Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas Has Come!!


My kids are excited! I finally pulled Christmas gifts from my closet and put them under the tree this afternoon.  Since we'll be with family for Christmas, I didn't want to travel with our gifts. We decided to have a nice dinner out, then do our gift opening.  There's several that I'm excited to see the kids open - hopefully, they will be excited about them as I have been.

Last night Drew wanted to play games. So, we did a family slide contest before we broke out the cards.  William won (posted his video on FB), but we all had fun....and while I fell on my 2nd slide no one got hurt!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

A Scrappy Quilt

A little bit of this fabric....little of that...sew them into strips...and then sew the strips together.  While its not straight at places, I think it turned out nice still.  This one went to a friend who is adopting a foster child.  He'll move in over the Christmas holidays.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Christmas Ponderings....

One of the things I have been pondering this Christmas is how can singers sing some of our beautiful Christmas hymns about Christ, but yet not believe in Christ. Sort of has me befuddled... Also, what exactly are non-Christians celebrating when they celebrate Christmas??  Do they really just see it as a time to give and get gifts??  That just seems so shallow and pointless to me....Christ gives meaning to so much in my life and especially during this time of the year. I can't imagine Christmas without Christ.

This has come about by us watching an interview of James Taylor. In it he states that he was raised in a home that did not attend any church.  We have a Christmas music CD of his that we listen to when we are in Drew's car.  Some of the songs he sings are so heartfelt!  But yet in the interview he talks of being "spiritual", but that's not the same as being a Christian with a saving belief in Jesus.

He's not the only one. One just has to listen to the radio (or Pandora or iTunes or Spotify) to hear just about any famous (and many not-so famous) people recording Christmas songs.  And like James Taylor most seem very heartfelt.  But then you look at their lives or read more of them and you just wonder....how do you sing of the Birth of a Savior and not believe in the words you are singing???

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

What Not To Wear

During this past summer my friend Cheryl and I were talking about clothes. I said I needed someone to play Stacy and Clinton from TLC's What Not To Wear and go through my closet.  Well, she said she would!  Last week we finally both had free time.

And she through out most of my clothes....probably about half...  But this being first world, I still have a lot of clothes - plenty! - to wear.  She pointed out which clothes are the wrong color for me - which I'm not good at all!  She, also, helped me get rid of some items that were too big....but I still wear. There were several shirts that I didn't wear a much  - mainly, because I really didn't like them.  What am I keeping them then??  TIME TO LET THEM GO!!!

While she would love for me to get rid of more pants, I had to keep them so I would have something to wear!  I think she only liked one pair of jeans and one pair of capris....no other pants!   I just have a hard time finding pants that really fit, so I just don't shop for pants much. The end result it that I wear pants that are too big and just wear a belt.  

We did not have time to go through my skirts or shorts...maybe another day.  I do want her to go shopping with me when I start to replace these items...especially, pants!!! And I need to write down what colors she said looks best on me....like purples need to be more wine not grape....no grays....See. I can't even remember!!

But it was  fun afternoon!! We laughed so much!!  Another friend was with us, Tonya. Now, Tonya doesn't care one wit about clothes! She usually just wears tee shirts. After it was all over, Tonya said - "Cheryl is NEVER getting close to MY closet!"

Soooo looking forward to shopping with Cheryl!!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Shocking...A New Post

Ok.  Shocking some of you, but here's a new post as to what's going on in our life....

William - he had a great first quarter at college - three A's and one B.  The B was in English - no surprise there.  This quarter he's taking another calculous class, a physics, and two engineering classes (if I'm remembering right). He'll be home at some point this weekend for Christmas break .He's still having the time of his life! And not really missing us at all...well...maybe missing Melissa...and he plays on-line video games with Ben, so they talk often, but he's not missing mom or dad!

Melissa - is disappointed that the scores for the PSAT are not being released in early December as promised. It's now has a release date of early January.  She took the ACT again this past weekend. She currently has a 29 score, but wants a 33 to beat her older brother and to get eligible for a "full-ride" scholarship to Ole Miss.  She's doing okay in school this semester....a little worried about her grades in college math and in her college biology class....not sure if she'll be able to pull out an A in these....she's had a high B/low A all semester....  These two classes are much harder than she thought they would be.  But she's studying!! Giving it her all!!

Right now one of her favorite things is to volunteer at Teen Court. She in a program through the school where she had to visit several programs of the parish and one being Teen Court.  She loved it!!  She helps the defense lawyer.  She's now thinking about law school.  (Remember: she has a history of changing her mind every six months or so....but still.  A lawyer? She would rock it!) I think she gets a kick out of seeing which kids from her school had to show up for Teen Court as punishment not volunteer work!

Benjamin - high school soccer is keeping him busy. He's on the junior varsity team and gets to play about 15-20 minutes each game.  Not really as much as he wants to...he would love to play the whole game, of course!  If he stays on track these last few days of the semester, he'll have all A's this time around.  He's taking PE, geometry honors, English honors, and world geography.  He, also, took the ACT this past weekend. We'll know in the next few weeks to a month the scores.

The big news for both Melissa and Ben was our wonderful youth minister at our church is switching over to college and single ministry.  While Drew and I weren't too surprised (only some at the timing), this was out of the blue for them... Melissa was very upset.  As the days go by, I think she understands a little more, but just needs a little time to adjust to the changes.  I'm not sure how long it'll take to hire a new minister....he'll have big shoes to fill that's for sure!

Drew is still loving his job...traveling some now and then.  Last month he and I went to Dallas for the weekend for a marriage conference.  It was a good weekend.  Our church host a marriage retreat each summer, but we have never gone (for several reasons).  One of the things we enjoyed was that we knew NO ONE on this trip. We didn't have to worry about being social or anything other than just us.  It was very nice to get away for a few days.  (And of course, being in Dallas, I enjoyed going to Trader Joe's!!)

