Friday, June 3, 2011


Most who know me, know that I'm not the best exercise fan around. I fully admit that I "dabble" in exercising.  I like the idea, but the actually running? Huffing and puffing? Yeah....not so much for me.   I'm always been amazed at my family and friends who do run - and run well! 

And secretly have wished I had that kind of body or strength to run like they do.

When asked if I run, my standard answer is some thing along the lines of "why run if there's no snake, bear, or rapist behind me?" or "no, I prefer to breath". This second response is more of the truth. I run and I just get out of breath so fast it just doesn't seem worth it - like how it's hard to breath in a sauna or on a really hot and humid day in the Deep South.  Then I'm  tired for so long afterwards - where's that extra energy every one talks about???  I haven't seen it!

Drew and I have always been walkers (okay - he would prefer to run, but walks with me). Mostly our walks in the past have been where we catch up with each other - our private marriage counseling sessions if you will. But here, he wants our walks to be more exercise since he is no longer exercising with the office like he did in Guam. So, he has been trying to get me to run some on our walks.  So. I do. A few houses, then I'm done. And he leaves me.  Off he goes to get a good sweat on as he says.

Secretly, he thinks I'm lazy or just plain out of shape. Secretly, I have always wondered if something is wrong with my heart or lungs.

The other day when we were walking he, once again, got me to run. This time I really did try to push my body and run farther than ever.  At the end of it, he looks at me and says, "You're not just breathing heavy, that's a wheeze! I think you have exercise-induced asthma."

I look at him and said, "I've been telling you for years that I don't run because I can't breath!! I wasn't making it up!!"

So, off to the doctor I went and came home with a nice inhaler.  Today was the first morning that I used my new friend. And yes! I did do better!! I ran farther than I ever have - even up a few (minor)hills and was still able to breath! Amazing!!!  And I'm not so exhausted now - which I learned is a sign of the exercise-induced asthma.

Will I ever be a great runner? Probably not. After all, my knees are over forty, but I do hope to be able to run the full loop that Drew does in the morning.  And lose weight....that's always a nice goal.

Time will tell, I guess.


This is My Life said...

Wow! If only you had known in Guam....we could have had you running our 5k's with us!!! LOL! Enjoy the running!

corinne ashbeck said...

kelley, I also have exercise induced asthma, thus y I sucked so badly at the cardio parts of our workouts with strollin i know how u feel totally..i also have an inhaler for it, and it does help....
good luck! wish we all could get together again to do those workouts..they were more fun with a group of friends....miss our strollin mamas...