Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Lasts Times

Karen Kingsbury wrote in one of her books about the lasts time. She even wrote about a whole book about it, Let Me Hold  You Longer.  In it she talks of how we celebrate all the firsts of our children - the first time they roll over, the first time they crawl and walk....the first tooth in and the first tooth lost.  But many times we over looks the lasts times....the last time the toddle crawls to the last tooth falling out.  One day we turn around realize we can't remember the last time he crawled or the last time the tooth fairy was  needed.

I feel that way with VBS. Three summers ago I never dreamed that would be the last time all three kids would be in VBS...but it was. The next summer the chapel in Guam held VBS during July - our travel month. The last summer we moved. VBS schedules just didn't work out. Then this year, Benjamin breaks out with chicken pox and ends up staying home all week.

Not that I really minded  missing VBS. As I said the other day, I got a lot done!  Big projects done!

But still.  A part of me is sad.  That part of my children's childhood is over.  Bittersweet.  They can't grow up without leaving some of the sweet parts of childhood behind. Melissa is already talking about how she wants to be a helper next year.

Hopefully, chicken pox and all other contagious viruses will stay far away.

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