I'm still loving my job.  Keeps be buys enough, but not too busy. And still loving that I don't have to deal with other people's teenagers.

Friday, November 13, 2015

When Your BMI Is Low.....

Yesterday Ben had an early morning ortho appointment. Afterwards we made a swing through McDonald's for breakfast...and Ben asked for a milkshake to drink. 
I thought why not? It's not like he's over weight....or even at a normal weight.  Oh, to be super skinny again!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Soccer Update

Benjamin is having a hard time with soccer right now.  For the last few seasons with the local rec teams, he has been one of the older ones on the team. But this season? He's one of the youngest as he went from the middle school level to the high school team. So....going from the big fish to small fish?  Not going over well with him.  He's not getting a lot of play time and the older boys are just out running over him.

He's grown a lot this summer - taller than me now,  but still he so skinny!!!  He has gained a lot of muscle and strength  since the team has been working out in the gym consistently since June. But he's still just getting out-run. He's still one of the younger ones.

And to top it off two of his friends who are also freshman are getting more play time.  One has even scored already.  Yea....he's a little bummed.

Drew and I are hoping that once the rec league is over and the high school league starts and he'll be playing with boys closer to his age, he'll have better success.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Melissa Conversation

Usually I have Benjamin conversations to share, but today in honor of Melissa's birthday, here's a conversation with her.

She was watching a new tv show the other day. The premise was a group of security experts trying to settle some security issue of great importance.  She stopped the show then said to me, "That's what I want to do!! I want to be a security expert!!"

I said, "Ok" (This is an on-going conversations in this house with her...yea...she really has no idea what she want to do with her life...well...other than win Survivor, that is...)  Then I said, "Dad has his master's in security management."


She was shocked!  I had no idea she didn't know this....it's not like we were trying to hide it, but I guess it's just never come up in any of our daily conversations. 

After the shock wore off, she said, "You know....I feel surprisingly more safe and secure."

Alright, then.....my kids just make me laugh!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

More Conversations With Benjamin

As we were coming home from soccer the other day, Benjamin told me that he had spoken at one a meeting with one of the Christian groups at school that day during lunch.  I asked him what he had spoken on, and he replied that they had given him an outline and it was on prayer.

I said, good. Prayer is good...in fact I had recently dug up an old prayer chart that had a character trait to pray for every day.  The day before was kindness and that day was generosity.

Then Ben said, "Give me a dollar."

Me: "What???"

Ben: "Give me a dollar."

Me: "Why?"

Ben: "Well, you said you were praying to be more generous, so be generous and give me dollar."

Oh, that boy!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Tulips - My Latest Quilt Project

While it maybe the end of summer with fall coming soon, I've been into tulips. They are one of my favorite flowers and couldn't resist when I found a tulip quilt pattern. I ended up making two table runners (which are gifts) and two mini quilts (which one is a gift).

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Off To College

Friday I took William to college - and as normal in this life: I did it by myself.  Yep.  Drew was traveling. The original plan was for leave after Drew returned at noon, but the college changed the check in times from 1-4 to 9-1.  There was just no way for Drew to get there in time. So. Just me.

When we got there, the parking was crazy full! We finally parked at the end of a row that was marked with red lines for a fire truck. I didn't think they would be towing people on check in day, so, we went with it. 

We got there around 10:30-45ish and were the last of the four roommates there.  William was upgraded from a normal dorm room to an on-campus apartment that has four private bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a small kitchenette. Two of the room mates are from the Houston area and have known each other all their lives - their parents all went to college together. They took the two upstairs bedrooms.  One is an engineering major and the other is finance.  The other roommate is from Arkansas and is, also, engineering.  The Arkansas boy seemed quiet like William - the Texas boys were more outgoing.  All the parent seemed nice.

Within a short time we got everything unload from William's car - with the help of the Texas boys and their fathers. William really didn't have a lot of stuff....we didn't buy him a microwave or refrigerator as the apartment came with those.  We decided NOT to buy him a tv as he can watch a lot of things through his laptop.  The Texas boys brought a very large tv and sat it up in the common area, so I was very glad we didn't buy a tv.

I didn't stay very long....just long enough to help William make his bed....unpack his things...have lunch.  Then I left.  I really didn't feel like I left him at college, because I knew I would see him the next day as we had tickets to the football game.

But leaving him after the football game? Now that's when I felt like I left my son at college!

He told us before the game that he and the room mates hung out a little Friday night - found some of the free food one of the campus groups were offering. While they were at the event, William ran into some high school friends and they all ended up going to one of the Christian groups facilities and playing games.  Sounded like a good first night at college to me!

His classes doesn't start until Thursday, but the school  and different groups have lots of things planned to keep the students busy - especially the new freshman students. I'm sure they'll have fun!  William just needs to pick up one more book from the bookstore, but is set for his classes.  This quarter he's taking two seminar classes, an English class, and a Calculus class...all of the classes are mid-morning to early afternoon times...I think it's a good starting schedule.

He's excited, I think....not that he shows  a lot of emotions! But he's right where he's suppose to be.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Murders, Kidnappers, and Robbers

Saturday we took the kids shoe shopping ...nothing like waiting until the last minute before school started on Monday. It was, also, tax-free day. So...shall we say the mall was very busy??? 

As we were driving around to find a parking space, Benjamin made a comment about the scary looking van. What exactly is a scary looking van?? As we were walking towards the mall he pointed out the scary looking van. 

Uh...Ben. That's just a van. It's called a full size van and that's what people drove before they started making mini-vans. 

Ben's response??

"Well, I think only murders, kidnappers, and robbers drive those."

Well. Alrighty, then. 

Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Powder of "No"

Last night William and many of the rest of the seniors spoke at youth group last night...not really their testimonies, but more of a 'parting thoughts' as it was their last night in youth group. When I asked him if I could crash in on the youth meeting so I could listen to him, he said no. I really wasn't surprised. 

After all, he's eighteen and looking for ways to separate from his family and be more independent. And this is how we've raised them!  Being independent and self-sufficient is a goal I have for my kids. (And by that I mean that they know how to do things by themselves, take care of themselves - not in a spiritual way, but physical, emotionally, etc.)

I texted and ask a few of my friends that help with the youth group to video-tape William.  A few were like - "come on over anyway!!"  But no.  I wouldn't - couldn't without doing damage to how I have parent.  But it made me think of why we do this.  It's been so long since  I have thought about it.

I think it started with two things. One was all the investigations of sexual assaults that Drew has done over the years.  In many of them, it was the woman claiming she said "no", but the man claiming he didn't hear it. He's excuse many times was "but she was acting like she was enjoying it!!" (I've always that meant that the man thought he was such a good lover that no one could really turn him down - and he was so good he could change their mines....totally not realizing that he was really raping them.)

How many times have we seen in movies a women  saying 'no' and 'stop it" while she was laughing, giggling, smiling?  I don't think women mean to give mix signals, but many times we do. Maybe it's because we aren't taught to stand up for ourselves or taught to be assertive.

Around this time that Drew and I were having these discussions about his cases and the cases in the news, I read a book where a mother describe a scene she witness with her teenage boy and his fellow youth-group-friends.  She was hosting a swim party for the group and at one point saw one boy trying to dunk a girl.  While the girl was laughing as she was trying to get away from the boy, she was yelling 'no' and 'stop it'....but the boy did not.  This mother stepped over and told the boy to stop - which he did.  She then asked him if he heard the girl say "stop" and he admitted that he did.  The mother said, "Then respect that!"  The girl acted like she didn't want to make a scene and said, "Oh, it's okay - I know he was just playing around."  The mother told her that no, it wasn't okay.  'No means no.'

This is what I have tried to teach my children - especially my boys.  When someone says 'no' or 'stop it", you respect that. No means no. Whether it's William and Benjamin wrestling around like boys do or whether it's with coming into Melissa's room. I've said it many times where they were toddlers and preschoolers whining to get their way by asking over and over again - I said no. And I mean it!

When I subbed I would have a student ask for something...to change seats or whatever and I would say no. They would NOT take that as the final answer. They would ask over and over again. I would just looked at them, "I said no. Whining and asking over and over again may work at home, but not with me. That's my answer and it's not gonna change. The option is for you to accept or get a referral for being disrespectful."  They would then usually accept it....but I, always, found it sad that they didn't know that no mean no....they had no idea how to accept that as an answer because they were so use to getting their way. Life doesn't work that way....no means no.... Even when I don't like it.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Oh, Benjamin!

One of things that I love to do with my family is having family dinners. Especially, when it's full of laughter. But Drew and I, also, are still trying to get the kids to eat vegetables. Which they are STILL trying to avoid.

The other day when my parents were here we had a nice dinner. But the kids were resisting the butter beans....and the salad...  They each ate about  two beans....and swallowed them like you would medicine.

Yea....It's still a learning process around here.

At one point Benjamin pointed out that he had salad, but I said, "Yea, but you didn't eat all of it - there's still lettuce on your plate."

He then processed to pick up his lettuce and put it on his napkin.  "Not on my plate anymore."

Oh, Benjamin.  You do make me laugh...especially when I should be yelling at you for your sassiness.

But Ben wasn't laughing when his father put more salad on his plate.  The rest of us did - which just about push Ben into tears.  He was very thankful when Drew told him he didn't have to eat the extra lettuce - that he was just messing with him.

That kid....makes me wonder what he'll say next!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Our New Guest Room

Here's a picture of our new guest room:

Or I could say, here's a picture of Melissa's room with her new bed (formally in the guest room). She's very happy with!! We had just bought this  bedspread and didn't want to get rid of it. Melissa likes it, so we'll kept it.

And here's a picture of our old guest room and now our sewing/exercise room. 

We got such a deal on the treadmill! So much so, Drew and I have joked about sending the former buyer more money!!  It's $1200 bread new, but we got it for $200 - what a deal!!!!  It's only about 18 months old. The former owner is moving from here to Little Rock and from a three bedroom house to a two bedroom apartment. She needed to downsize. 

I  am so happy with my new room!! I love it!! Lots more room to work on my quilts. The futon is very comfortable- which is good since its Melissa bed when we do have guest. 

Which we still want!! All guest are welcome!!

Friday, July 10, 2015

81 Pokes

More like 82 pokes by the time you add in the 'total positive' poke and then blood work. All in the name of allergy testing. 

My allergies have been so bad this spring, that my normal medication isn't working. The allergist has given me a few new ones to see if they will help. Hope so!! Time will tell. 

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Post Vacation Life

Last week we enjoyed Cancun with lots of Drew's family.  I really enjoy the beach...especially when there's a few umbrellas to sit under.  Time at the beach really makes me miss Guam....but I'm glad to be home. I love my bed....it's so nice!

Since we've been home we  -more me!- have been cleaning a few areas out.  We're switching around a few beds to make room for a  treadmill. We got rid of Melissa's double bed and have given her the queen size bed that was in the guest/sewing room. In order to make room for a bigger bed in her room, she had to clean out a few things.  Which - THANKFULLY!! - she did. That was Monday. Yesterday, she worked on cleaning out her amour. Today will be her nightstand.

(I'm constantly amazed at how much junk one teenage girl can collect!!)

