Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Today marked the third day of VBS - and the third day that we missed. Well, at least the boys and I.  Melissa has gone...and liked it "just okay".  Not sure if it's because it's different that what we had in Guam or if she's just out growing it.  Actually, because of our traveling we missed it the last two summers, so I  was looking forward to all of us attending.

Ben's not so broken up over missing it. He confessed to me that he didn't like VBS. Why? I asked.  "Because, they only teach what I already know."

Should have known that I would get that type of answer out of Benjamin.

But he and William have enjoyed hanging out at the house.  Especially, since they got the Wii exercise board back to working order.

And me? I feel guilty for not going to VBS. I said I would teach, so I feel that I should. But I'm also love being at home.  I have gotten one big project done and about a third of the way done on another one. It's been so nice just dropping Melissa off then going home to accomplish a few things.

Not sure if Mr. Poxy will still be itchy tomorrow or not....and not sure if I want him to be or not! I would love to keep working on my project...get this one done and start on another one....

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