Thursday, February 27, 2014

New Song

Sunday during our church service we sang a song I wasn't very familiar with, but as I listened to the lyrics I fell in love with it! I leaned over to Drew and told him this is our story these last two years.  In some ways its been a long two years, but neither Drew or I felt like we were alone...or lost. The song is called "Never Once", here's the lyrics: (here's a link a video)

Standing on this mountaintop
Looking just how far we’ve come
Knowing that for every step
You were with us

Kneeling on this battle ground
Seeing just how much You’ve done
Knowing every victory
Was Your power in us

Scars and struggles on the way
But with joy our hearts can say
Yes, our hearts can say

Never once did we ever walk alone
Never once did You leave us on our own
You are faithful, God, You are faithful

Kneeling on this battle ground
Seeing just how much You’ve done
Knowing every victory
Was Your power in us

Scars and struggles on the way
But with joy our hearts can say
Yes, our hearts can say

Never once did we ever walk alone
Never once did You leave us on our own
You are faithful, God, You are faithful
You are faithful, God, You are faithful

Scars and struggles on the way
But with joy our hearts can say
Never once did we ever walk alone
Carried by Your constant grace
Held within Your perfect peace
Never once, no, we never walk alone

Never once did we ever walk alone
Never once did You leave us on our own
You are faithful, God, You are faithful

Every step we are breathing in Your grace
Evermore we’ll be breathing out Your praise
You are faithful, God, You are faithful
You are faithful, God, You are faithful

You are faithful, God, You are faithful
You are faithful, God, You are faithful 

Friday, February 21, 2014

A Quiet End to the Week

We are enjoying the warm weather this week. It started with a quick trip to Natchez for a visit with Drew's parents.  It was a nice and relaxing time. And warm sun.  I love that. We got some nice time on the front porch  - one of our favorite places in all the world. It was a great way to spend a long weekend.

This week as been nice.  I worked all day Tuesday, but only a half day Wednesday. I had a nice time at Bible study on  Thursday and today I got to get a few errands done. No rushing - that was the nice thing about this week And I'm caught up on my laundry. That's always nice! Tomorrow is a little busy with the kids in all three different activities, but we get to end the day with a nice dinner with some friends.  We're having two families from our Sunday school class over  - should be fun!  I'm making my jambalaya -yummy!!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

My Radio Circle

I usually listen to K-love...until they start to talk TOO MUCH! Then I change the radio to the local Christian station...until they play a very, very old hymn in the opera style. Then I change the radio to AIR-1 which is a more upbeat - very contemporary heavy metal Christian station...until they play the heavy metal or rap Christian music. Then I change the radio station to a local country station...until they play a twangy/crying in your beer/cheating on your spouse song that reminds me of why I don't like country music. Then I change the radio station to K-love.....until they talk too much...

Friday, February 14, 2014

Melissa, Half a Peanut, and a Blown Theory

There's a theory in the food allergy world that if you can go seven years without encountering the allergen, then your body will "forget" or "out grow" that particular allergy. 

Melissa proved today, not so.

Like many schools, our school uses a holiday like Valentine's Day to allow different clubs to raise money by selling "candy-grams": small bags of candy from one friend to another. While watching a movie during first hour, Melissa dug into her candy-gram...and didn't really pay attention to what she was shoveling into her mouth....

...Until she realized that she just bit then swallowed a peanut - or rather half a peanut.

Within a few minutes her mouth "felt funny." That's not what any school nurse or parent of a food allergy child wants to hear.  While the school nurse was making her way from the middle school next door, the school secretaries started to get the Epi Pens out.  Melissa was like - whao!! I think I'm suppose to take Benadryl first!! She soooo did not want that shot!! (Knowing that after a shot like that involves a call to 911, an ambulance ride, then a four hour ER stay while the doctors make sure her heart wasn't suffering from the epi.)

The nurse called me to say that she had Melissa and she did in fact eat half a peanut, her mouth felt funny, but all her breathing was fine, her blood pressure was fine, and she was given Benadryl. She was going to give her another ten minutes and assess Melissa again.

Oh, my. I had to sit down.   I was in the middle of cleaning bathrooms -  in my sweats with no bra - not in any sort of way dressed to make a public appearance.  I quickly started to change clothes as I called Drew to let him know what was going on.  Within three or four minutes, the nurse called back saying Melissa was feeling worse and she was getting ready to give the Epi pen. Yikes! ok! I'll be out the door in five minutes - but I think I was out the door in three.

I really did try to drive the speed limit getting to the school, but seriously, I was shaking by that point! I called a dear friend telling her what was going on and asked her to pray.  I parked in a teacher slot - who cares about a parking space label  in times like these! I ran into the school, and found Melissa in a small room off the office sitting with the nurse.

Her face did look swollen, but no where near what I excepted.  I thought her tongue was swollen as well. But her breathing and swallowing was still normal.  I gave her another Benadryl (the nurse can only give her 25 mg as per the doctor orders we have- I, on the other hand,  can as her parent can give more).

