Friday, June 10, 2011


A friend on facebook just called my son an overachiever.  Sadly, I have to agree. You see, we think - okay, pretty darn sure! - that our youngest has the chicken pox.

Yes,  he did have the vaccine.

Yes. he actually broken out with a small case of the chicken pox when he was four.

And again tonight.

He came to us asking how to get rid of some bug bites. Drew took a look at them. Then asked me to look at them.

I told Ben to strip - yep. Bumps all over - about fifty.

Poor little guy.

But seriously!

Melissa, also, had the chicken pox when Ben was four. Then, she broke out again while we were in Guam. I blamed it on the weird viruses that floated around Guam and the rest of the Pac-Rim.

But now, Ben is breaking out.  Should be an interesting weekend.

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