Wednesday, August 17, 2011

More Books

This week is going well - nothing major. Which is the way I like it....well, other than the  heat. Here's our ten-day forecast: 105, 107, 105, 103,104, 103, 100, 102, 101, 98. Nasty, isn't?  In ten days, I just may see something under at 100 degrees....but I'm not ready to put money on it....But I am ready for cooler temps...Just stick a fork in me...I just so done with this heat.

But in other news...I've read another book.  Laying on the couch reading is just so much better than doing anything outside. Well, other than going to the library to get more books. I've actually read two this week. Well, one and a half. I did not finish one.  Just wasn't my style.

One Day is a movie that is coming out this weekend. Of course, I wanted to read the book before the movie.  But it was not to be.  I just couldn't get into it.  First, there was the language. I hate having to read bad language.  Then the author jumped around a lot....nothing in the first few chapters seems to be in chronological order.   I just didn't have the patience for it, I guess. So, I skimmed through to the last few chapters and it seems to be more of the same, so I put it down and went on to the next book.

Which I loved.

How to be an American Housewife by Margaret Dilloway.  She crafted a beautiful story of Japan after WWII as well as modern day American and Japan.  Love it! Very good!  Of course, I love Japan - especially after living there for two years, so the subject and location was an easy sell.  But the author made some like-able characters and wove a great story.  A good read.

Now I'm on to Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok. It's about a mother and a daughter migrating from Hong Kong to America. Yes, there seems to be a trend in my reading lately....

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