We just sat and chatted as we gave the medicine time to work.  And it did.  While her mouth "felt funny", she never had breathing or swallowing problems. What little swelling she had, went down. After about twenty minutes or so, we decided to take Melissa home for the day. I knew  that the second Benadryl would catch up with her and she would be in shape to sit in a class, but would need her bed.

And sure enough, within just a little while of being home, she went to her bed and slept the afternoon away.

She woke up feeling groggy, but fine.

I'll take groggy any day over not breathing.

The last time she had ingested a nut of any kind (tree or peanut) was waaaay back in preschool at a church function. Much longer than the seven year point. While the boys had the life-threatening incident in Guam (funny enough, also, at a church function!), she did not eat what they had that night. Nor has she had run-ins with peanuts at buffets like Benjamin has had the last few summers (while yogurt covered peanuts look a lot like a yogurt covered raisin, they, in fact are not.) She has been very, very careful about what she eats.

Until today.

I think she feels very lucky to have gotten away from getting the Epi Pen! She HATES, HATES needles!  I think Benadryl is her new best friend.  And Nurse Lisa. We love Nurse Lisa. Especially when she puts the Epi Pen away.

While I was taken by surprise this morning, I knew this day would come.  With three children that have food allergies, I knew the odds were in favor of one of them having a reaction again.  We can only be so careful for so long. All the kids know what will happen if they eat a nut, and are usually careful, but they are still kids.   They are so tired of hearing me talk about food and epi pens as they head out to parties, soccer games,  and youth events....They just want to be kids...normal kids. It's so hard NOT to be the helicopter mom when it comes to food.  In the end they have to take control and responsibility for their own health. I'm to train them to be responsible adults...when I just want to keep them in a safe bubble. The Lord was very good to us today....even in complacency and carelessness. May all three keep today in mind as we move forward, because, sadly, today will probably not be the last time a nut sneaks by. As we learned in Guam, you can do everything right and STILL have issues. But we can be vigilant by keeping Epi Pens close (lesson learned in Guam) and to look at every single thing they put into their mouths (lesson from today).

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ice Day

I can't really call today a snow day since I really didn't see any snow. Now ice? Yes, I saw lots and lots of ice.  But no snow. A friend that lives about ten miles north of me did get snow - probably only about a heavy dusting to a quarter inch, but still more than we did.

While I didn't do too much today as I had a headache, I did get all my laundry done. I wish I had counted how many loads I did between last night and was a lot! But it's all done and put away (well...the kids have their laundry in their should be put away, but I'll let them figure that out).

I watched a little of the a my errand list all together for tomorrow....I think "puttered" would be the best way to describe it. 

I did  not go to church tonight.  I stayed home and listened to several podcasts as I cooked a few things. As I said, I had a headache most of the day  - stayed in my sweats.  On Wednesday nights the pastor is going through the book of Ecclesiastics - which has got to be the most depressing book of the Bible. I just wasn't up for putting a bra on for that.  So, stayed home, listened to a podcast and cooked. 

It was a nice evening.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Winter - Please, Go Away

No snow day today. I wake up with my alarm at 5:30 am and saw that we had school. Melissa grunted when I woke her up, William said, "Dang you, school board!", and Benjamin cried.  Yep - actual tears.

None of them were happy.  Oh, well. Such is life.

Over all it was a good day at school. I was a "para" teacher (the olden days, this was called an aide.) I was assigned to two teachers - one six grade social studies and one seventh grade English.  I enjoyed both - although, in SS I saw the same videos over....and over....and over again.... But I did learn  a lot about the rise and fall of the old Roman Empire.

And the weather was STILL a hot topic.   While it was very cold all day, it stayed dry during school hours.  After school, I had meeting at the high school. When I came out of that at 3:30, it was sleeting!!! Yikes!

I immediately text William and Melissa. They were at another high school for play practice. I wasn't sure what time they would be home, but whatever time was set, they really needed to start home then! I kept telling Melissa to make sure the teacher in charge knew that it was sleeting!! Hello!! Sleet and teenage drivers DO NOT MIX!!!!

After I got home and changed I was about to start calling other parents to see if they could follow William home or even give my kids a ride home and just leave his car there, when Melissa text to say they were kicked out of the school and were on their way home.

I knew the principal there and let me just say - he's my favorite person tonight!! I really do like the teacher in charge of the play, but I have a sneaky suspicion, she wouldn't have let the kids go early if she wasn't forced to.  I know she wants as much practice as possible since the play is in a few weeks, but this sleet stuff is not something to play around in!

First thing the kids said was that they almost got into a wreck!! YIKES!!!  William went to turn and the car hit a patch of ice and slid!!! Thankfully, they missed the car that was closest to them.   I was a very happy momma to have all her duckies home safe and sound!