I went through our linen closet. There were a few things we have had since college....time for them to GO!! And that ugly, ugly comforter Drew used in DC?? GONE!

I would like to go through my teaching items next....but I'm waiting for a friend to return from a trip. She is in college studying to be a teacher and I think she might want some of the books....we'll see.

I was, also, able to go through most of the closet in the guest/sewing room. I have one box left...maybe later today.

I wish I had taken a picture of the back of the van as the boys took the cast-offs things to the Goodwill! The back seats were folded flat into the small trunk and the middle seats were folded as well - and the van was full!!  The double bed plus all those old linens, comforters, and clothes from all of us.

The hardest thing to get rid of was the double bed....  It was actually our crib for all the kids.  I worked summer school in Albuquerque those last few weeks we were there to pay for it. Drew really didn't want me to buy it...  We had already had one miscarriage and he was concerned that we would continue to have pregnancy issues and he didn't want a crib hanging around reminding us of our troubles.  But I fell in love with it. 

I actually saw it as a double bed - a sleigh bed - before I realized it was a crib as well.  Right away I knew that was the crib for me. I worked that summer school and then paid $700 for the crib and the extra pieces to make into a double bed.  Drew told me to keep it in the box in the garage.  It moved to Japan in the box....thankfully, in Japan we were able to get it out of the box, set up the crib for baby William.

But it was time for it to go...with all our moves it had been damaged and outright broken in several places.  It was not as stable as it use to be.

But still...  It was hard to let it go....I'm determined to make this house very clutter-free and to have the house set up with things we like and use.  I don't even want the attic full of things I no longer use, so off the bed went.

The boys took the van to Goodwill on Monday and I already for another pile of things that need to go as well.....Maybe the pile will grow today!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Wright Brothers

Last night I finished my thirty-second book of the year, The Wright Brothers by David McCullough.  It was by far one of the best biographies I have read. These men and their story of learning to fly was fascinating.  They really had a sheer determination....very focused.

There were a few parts of their story that made me a little sad though.  Their father, Milton, was a preacher for the United Brethren Church in Christ - even made it to the office of Bishop in this denomination. But the author said the church stood for "the abolition of slavery, women's rights, and opposition to Freemasonry and its secretive ways" (p.11). What about the church standing for proclaiming the love of Jesus?  These issues are serious and need attention (well, maybe not the Freemasonry thing....not sure why they were so hot and bothered about them).  Maybe the author just didn't want to delve into Jesus, but still.... I hope Bishop Wright believed in and proclaimed Jesus.  But I'm not so sure.  While his children were great and upstanding people, this author did not talk about their spiritual beliefs and made it seem that their beliefs were more habits and traditions in stead of deep-seeded beliefs. (Such as the brothers did not work on Sunday - they wanted to honor the Sabbath.  But the author make it seem more like it was to rest instead of honoring the Lord.)

In the latter part of the book though, I think there's a hint as to what they believed  -or rather what they didn't believe.

The two Wright brothers had several other siblings - one being a younger sister, Katherine. All the siblings were close, but Orville and Wilber seem to be closer to Katherine as she was single like they were, lived together with their father, and traveled together as their fame began to grow. Many years after Wilber died of typhoid fever, Katherine at the age of fifty-eight married for the first time.

You would think that her brother, Orville, would have been happy for her - to have found love so late in life.  But he didn't. He seemed to like the husband - thought of him as a family friend. But he didn't want the marriage to happen. He refuse to attend the wedding nor speak to his sister after than.  Only as she laid on her death bed did Orville change his mind and see her (pg 258).  I hope there was forgiveness in that last conversation.

I can't help but think if the father preached Jesus' love and forgives than maybe time wouldn't have been lost and love would have been spoken instead of heated words.

Late in his life, Orville expressed sadness that his great flying machine became such a tool of death and destruction for war. It seemed he and his brother thought airplanes would being peace....not death. Sad to know that some many great inventions are used in ways far from the inventor's intention.

Sunday, June 7, 2015


This past week William and I went to freshman orientation. Overall, it was slightly overwhelming...lots of information.  But by the end I do think the professors he'll have will be good for him. He'll be in an honor's program that offers small classes. This way the professors will be able to get to know him. I like that.

Also, this week I was able to see William in a causal setting with some of his peers....most of whom he never meet before.  I was relieved to see he was at least trying to connect to them.  Every since he was in the seventh grade we have tried to get some help for his shyness.  Only to be "blown-off" by the school counselors and teachers.  Everyone said "oh, he's fine. He'll out grow it." 

Well, he never has! We've had some major issues with it.  But this week, I think I finally saw a small sign that maybe in college he'll out-grow some of it.

Praying that's the case.

He left before me due to me working on Wednesday.  When I saw him Thursday morning, I asked him if he knew anyone in his group.  He said no.  I said, "All new people, huh?" I got a grunt in response to that.  Then I said, "You don't like new people, do you?"

"No! No, I don't!" was his reply.  I just had to laugh.  That's my William.  But by the end of the time there he was more relaxed....and hopefully, he'll realize all those new people aren't so scary after all.

Praying that is the case, as well.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Last Days of School

William's last day of school was earlier this month. He got home just before lunch, so I took him out for lunch them to his favorite place. 

The library. 

Where he picked out ten books. 

I love my book worm.

Benjamin's last day was just this Tuseday. He found out he made the high school soccer team - yes, he was very exited, but he, also, excepted it. That night he had an awards & crossover ceremony. He got the Principal Awards for having straight A's all year. 

I took him and his best friend out for lunch on Wensday to celebrate. It was very nice to chat with both of them and hear what they were hoping to get involved with in high school. Both will try to join the robotics club as well as some of the other STEM clubs. (Yes, their geeks. Nerds. And they are totally okay with that!)

