Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Get On Board!

I'm convinced that my kids are on the slow-side at times.....

Tonight after dinner I had the boys take out the garbage here at Mom's house. Afterward he looked at me and asked,"Why are we doing chores?!"

Like doing chores at his grandmother's house is beyond his comprehension.

I explained that we were here to help Grammie and Big Daddy - we help by doing a few chores.

"Oh, okay."

He's now on-board with the plan.

It's about time!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Bad Omen

At one point Monday as the nurses were getting Mom ready for her surgery, something skidded across the floor and caught my eye.

A dead bug.


A hospital pre-op room is not really where you want to see a small black bug with his feet up in the air. (Of course, its better than a black bug walking on his feet.) I'm not sure why I was surprised to see a bug there on the second floor, but I was. I probably shouldn't have been - sadly -bugs are everywhere. As it turned out,  more was to come.

That was Monday morning. Then there was Tuesday night. In the original plan I was only going to stay one night, but I felt that I needed to stay another night. I just didn't feel right leaving her alone there.  I got my bed all settled then walked around Mom's bed and then I stopped.

There at the foot of her bed was one of the biggest roaches I have ever seen - just waving his antennas at me. I stopped cold! Mom looked at me and said, "Its not a mouse it is??!!"

I shook my head and showed with my fingers three inches - "A roach??"

Oh, yeah.

She immediately hit the nurses' button,"We have a huge roach in here!"

"Okay...we'll send someone soon," the nurse responded with a giggle.

I just stood there watching the Thing. After a minute he started toward me, I might have given a small scream.  Mom told me to just step on it. But no way was I going to step on that huge thing with my flip-flops and mom's shoes were way too close to him for my comfort.

Then my hero stepped in - an orderly named Danny.  He looked at the roach and tried to step on it, but it ran way. Danny then grabbed a pair of rubber gloves from the box on the wall. As he was putting the gloves on, our new friend started to move closer to me and my bed, so I did the only thing possible.

I jumped over Danny and made a bee-line for the door just as Nurse Megan walked in.  Of course, she's laughing at me.

As were the other nurses and aides at the nurses' desk.


Danny killed the huge intruder.

He's my new hero. 

Even if he was laughing at me....that's okay. The roach is dead. That's all that matters!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A New Way

There's a joke in my family - this time family being my parents, my brother, and I - that probably came from a bumper-sticker: "Be nice to your children: They pick out your nursing home!" We joke about that every now and then, but now I have something else to kid my mother about.

This week I have spent with her as she has had her knee replaced. She had her left one done about five years ago, and has waited for about a year to have the right knee done. Last summer when I was home from Guam visiting, she spoke about needing it done. I told her if she could wait until this summer when Drew and I would be moving that I would have time to stay with her and help her and dad. 

This is the week. I left the kids with my in-laws, Drew went to check in at the new Air Force base, and I'm here.

Monday bright and early we arrived at the hospital to check in.  There was a group of about six to eight patients for the first round of surgeries.  We had to meet in a waiting area, then they walked us back to the pre-op rooms where the patients would get of out their clothes and into the lovely gowns they provide, start the IVS - all that fun stuff.

As we were walking back to the pre-op room, I noticed something odd about the couple in front of us. As I was looking at them and formulating my thoughts, the nurse said what I was thinking: "Well! You're dressed alike! Is that so you won't lose each other and know who you belong with?!"

Yes, the couple in front of us were dressed alike. They were an older couple - in their late 60's or early 70's. Both had on this brown nasty  interesting  plaid shirt and brown pants. He had his button up, tucked in with a nice belt. She has hers opened with a tee-shirt underneath. Totally the same shirt. Not the same color. The identical shirts.

Now, dressing a lot does have its time and place. Going into surgery I would think is NOT one of them. It made me they always dress alike? How did it get started? Why did it get started? Whose idea was it? What did the other one have to say about it? I don't have to ask what the kids think about it - I'm sure they think it's a little odd as well. Dressing alike is great for kids, but grandparents???

I think not.

But what a great way to tease my mother! Just think, Mom! You and dad can have matching outfits in that old-folks home!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Open Letter to My Dear Friend Dawn

Dear Dawn,

Remember how I had Plan A about my hair?? I didn't like any of the hair-dressers in Guam, so I was gonna just let it grow and when we moved to DC this summer you were going to do one of your miracles on my hair? But now we're not moving to Guam?  So..I had to come up with Plan B.

My first replacement plan was just to ignore my hair and continue to let it grow and figure it out later. Yeah....that didn't work so well. Drew kept making comments about "needing a change"...."something different". And this from the man who NEVER makes a negative comments about my hair.

