Sunday, June 5, 2011

Books and Movies

Years ago when the book series Harry Potter was popular, I didn't let my kids read it.  There were many reasons.  Rebellion. Protection. Fear.

Rebellion - mine  -  I seem to hate having people tell me how I "have" to read or watch something. I like to make the decision on my own - not to be "forced".  (Which is why I have never seen Titanic!)

Protection - of the kids. Because of the fear - that would be William's.  William has always hated books or movies with a lot of suspense. Especially, if music is added. 

We once were watching a documentary on Abe Lincoln. One scene was a shadow of a man welding a knife. William had nightmares for several nights.   So. We have learned to avoid things that cause nightmares.

And I thought Harry Potter would.

So. We didn't read the books or see the movies.  There were times Melissa or Ben said something about wanting to see the movies.  But they seemed to accept our "no" without too much pf a problem.

There was, also, the whole controversy several popular Christians started with the witchcraft used in the series.  It made me ....unsettled.  I didn't want the kid to think the witchcraft was real - didn't want them to get all caught up in it.  Also, I was uneasy with the way many kids were so obsessed with the stories and yes, the witchcraft.  I much prefer that kids obsess with love. Not so much with the evil.

But that was when the kids were younger. Now they are older.  They understand the difference between real and pretend more than ever. And while William still doesn't like suspense, he handles it better.

A few months ago, William came home from the library with the first Harry Potter book on tape.   I asked him if he would be okay with all the suspense and possible scary things - and he was. Okay, then.  No problem.

So, he listened to the first book on tape with Ben (I think Melissa listened, too), then William read the rest of the series in less than a month.

Today Ben found the first movie on DVD.  All three watched it last night. And so far - no nightmares. That's always a good thing.

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