Melissa's last day was yesterday - Thursday, because the high school holds finals for all classes. She went out to eat for lunch with a friend. (Too cool for mom!) 

In the evening several of all the kids' friends came over to burn some of their school papers, books, and other work. The all were so excited!! Lots of glee and giggles. Afterwards, they played a few games, ate pizza, and just hang out. A great way to start the summer. 

Thursday, May 21, 2015


Late in the evening on Wednsday the little brother from across the street was banging on our door telling us that Benjamin was at his house bleeding. 

Not what a Momma wants to hear!

After I got to the neighbor's house and saw Ben, I was very relieved to see him not covered in blood. He did have some in his hair, but not covered or dripping. 

He was coming down the stairs from their playroom and tried to jump over a board that was at the bottom of the stairs to keep the dog out. But Ben didn't factor in the low ceiling at the bottom of the stairs. 


Thankfully. The bleeding stopped within a few minutes and so we elected not to make an ER trip. As Drew was washing the blood out of his hair, we found a second cut. That one was smaller than the picture of the one below and it had stopped bleeding as well. 

I'm sure Benjamin will have a headache in the morning, though.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Quick Witted

Yesterday the middle school year book came out. For each eight grader there were two adjectives describing the student.  Benjamin's words were "quick witted" and "reliable".  I thought both were exactly right.

As the high school soccer  coach found out yesterday!

Whenever William would score a goal, as he was running back to the middle of the field for the kick off, he would pound his fist at his side. Nothing boisterous, just a little movement with his head down as he was running.  Over the years the coach has made several comments about this habit - called it William's "finisher". It's so different than the other boys with their yelling and screaming and high-fiving other players. 

Yesterday was the try-outs for the high school team for next year (It's usually in October - not sure why the coach did it so early) and Benjamin tried out.  (Of course, he did! Not doubt!  He has been waiting to play for HIS school for a long time since there's not team for the elementary or middle schools.)   During the try-out the coach asked Benjamin, "Do you have a "finisher" like your brother?"

Benjamin's rely?


Sassy even.

"I guess you'll have to wait until I score to see."

Yep.  The coach is learning that Benjamin is a different boy that his older brother.  William would have NEVER answered an adult like that. He would have barely had any words at all - mostly grunts.  But not my Benjamin.

After he told me what had been said, I told him that I probably shouldn't be laughing. After all, it's on the verge of being disrespectful.  But laugh, I did.

Hope the coach did as well.

Monday, May 18, 2015

The End And Almost The End

This weekend marked The End of high school for William  - he is an official high school gradate.  It was a great weekend with lots of family in town.  The day went just about perfect!  The rain even held out until we were at home.

Day is Almost the End of school for Benjamin and Melissa.  Benjamin has finals today and tomorrow, then a small "cross-over" ceremony tomorrow night  and he's done with middle school! (School is still in session until Thursday, but I'm not making him attend....no need in him helping  the teachers clean the rooms!) 

Melissa has finals Wednesday and Thursday...she'll only get out early a few hours. She was actually studying last night, so I think she's almost ready for her test....but I know she will be very happy when they are over!

This afternoon is sort of a big event for Benjamin. For reasons I'm not very clear on, the high school soccer coach decided to host try-outs for next session now instead of the normal October time-frame. Benjamin left for school with his soccer bag all  packed with his gear and extra snacks.  I feel like he'll make the team... After all, like his older brother, he's been playing since he was small - and he's good! (I know, I know....the mom always says that!) The coach knows William has a younger brother that plays as well...so...maybe the family name will help!  I'm not sure when they team will be announced....tomorrow perhaps.

Other big news here is the rain.  Lots and lots of rain.....too bad we can't ship some of it to California with their drought...while their lakes drain empty, ours are over-flowing.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Uncertainties to Certainties

Lately I have been praying for so many of my friends as they walk the road of uncertainties. Problems are every where it seems....job needs....financial issues...children's mental and physical health....all have lead these dear friends to be overwhelmed with uncertainties.

I know something about living with uncertainties.  That's just the life of a military wife. And as one of a newly retired military wife, as well.  Those months that Drew didn't have a job after he retired from the Air Force were filled with uncertainties. In the mist of it all we didn't know how God was going to work things out.  We felt in our hearts we were meant to stay here in Louisiana where our kids were settled and we were close to our families, but we didn't know how God would make it happen. Many days we had to push aside the feelings of being overwhelmed by those uncertainties and chose to trust in the One we were certain about.

And so, with those thoughts of our recent past I pray for my friends going through their current time of uncertainties. Pray that they focus on what is certain...God...the Almighty...

...that lives not only in heaven, but in our hearts...(John 14:2-4; Col 3:1-4;Eph 3:17)

...that gave up heaven to be Immanuel (God WITH us!)...(John 6:38; Matt 1:23)

...that desires us to have joy to the full...(John 15:11)

...that lives in us to direct us....(2 Tim 1:14; John 16:13)

...that who holds all things together - including our very lives (Col 1:17)

...who will be our finest treasure (Job 22:25)

...who is our refuge and strength (Psalm 46:1)

...who is our source of eternal salvation (Hebrews 5:9)

...who is near to the broken hearted (Psalm 34:18)

And mainly, I pray these friends will focus on the God who loves them. (John 3:16, Ro 5:8, Gal 2:20)

Monday, April 13, 2015

And The Days Just Go By....

Spring Break was nice. The kids came back from their church trip late Thursday night instead of Friday afternoon.  It was so nice to have that extra day with them!  Over the Easter weekend, Melissa and I cleaned out her closet and bathroom.  Well....more like me standing over her and making her get it done....she could clothed a small nation....and make them beautiful with all her lotions and potions.  I told her, that for the next few months she could NOT buy any more clothes or make-up or any way bring more stuff into this house. 

