we were able to get the rest of the bottoms she needed as well as a nice dress for her cousin's wedding. She still needs a few of the uniform pull-over/polos....hopefully, we'll find some she likes soon.  I think both boys are okay.....probably should  check on pants for William....but getting either of the boys to go through their clothes is a major ordeal.  I'm just not up for it yet.  Time is running out though.....maybe tomorrow morning since soccer is cancelled.

Melissa babysat last night for one family and this morning for another family.  She'll keep another family for the rest of the week.  Good thing too...she was down to $9 in cash!  Meanwhile the boys are just hanging out with me at the house....yep, you guess it: playing video games. 

I was able to work on a Bible study project this morning and got some sewing done. I started the day off with a slight headache and, so, was not so motivated to work....got a book finished though!

Hopefully, tomorrow will be more productive!

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