Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rain, Rain - Please come again!

We actually got some rain today. So needed!  But don't think we got nearly enough.  We got more thunder & lightening than rain. But every little bit helps.

I was able to clean out the guest room closet.  So many things have been just thrown in there - too many - so many that we couldn't really walk in anymore and get to want we wanted.  But no more.  I ended up talking five paper grocery bags to the Goodwill - and another one to the trash can. It's all oranganized now. LOVE IT!

Melissa and I also got some shopping in.  I needed some comfy shoes I could wear when I work this fall (the plan is to still sub)- and a new outfit for an upcoming baby shower for my niece.

 Of course, I found a few other things other than a dress for the shower....

Melissa did picked out an outfit as well for the shower, but none of us (her, me, Drew) are totally sold on it.  We'll try the mall later this week.

Still hearing some thunder.....but not seeing any more rain...maybe soon....

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