Easter was just okay....I had nursery duty.  Over all, the class was good - just a lot of three year olds running around.   Melissa has been babysitting a lot for a family where the father is deployed and the mom works weekends, so she was babysitting Easter.  We brought the little ones to church with us and had them over for our Easter dinner, but since we don't have high-chairs or toys for small ones anymore, it was little hard to have them here. Also, I'm still not allowed to pick up anything over five pounds, so I'm not much help with the eight month old.

Part of the reason I haven't blogged lately is because, I just have not felt well.  Allergies are killing me this spring.  On Monday  after Easter I went back to the doctor for help.  She doubled a few of my meds and gave me some new eye drops and cream.  It worked for a few days, but over this weekend my eyes started to bother me again.  I think since we were outside a lot because of soccer, I was covered in tree pollen.  Saturday when we came in from soccer, I took a shower and switched out my sheets  - and added a half of a tab of Benadryl to my little pharmacy I'm taking.  I think it worked, since my eyes started to be better.  Today has been  a good day and I haven't taken any Benadryl. That's good. Hopefully, it will last.

Last Monday as I was going to the doctor's, Drew was on his way to the airport. He worked out of town for the week. He got back in town on Friday in time to go to a soccer game of Benjamin's. This game was the first of the weekend in a tournament. I really wished I had passed on this tournament.... We are a 12-14 year old team. All three teams we played were 14-15 year olds. And we're a "rec" team and we played "travel"/"club" teams.  It was good for our team to see how well a team can play. But if I had known we were going to play older players, I probably would have passed....we lost all three games....very, very badly.

Last week was quite....but too many trips to the doctor. I took Ben in on Thursday for his yearly asthma check-up.  I wasn't please with last year's check-up and this year's was just as bad. Just as last year this doctor doesn't seem concerned about an asthma action plan or peak flows....or anything else that other doctors have drilled into me.  It's a good thing that Ben is very healthy right now and that I know what do when he's not healthy.

I haven't worked since before my surgery.  I have been called a few times, but have had things on my calendar....and I don't get called when my calendar is clear. And it's a good thing I didn't get called today as I had to take Melissa to the doctor....pink eye....from the kids she keeps over the weekend. 

I'm really hoping that's the last of the doctor appointments for a long, long while.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Spring Break Part 2

I'm still enjoying Spring Break. Yesterday I drove over and spent the day with my parents. We didn't do anything overly exciting...lunch...shopped at a few stores... But it was very nice to just sit and chat.

Today I did a few things around the house. We had workmen in the yard working on the sprinklers. They get all messed up back in the fall when we expanded our driveway and patio.  I did get very frustrated with my laptop.  It just doesn't want to talk to the printer.

Urgggg  So frustrating!!  I did what I know to do to fix the problem....which isn't very much and did not fix the problem!  So, I put it all away and spent some time in prayer.  Life looks so much better after prayer, doesn't it?

Acts 3:19 says, "...seasons of refreshing come from the presence of the Lord." This is so true! I have this things called "hour of prayer" that I got from a visiting chaplain when we were in Guam.  I love it! It calms and helps be me be clearer in mind and in what I need to focus on.

So, I spend the rest of the day on things I could do and just let my personal "geek on call" handle that lap top and printer. I'm sure he'll get them talking again.

But the best thing about today? The kids will be home late tonight! While I've enjoyed a quiet house, I'll be glad when they get home. And I'm glad we'll have a few more days off before school gets back into session on Tuesday.  Love these lazy days!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Spring Break

It's spring break this week. So, far it's good. The kids are in New Orleans with the youth group (as usual for their spring break). I have heard from Melissa briefly yesterday and I think they are having fun.  She left with a start of a cold...hoping she doesn't infect too many people.

Yesterday  I met my Bible study group at the park, so their other ladies' children could play. While the sun was not out, the temperature was nice and it was NOT RAINING!! Afterwards, I came home and got lots of sewing done.  I was able to finish a few gifts. After I give them to my friends, I'll post a picture.  Today I went shopping with a friend. While I had several things on my list, but I only found a few things.

I did find a great new winter coat - for $12!! What a great deal!!   I, also, found some new tennis shoes for half the price I paid last time. I was able to find a few things for the kids' Easter baskets....still need to get something nice for the boys....they are so hard to buy for!!  Melissa being the girl is so easy.

It's been very nice to take it slow in the mornings. After we go back to school next week, William will only have about a month left in school and the rest of the kids six weeks.  Most of our weekends have things planned already. Yep. Summer will here before we know it! 

Friday, March 27, 2015

Broken....not Broken....Now That's the Question

Two weeks ago Benjamin came home saying he hurt his toe/foot in p.e. that day. He had gone to go and kick the dodge ball, but missed. Instead, he hit the ground with all his weight.  I really didn't think too much of it.  He used the word "stubbed", so I figured it would be fine by the next day.  He really didn't say anything about it until the following Tuesday night after soccer practice.  Then he said he was in a LOT OF PAIN!

So, we iced it...handed out motrin...and made an appointment at the clinic. After all, it a "studded" toe is hurting four days later? It's not a stubbed toe...something else is going on.

The next day (Wednesday) we were able to get it xrayed rather quickly.  The doctor we saw said while it showed no broken bones there was something along the growth plate that looked odd. He did say that after a full MD (a radiologist not just a tech) read the xray, he would call me if there was anything of concern. 

While Ben was still in pain the next few days, I didn't think too much of it since I didn't hear back from the clinic.  But, late last Friday afternoon the doctor did call me back to say the radiology did think the growth plate looked broken - a possible type 2 break, but it just wasn't a clear picture.  He wanted Benjamin to take it easy - not walk it  - and return at the beginning of the week so it could be looked at again. 

