Saturday, August 6, 2011

Emotions That Lie

Many times in the past I have felt very convicted or deeply touched about some spiritual lesson. When that happens, I try to write about in one of my journals.  Sometimes is just a verse that seems clear to me or its a habit or attitude that the Lord is convicting me or. Or I could just write about a comment that another person said that I loved. My journals are filled with all sorts of these writings.  But I have found that over time some things that were clear at one point are not so clear later. Time puts a shadow on feelings....forgetfulness leaps in and make its self at home. 

That's how I have felt lately...maybe even a little lost on some issues.  But over the last few days
I have gone back and reread some of my journals. With these readings the shadows over some lessons have cleared and I can see again the reason why behind the actions and convictions.

Life is good with son-shine, dont' ya think? I can, also, see I need to write more. Writing for some reason seems to clear out all the emotions that are just that - emotions. And many times emotions that have no depth to them. Just emotions for emotion sake and have no true logic or thought behind them.  We need to beware of emotions that lie to us -  that take us on a journey where we really don't want to be. For me I need to stay focused on what I want - a life pleasing to God - not a life filling temporary emotions.

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