Thursday, July 24, 2014

Crazy Teens

A few weeks ago, the church hosted a lock-in for the middle school. Benjamin said he had a good time. Last night it was the high schoolers turn with a lock-out.  Why, oh, why do teens like to stay up ALL. NIGHT. LONG????

Yes, I did it, too as a teen.  But now?  No way!

So, after youth meeting last night, they first saw a movie, then bowling, then ate at IHOP, then roller skating, then went swimming at one of the youth's pool.  Melissa and William walked in about 6:30 and were in bed asleep by 6:35.

Don't blame them there.

Sadly, they both had ortho appointments at ten.  After they got home from that, both went back to bed. Although, William said he really didn't go to sleep....just dozed for awhile.  Melissa slept hard until I woke her up at four.

Hopefully, they both will sleep well tonight.

I remember going to several lock-in as a teen.  Most were with my youth group, but we rented another church's facilities as they had an in-house bowling alley and let roller skates on their gym floor.  I, also, remember going to a few with my Methodist friends.  Let's just say the Baptist  believed in more supervision than the Methodist did.

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