Back when William was in 9th grade, he got run over by a goalie that was literally three times bigger than he was and so ended up on crutches.  Thankfully, we still had those, so we dug them out of the attic and gave them to Benjamin.  I think for a short period of time he enjoyed using them...until they started to rub under his arm and his arms got tired. But we (okay - more me!) made him use them until we were able to be seen at the clinic again on Tuesday.  He wasn't AT ALL happy about using them at school.  But his toe was still hurting, so I made him.  When he was asked at school what happened, he told them he had a fight with an alligator.

(Much better story than the truth.)

Ben said after awhile people stopped asking him.  (Gotta love his sense of humor!)

At this second appointment, we had another xray done (which took a sweet FOREVER!! since one machine was broken).  This doctor said that if he was pain-free he could lose the crutches, but still no running or kicking soccer balls. 

The clinic called by the next day to say the second set of xrays looked clear along the growth plate.  While I asked questions, the doctor that called really couldn't tell me if it was broken and just healed very fast or if it was bruised (is that even possible for a growth plate??)...  Either way Benjamin is still pain free (yea!!) and has clear xrays.

And went back to playing soccer last night.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

YEA!!! I have internet!!!

Last Friday after the kids went to school I realized that the Internet was out. But I didn't worry too much. Usually, when that happens we just need to reboot the modem. I do know how to do this, but just didn't feel like going upstairs and dealing with it.  I kept myself busy with other things (like a new quilt!!)

After Drew came home, he  did deal with it  - turned off the modem....rebooted everything...nothing....  So, he called the company and made an appointment for the following Monday. Let me tell you how thrilled the kids were to have NO Internet for a whole weekend....yea...that didn't go over well. 

Late Monday afternoon (much, much later that the appointed time, of course) our techs showed up. They saw nothing wrong.  NOTHING WRONG!!  Within a few minutes they had the system working.  We all were very happy to have it working.

Then there was Tuesday morning.  No Internet again.  I unplugged and rebooted everything. Nothing.  So, I called the company and forty minutes later still had no Internet.  The tech on the phone couldn't seem to figure out the problem.  I could hear him typing away and every now and then he would say, "I'm still here  - still working on it."

For all I know he could have been typing a letter or playing a video game.

After forty minutes he said he would have to get his supervisor and call me back.  Since I had to leave for a luncheon, I didn't have a problem with this. 

It was dinner time before I got back home from my luncheon, a doctor appointment for Ben, and a trip to the commissary.  This time Drew ended up trying to figure out the problem and calling the company.  He, also, was on the phone for close to an hour with on luck, but the tech did say he couldn't see our modem so maybe that was the problem.  So, Drew did a quick to the store and bought a new one. After installation and another conversation with a tech, he was told "it's not the modem....there's still a problem." 

Urgggggg  Frustration!

Late Wednesday our techs show up (and yes, much later than the appointed time).  This time they couldn't get the system to work.  They finally figured out that an outside part was not working  and they replaced it.

Finally!!! After six days, we now have Internet again!!

No longer frustrated.....but I will make sure I get credit for six days on my bill.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Five out of Thirteen

One of my goals last year was to read more non-fiction than fiction - which I did by one or two.  This year my reading goal is to read twice as much non-fiction as fiction. Right now I'm at five fiction out of thirteen. Not a bad start...most of my fiction has come this month. I guess I needed some light reading as I have been recovering from my surgery!

I just finished a book I bought in New Orleans while with Ben on his school trip.  It's Marcelle Bienvenu's Who's Your Mama, Are You Catholic, and Can You Make A Roux? (Book 1): A Cajun / Creole Family Album Cookbook.  It was fun seeing all the memories she had surrounding food.

And yes. There's a few recipes I just might try soon! I'll let ya know if they turn out well or not.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Nightinggale

Several years ago I read Winter Garden by Kristen Hannah. Since then it has been one of my favorite works of fiction.  It's about two sisters learning of their mother's life and how she endured World War II and the following years under communist rule. As you read this book you want these people to be real! But then  you don't want them to be real, because you don't want anyone to have to endure all those horrors of Europe during that time. But what a great story!

This week I read another book by Kirsten Hannah - and once again, the character seems so real you want to meet them...but don't want anyone to have to endure the horrors of World War II.  The Nightingale is a story of another two sisters.  This book in place in France, but as in Winter Garden  there's parts of the story place in modern times. In Winter Garden the two sisters are in modern times looking back as they learn their family's story, and in The Nightingale the two sisters are in France during WWII just trying to survive while the modern story of one of the sister's son learning the truth of all his mother did during that horrible time.

An amazing story!  But as with many stories connected to WWII, you'll some tissues.....but worth it. 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

William's Quilt

Many years ago I decided I would make a quilt for each child during their senior year of high school. Over the years I even made a point of collecting fabric for the boys. (Fabric that boys would like is hard to come by!) Back in January I started William's with the plan to finish it before my surgery. While a lot of the work is just sitting at my machine, the actual quilting part of very physical. I have to get on the floor and even crawl around on my knees while I tape part of the quilt to the floor and then pin it altogether. 

But then, I broke my machine. Urggggg. I was cleaning it out and forced the bobbin case in a little too hard...apparently while it was crooked....  No sewing got done while I waited for a replacement case, but  after it came in I was able to get the quilting and binding done before the surgery. All that was left was hand sewing the binding closed. Perfect  thing to do while resting and recovering from surgery.  

Here's the quilt. I think he likes it. Can you guess his favorite color??!!

Thursday, March 12, 2015


Last week I had some minor out-patient surgery....sort of female stuff.  As for as pain, I've had more deep achiness instead of sharp pain. But at times I can feel my incisions...that's no fun. Then last Thursday I had tummy issues... Then beginning Saturday I started to have an eye thing going on - I got diagnosis on Monday with Pink Eye.

