Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Earthquakes, Hurricanes -Oh, My!

Crazy day around the country!  Earthquakes in Colorado and on the East Coast....Hurricane Irene comin' for a visit....wars and rumors of wars... Maybe Jesus just needs to come and we'll be done with all of this??!!

We felt our first earthquake in the spring of 1992 when we were living in  Southern California at our first Air Force assignment. Needlessly to say, it FREAKED this Southern girl OUT! In the following weeks no matter where we were at - the store, church, a store, I would look at Drew and say, "Okay, if there's an earthquake while we are here - this is what we need to do." 

It finally got to the point that Drew told me, "If you don't calm down and get over this and quit talking about earthquakes, I'm going to take you to Mental Health at the base clinic!!"

So, I quit talking about earthquakes....at least to him....

But over time I have get use to them...somewhat.  After all, we have them for just about half of our Air Force bases...Japan, Guam, California two different bases....  Still not overly fond of them, but I no longer freak out.  (Of course, I will say I have yet to go through a  HUGE one I think the largest I have felt was around 6.5....I may need drugs to overcome a big one....wonder how some of my friends in Northern Japan do it as they are STILL having aftershocks on a many-times-a-week bases.)

One of the last "big" ones we felt in Guam was early one morning as I was doing my Bible study/prayer time.   It was one of the few times I could hear my glasses and dishes rattling.  I was really afraid they would start to fall out of the cabinets. So, I decided to take action!

Instead of getting under the table or bracing my self in a  doorway (all proper ways to ride out an earthquake), I went to the kitchen held as many cabinet doors closed as I could and yelled, "Don't  you dare fall out and break!!"

Drew's response?  "Well, that's the behavior we want the kids  to emulate."

And people say he doesn't have a sense of humor.

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