Saturday, June 4, 2011

Oprah, Again

A few months ago I had asked what I thought was an innocent question on facebook: "What new shows on Oprah's network are you looking forward to seeing?"  Oh, my.  I was flood with all opinions of my friends - mostly against Oprah.  I said my view here.

I do think there is a sentiment in some Christian circles that Oprah is not a Christian. They base this opinion on several comments Oprah has made over the years.   But I think they need to re-think those opinions.

I was totally impressed with her "love letter" she gave as her last show.  You can read it at   It was truly beautiful.   In this love letter, she gave all praise to God - and named Jesus - not just any god, but GOD.

Are all of her beliefs - her theology -  agree with  mine? No. And I think that's okay. God has made us all different - that's plainly seen in nature as well as every type of church! But I do think we need to quit focusing on what we don't agree on, but instead focus on what we do agree on...And let God be God.

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PollyS said...

Interesting that you mention this. I watched this last season of Oprah. It was actually quite refreshing and even fun.
There was a lot of Oprah worship, but many of those touting her wonderfulness were truly interested in her skills and talents. Very few would say she doesn't have talent.
But in years past she was searching so adamantly for something, it was obvious and sad. And annoying to anyone that knows Christ. He could have been what she was searching for. I know many tried to witness to her and many prayed for her.
But her last show she seemed to have quite a bit of peace.
Yes she talked about God. Many people talk about God. Muslims talk about God. Catholics, Mormons, and others talk about God. Is their God OUR God? I don't think so.
So the better question is, What does she think about Christ? The One who gave His life for us and gives eternal life?
I will not judge her.
I choose to think she has reconciled with the One that made her. And trust that He uses her earthly power for His glory.