Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Week in Review

It was a good week. All three survived the first days of school - I now have three kids in three different schools. Elementary, Middle and High school.  So far, all are pleased with their teachers, I think.

Drew was gone this week. It was only a week, but glad he's back. While he was at his meetings, he ran into a few old friend and was able to catch up with them. It's always nice to see where old friends are and what they are up to now.

And it's nice to have my la-top back. Drew took it with him and while I  do have the desk-top, I love having my lap-top back. I get to sit in my comfy chair in my room and surf and play.  And blog. Can't forget about blogging.

I was especially pleased this week that I was able to get through my to-do list all the way to sewing.  Sewing does make me happy.   I just working on some "UFO's" - Un-Finished-Objects. Hopefully, I'll get through with them so I can start a few new one projects.  There are several patterns in my quilting magazines I would love to try out.

And also, this week I was able to have lunch with  two friends.  We three are going to try to read a Christian book every month and then get together and talk about it. Should be good times.  First book is one of my favorites: A Women After God's Own Heart by Elizabeth George.  Would love to see this small group grow...will just have to wait what God have planned.

This week we'll start piano.  The moans and groans you hear are from the two younger ones.  They still aren't all that much into it, but Drew and I have decide to push on. Of course, that means I get to be the meanie and MAKE them practice. (yes, that means nag!!)

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Mean old mommie!