Monday, August 1, 2011

Things I learned during my stay in the Mexican Caribbean:

-          Mexican men look better in Speedos than Japanese men. And Russians. But not as good as Michael Phelps and his fellow Olympians.
-          There is such a thing a biodegradable sun-block. Odd, but true.
-          I don’t like haggling.  Just tell me the price. The true reasonable price.  I don’t want to rip you off and I don’t want to be ripped off either.
-           It’s so much easier packing when I don’t to have pack for three kids and their medicines. Love Epi-pens, but not taking those makes for a much less heavy backpack.
-          Love being a mother, but need a break at times….even if I do feel guilty over taking the break.
-          Love having in-laws who want my kids for a week.
-          I miss my kids. I’m like a mother hen that likes to keep them close.  But yet, so needed the break.
-          This is not the week to try a new sun block.
-          I can now mark off seeing Mayan ancient ruins from my “bucket list”. Not sure if it was ever on my list, but I can mark it off.  Just a note: Mayan ruins are amazing!
-          Yellow butterflies flying freely in the jungle are just a wonderful as black ones in Guam’s jungle.
-          Too bad when you sweat from the heat you don’t melt away fat.  If so, I would be a size zero again.  Or smaller.
-          Japanese is in-grain in me. It’s so natural to say “hai” instead of “si” and “dōmo arigatō” instead of “gracias”.  Which is great if you are actually in Japan or Guam or even Hawaii, but not so great if you are in Mexico.
-          Tour buses really should have more than one foot between rows.
-          It seems that no matter the country, bus drivers drive crazy. It’s best not to look head. Just put on your headphones and close your eyes. And pray. Prayer is always good when riding around a foreign country.
-          A Brazilian young lady named Valencia is now one of my heroes.  None of her family or friends would travel with her, but she didn’t let that stop her.  She wanted to see the Mexican Caribbean, so she did. She didn’t just want to stay at the hotel to party and sit on the beach. She wanted to see Maya ruins. So, she did. All by herself.  Amazing.
-           It seems that no matter what country Japanese tourist tour, they still have a very….odd (shall we say?) way of dressing.
-          Still amazed at how some women - no matter their dress size – seem to think its okay to wear a bikini.  If you have a muffin top, you might want to re-think that bikini. Your “girls” may look great, but not the rest of you.
-          There is some amazing food in the Mexican Caribbean.  Really wish the heat could melt the extra calories away.
-          Having a gym at your hotel is a good thing.
-          But having a chocolate option for dessert every night is a great thing.
-          Dolphins….one of the most amazing creatures God has ever created.  And to dance with a dolphins? To kiss a dolphin? Just some more amazing things in this world.
-          It seems that there are very few stop signs in this part of Mexico, but a lot of speed bumps.
-          You must drive with great care when traveling over a speed bump in a golf cart….you really don’t want anyone – that would be me! – to fall out.
-          The beach is always a great place to be.
 -     Celebrating twenty years of marriage is a great and amazing thing.
-          Love having my tropical tan back.
-          Wonder if I can go back in a few months….


Polly said...

Happy for y'all!

Dorthy said...

kelly, you forgot to pack me in your suitcase.