Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Very Special Gift

In April of 2008 while I was at the spring ladies retreat in Guam, a dear friend, Nicole, gave me a gift. It was a cross-stitch sampler of Proverbs 31 that she made for me.

I was deeply touched!

You see, I'm usually the one who makes gifts for others. I have made many cross-stitch items & quilts for family and friends since I was a teen. Oh, I have gotten hand-made gifts from a few people - mainly from a few family members, but when I do it stands out in my memory. I think I was just speechless! It was totally un-expected.

And that it's about Proverbs 31? Perfect!  She had heard me talk of my love of Proverbs 31 and the women who strive to please God.  P31B's I call them - Proverbs 31 Babes (which I stole from a friend!)

I had every intention to get it framed right away. But then, we were in Guam. Simple things aren't so simple in Guam.  It was just way too expensive to get framed there - and the selection of mats was very limited. So, I planned to take it with me when I visited the States that summer.  But when I got to the States, I realized that I had forgotten it in Guam.  Then I repeated the experience again the next summer.  Lovely.

As I was straightening up a closet earlier this summer, I came across the sampler again - and told Drew he could get it framed for my birthday.

So, he did.

He was able to pick it up yesterday. Yes, over a month late, but hey! It's done and I love it! He did a great job picking out the mat color and the frame shop did a great job on framing.

It was worth the wait.

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