Thursday, August 25, 2011

As the Week Goes By...

This week I finished two books - was not thrilled with either of them.  The first book,  Mennonite in a Little Black Dress, gave me a headache.  Maybe I just needed to wear my bio-facials.....

It started out well, but then every time a new character was introduced we also got a long back story. So many back stories made me forget the current story.  And I was slightly shocked over the not-so-nice language that was spattered throughout the book.

I, also, read 90 Minutes in Heaven. I did love -LOVE- the chapters that actually told of his time in heaven. But that was only about two and half chapters. The rest of the book about his recovery.  Which was a miracle! But still. I guess I was hoping for more.  But would still recommend the book.

This week I, also, was able start a quilt. I am working on Pick-up Sticks which is featured on the cover of Fon's & Porter's Love of Quilting this month. The magazine shows the quilt in browns, but I am doing mine in pinks and purples. 

This pattern is a perfect scrappy quilt. Which is good. Exactly what I need!  When we had about a year left in Guam, my goal was to not buy any more fabric until I had used two of the three boxes of fabric I already had.  Let's just say I'm still working on that goal.  I'm down to two boxes - which is better than three - but still have a ways to go.  I don't think this quilt will make a huge dent in these two boxes, but every little bit helps.

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