Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Night

All is well here in Pox Land.  Ben's spots are almost dried up. I'll give him another look over tonight and again in the morning, but I'm really hoping all is well.

Then there's Melissa. I'm really hoping the spots on her leg are from bugs. 

We had a good weekend - Saturday we had just about nothing going on. It was lovely. Just lovely. At one point Melissa asked if I would take her and a friend swimming at the base.  No. I plan to do nothing the rest of the afternoon.

She was not so happy.  Whatever.   I enjoyed my lazy afternoon.  Drew and I did go out to eat - Mexican! - and made a run through the sporting goods store to buy me some new walking/running shoes.

Yes, Drew  is still getting me to run some.  .7 of a mile.  Not far, I know, but a good start for this walker.

 I did get a few books read this weekend - another one by Kristen Hannah - Night Road.  Once again, she writes a wonderful and compelling story.  I also, re-read The Handmaid's Tale.  And a few other books in the last week or so....just some light Christian fiction.

This week starts Melissa's conditioning with the Cross Country Team.  Several evenings a week. And we found out William has conditioning for soccer starting next week. His are in the mornings. Early, early.

The fun just never ends around here.....But we have booked a few trips for next month - yeah! Love to travel!

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