Friday, August 5, 2011


Even though we did not have too much on our calendar for this week, I'm tired.  Of course, I was on my feet most of the day working at the soup kitchen.  Then I had the ordeal privilege of taking two of my kids to the mall to finish up school uniform shopping.

Can you feel the joy?

The girl wanted to buy everything that was not a school uniform and the boy just wanted to not buy anything and go home.

And I get to take the other boy tomorrow. He's already starting to complain.  Oh, yes. It'll be a joyous bonding time, I'm sure.

The other boy did get attend his high school orientation today. He was not all that impressed.  But he is relieved to know where everything is. Why they did not hand out schedules, I'm not sure.  Nor did they talk about the clubs. He claims they just gave them a tour, had one coach list all the sports, they played a few games, ate lunch, and listened to a lecture on how to handle stress.

I'm sure other things were talked about. Just not sure if he listened.

Another reason I'm tired is I argued with TriCare and medical people again today.  The other day they agreed that that I didn't owe anything on Melissa's hospital stay back in December.  Today it looks like we'll get stuck with a $200 bill because they claim they don't cover certain vaccinations.  Lovely. Just lovely.

As I told a friend - it's hard to save for a raining day when it keeps on raining!! I know looking at all the medical we get free I shouldn't complain about $200. But it's frustrating when I'm told that they will cover whatever my doctor says I  - or my children need - but then don't.

Such is life and yes, this too shall pass. Tomorrow will be better I know - no alarm clocks will go off! That's always a  good start to any day.

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