Monday, June 20, 2011

A Day in the Life of....

Our day started with Drew and I taking William to the school for soccer conditioning/practice.  At six. a.m. As in way too early for a summer day.

But all was not lost.  Drew and I usually walk/run in the mornings, so just walked and ran at the high school track.  We did our normal two miles. William  - and all the other boys - on the other hand kept working.  For a total of 95 minutes. 

Felt so bad for William! I know he was not thinking the first day of conditioning would be that long.  I have a feeling he will be slow moving getting out of bed in the morning.

Our day ended with me taking Melissa and her friend to cross country conditioning/practice.  At least her's  was at seven p.m. And only lasted twenty minutes.  So much better. But the coach had them run barefooted. Not sure what it up with that.

Welcome to high school and middle sports. Hang on tight - it's gonna be a rough ride at times!

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