School for tomorrow has already been cancelled - in fact it was announced at  3:38pm!  We all get to sleep late tomorrow!! Can you hear the cheers???

With in a few minutes of being home, Melissa was cooking up plans to stay over at  a friends (who lives just a few houses down, so no driving there needed).  I said, "Sure!! Just as soon as your room is clean.

Oh, what an unhappy teen.  Such is life.

Yes, her room is clean and she is at her friend's house.

The bad thing about school being cancelled tomorrow is William's play-off soccer game is post-phoned for at least a day. I still won't be able to attend sadly. But he does seem to win when I'm not we will!

On the bight side of all this weather will be a weekend in the high 60's....come  on Spring!!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Another Work Day

Today I got to work in the front office again. While it was a busy day, it was not crazy  like it was in December. I do really enjoy working there! It's fun seeing what all is going on.  Several teachers were upset at one student.

He came in late, but he and his father gave me no reason other than "just late".  Fine....whatever....we all have a few slow mornings - especially on a Monday.  But apparently, he told his teacher he was late because he had been running a, he was late because they were waiting for the medicine to kick in. The teacher was SOOO not happy! He told the student to go to the office to have his temperature checked.

And he didn't.....even after a second teacher told him the same thing! He did finally come for a temperature check, but it was normal. He came back several times through out the day. Each time he looked worse and worse. At the five hour mark after he took the medicine, he's temperature was back up over a hundred and he just looked terrible! I know he felt bad!

So, just a little before the last bell ranged, his mom came and got him. I said something about when you feel bad with a fever just stay home. He said, "But I have a game today." (basketball game). I said, "There'll be other games." "Yea, but this is a big game!" "You're 13 - there'll be other big games. "

But I know how much he wanted to play in that game! Don't all good athletes? I'm sure he felt like he would let his teammates down if he didn't show up. And I'm sure he didn't want to be sick! So. He came to school hoping it would just go away....but instead, he infected probably half his grade.

Another big topic today in the office was the weather. We are suppose to get some "wintery mix". I think just about every teacher that came through the office said something about hoping tomorrow would be a "snow day"! I think they are more hopeful than the students!!  While lots of school districts have cancelled school for tomorrow, ours has not...and will not until 5:30 a.m.  I'm sure many teachers are upset over that as they were really looking forward to not just a day off, but sleeping late! 

Such is life.  I have to my kids to turn off their alarms and I'll get up to see what has been the determination. I'm hoping I'll be able to climb back in bed!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Quiet Saturday Afternoon

It's a nice quiet afternoon here with all the kids at a youth retreat for the weekend. They'll be back just before church tomorrow morning. I'm sure they all will be very tired tomorrow afternoon! Youth events seem to include sleep derivation.

Our week went well.....a few days of work for me, dentist appointments for all but Drew (no cavities!) and soccer.  The first round of playoffs were last night - we won! It was a great game - lots of great foot work.  Our goalie got a work out! He must have saved at least ten. And we all are greatly relieved that our goalie is not a senior!

Then were was the snow. And sleet. During the game. So unusual for us. It didn't stick or last too long....just long enough to get all the players wet and even colder than they were.  But they won - so I don't think they cared. It had been snowing earlier in the afternoon, but didn't stick then either.

One bad news of the week: our desk top computer died. We first thought Drew had fixed it with a new battery inside - it worked again for a few days, but when we had to re-start it, it wouldn't restart.  Blank screen.  Drew tried some sort of tech magic, but no luck. 

Which is one reason I haven't posted much this week - Drew has been using my laptop. It runs so much better than the old lap'll be sharing.

We have a slightly busy week ahead....more days for work for me....another play off game for for all the kids with homework and projects....normal stuff.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Only A Penny

A few months ago I hit pay day doing laundry - found over thirty dollars in the washer. Today? A penny. At least it's shiny!

Saturday, February 1, 2014


When we gave the kids their cell phones, we had each of them sign a contract. For the most part it was just a way for us to go over our rules as well as common courtesy issues. The last line in the contract was that they each had to give us a hug every day....just a way to remind them that their cell phone was a privilege we handed out.  Today at lunch we were giving them a hard time because they have fallen down on their hugging jobs.

Melissa made her normal comment about not liking people in her personal space. While Drew and I would like more hugs from her, we see this trait of hers as a good one: if she doesn't like us in her personal space, hopefully, she'll also not want boys in her personal space.  Drew made some comment about this today and the boys as well were picking on her about this.  I took this as an opportunity to enforce the concept of fighting off un-wanted boy attention, so I said, "Well, if a boy gets in your personal space, then just kick him in the balls!"

Oh, the look on William's face!!!  "I can't believe you just said that!!! Maybe use the word "crotch" or "private parts", but balls?? MOM!! I can't believe you said that!!"

oh, William.....  He makes me laugh!  But I will admit, it's fun to shock him!!