Thursday, June 23, 2011

For Sale

The other day I had Melissa empty her bookcase so I could tighten the screws. It has a lean...which is great if you are in Pisa...not so good if you are a bookcase.  After the lean was taken care of, I had Melissa go through her books before she put them back on the shelf. As we separated the books that she wanted to get rid, I told her that we would get give them away or take them to Goodwill. She asked if instead if we could sell them on eBay.


They boys got into the act as well and cleaned out the big bookshelf upstairs.  Then Melissa did a lot of research on eBay to see what was selling and for how much. She really did a good job. Ben took pictures and helped separate the books.  Not real sure what William did....other than irritate his siblings....

As all the day went on, one thing was clear: I don't see my three children ever running a business together.

Most of the books are now listed on ebay - hopefully, they will earn some I think they already have some of it spent.

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