So, my next plan was to get another friend who is a hair-dresser to cut it. I had met Colleen through my sister-in-law last summer and we've kept up - love that facebook. While I was at the lake last week, I called her and made an appointment for her to cut my hair- which she did.

Of course, I looked out great afterwards.  She cut it just below my chin - at a slight angle. It's a cute cut. She did a good job over-all.  And like you she blow-dried it straight.  And like you she assured me that could make it straight, also.

Either she lies or I'm missing some kind of hair-styling gene.

No matter what I do, I can't make it straight!  Maybe it's because I'm from the Deep South and was raised in the 80's - I like big hair.

So. I guess it's back to Plan A: You need do a miracle on me and show me how to fix it right!  When can you come for a visit??? We'll have furniture by mid-July!!

love you hair-challenged friend,

Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Week at the Lake

This week we have spent at the Lake - just being lazy...playing cards, scrabble, visiting... A perfect vacation - restful!  Drew has been able to catch up with a few old friends.  He grew up coming him a lot during the his childhood. 

It's crossed my mind that now we'll be in the area, I have to work harder on remembering every one's names!  Drew's from a large family and so they know the whole town - or so it seems.  I just introduce myself as "I'm Kelley - I'm married to Andrew." That's usually followed by "Oh, yeah - we've met before."

Oh - please, don't ask me to name names!

I have finished two books and  now on my third one - From the Heart by Laura Bush.  I've always liked her, so hopefully, it'll be an enjoyable read.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Stateside Weekend

What a nice first Stateside weekend....we rested, we played, we stress or pressure. (unless you count bickering kids....but I'm trying to ignore them...)

We did do a few chores around the house for my parents. She 'hired' the kids to do some yard work  - they really worked well together the first day. The second day...well....we'll blame it on the sun. The first day they were in a shady area of the yard, but not so much the next day. But they survived!

We did a tour through the local zoo. Saw a hippo named Penelope...lots of snakes.....I declined to tour the bug house.... But enjoyed seeing the free-walking peacocks!

Today we went to church with my parents. Now this is the church that I grew up in and was even baptized in - not that you can tell - it's so much bigger! In number of people and size of all the new buildings.  It was three services and three Sunday schools...amazing!  We went to what they call the "classic service". It was nice, but I don't think I could handle that type of service every week. I enjoy less of an orchestra and more current music. But the preaching? Outstanding!

He spoke on a passage in Colossians...made us think about what our "end game" was in life - what is your goal? And how does that line up with scripture?

Afterwards we did our last few chores, ate a great lunch, I took a nice LONG nap (apperently, I'm not over the jet lag like I thought!) and played a game of scrabble.  Even baked a batch of cookies and was able to catch up with an old friend! Life is good.

Tomorrow we're on to play-time at the Lake with my in-laws - let the good times roll!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Here We Go!

We are back in the Lower 48! Over all it was a good trip home. We were two hours late leaving Tokyo and ended up spending FOREVER in Immigration and Customs in Houston and so we were four hours late arriving in New Orleans. But we made it....all in one piece.

Well...almost all made it.  Benjamin left his beloved teddy bear, BB (that's for Benjamin's Bear...yes, not very original, but very actuate) in the hotel in NOLA.  I did call and they are to mail it to us.  We're hoping it arrives at my in-law's house today.  We'll be meeting them at the lake house on Monday, so hopefully, they will be able to give Ben his BB back.

And I think we are over the worse of the jet lag.  It's actually much worse going the other way. The last two nights Drew and I were able to sleep for most of the night. So much better than waking up at three a.m. WIDE AWAKE.

On our way from NOLA to my mother's house we were able to stop in at my in-laws' house for lunch.   While they had left overs, we stopped at the Malt Shop for our lunch.  We love the Malt Shop...I'm sure my fried catfish plate had more fat that I need in a week, but hey! You only live once, right?

Of course, the prize of the day was arriving at my parents' house before jet lag hit. Drew and I did take a nap soon after arriving!

We woke up Thursday morning to drive over to the base for Drew to check in as well as for the kids and I to see the house Drew bought for us.  Yes, he did a great job!  It' so nice. I'm really looking forward to moving in!

We're taking the kids to the zoo this afternoon. Right now Drew is shopping with my mom for a lap-top for her and the kid have been hired to do some yard work, so they are working on that....a little slower than they worked yesterday....but the promise of money at the end is motivating...more so the boys....but it's a great learning experience. And it keeps them busy!