Pink Eye.  At 45 years old.

Good Grief!

While I tire faster than I want, I think I'm good.  My tummy issues have resolved, my eye seems almost better (will continue to take eye drop meds until Sunday), and the achiness from the surgery is about gone.  I'm moving faster than I was last week.  I still have to take it easy for awhile  - I'm not allowed to exercise or lift over five pounds until first of May. (sort of hard when a gallon of milk is eight pounds!) Just need to get my energy back...if I could sleep well, I think that'll help.  (I've always been a horrible sleeper!)

So, I'm taking it easy....Haven't worked in almost two weeks and probably won't get called in to work next week due to state testing.. But I'm not really complaining.  I did finish working on William's quilt....it just needed the hand-sewing and I read some....and watched lots of tv and took lots of naps last week - trying not to nap this week, so I'll sleep (that's the plan, anyway!!).

Drew and the kids are taking good care of me. The boys were sent to Walmart Monday for the week's fresh items - I think they enjoyed it! Or at least enjoyed using my credit card. Melissa was disappointed that she couldn't go due to babysitting...but I promised she could go next time.  Melissa brought me an ice and chocolate one day - such a sweet girl I have!

Everyone else in the family seems healthy....which is always good!

Sunday, March 8, 2015


Last weekend I was a chaperone for a school trip with Benjamin  and 47 of his classmates.  Overall, it was a fun three days....tiring, but fun. I really enjoyed touring Houma House Plantation. The gardens were beautiful!  I love trees and they had some wonderful old trees. 

Love the gnome peeking up!

Now...this is the mystery of the weekend.  This tree was blooming all over South Louisiana but, t I have no idea what the name of it is.  Against the winter bare trees, this beauty stood out. If you know what its called, please, let me know!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Snow Days....

Today was the third day of snow day.... And it's been good.  Monday was just a lazy day - which we needed after the weekend we had. We hosted 15 middle schools boys and two chaperons for a church youth event.  Needless to say, we didn't get a lot of sleep, so Monday was nice to be lazy.  None of us really got dressed - just stayed in our pj's.  It was a great day!!

Tuesday  I made everyone get a shower and we got out of the house!  We went into Shreveport for lunch - it was, also, a great day.  I love just sitting around a dinner table and talking and laughing with my family - that was lunch.  Melissa was trying to talk William in to asking someone to prom - he didn't want any part of it!  But so funny!

Tuesday the base started out with an two hours delay, then just as Drew was about to walk about the door, he got the call that said the base was closing.  Wednesday - with worse weather than Tuesday! - the base opened at the normal time....then closed at noon.  So, not only have I had the kids around extra this week, Drew has been around as well.  We really have enjoyed this extra family time.

But it's time to get back to a normal schedule!! I have errands to do....life needs to get back to normal.  So.  Snow, snow...please, go away.  Come on warmer temperatures!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Ice Day

Yesterday was the first snow day we've had here almost two years.  (And another one today, as well.) We really just got ice...sleet....just enough to make all the roads nasty.  At one point all my kids walked outside for a moment...not really dressed for cold weather!  I, of course, had to be mean and I locked the door behind them - while I took pictures!  Don't worry, I only locked them out for a moment.

Benjamin was the funniest though!  He had his pj's on with no shoes and he went to take the trash out - barefooted!!  He very quickly came back it - with the trash still in his hands!  As he walked  - well, really ran! back into the house, he said, "That was a mistake." in a very calm voice.  For some reason, it just make me laugh!!  Yes!! walking out in the ice and sleet with no shoes on is a mistake!! 

He really thought he could just take the trash out quickly, but then found the trash can frozen shut!  He needed a little bit of time to get it open - time his feet just didn't have!!  Oh, I love my kids and their funny ways!

(William was out there in shorts as well, but I didn't get my camera in time. Melissa learned her lesson - after being locked out the first time, after that she took her house key with her!)

Monday, February 23, 2015


As I was driving down to the south part of the state for William's play-off soccer game, I got a text from Melissa.  Since William had to leave with the team early that morning, he drove to school.  Melissa was to drive his car home after school as he was going to ride home with me and not the on the team bus. In the text Melissa sent me, she said  she left her driving license at the house and she didn't know what to do - should she ride the bus home or just risk it???

Since she asked, there was no way I was going to tell her to break the law and drive home without a license!  At a pit-stop, I text back to say she needed to get a friend to help her get back to the school to get William's car.  Her reply was that she had to babysit between school and church that night.  I replied back, "then after church."

Then she said, "but then MY car will be at the church!!!"

At this point I just had to shake my head....oh, my.  She can be blond at moments....

I text back to her, "Melissa you are a  straight A student, you are smart -figure it out, but both cars need to be back at the house tonight!!!!"

Her response: Ok. I'll figure it out.

Good...because, at this point I'm five hours away - I really can't help ya!

Late in the afternoon, I got a text from her saying that the youth director's wife, Stacie, would help her.  The next day when I saw Stacie  I thanked her for helping Melissa. She just laughed and said, "She told me my mom said I was intelligent and I could figure this out!"

I had to laugh, too.  As we were driving home, William  and I both admitted that neither one of us would have told anyone that we were missing our driving license. We would have just taken a chance and driven home. Very proud that Melissa did the right thing!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Soccer Update

Last Friday was the first playoff round. We won 5-0. It was a GREAT game - even if the temperatures were very, very chilly! William scored the first of the goals...and it was a beauty! While I think we played well, the other team really wasn't that good....a few couldn't even do a throw-in very well and got called on it.  But that's soccer in Lou-zee-ana. While you'll have a handful of players that understand the game, most kids here don't. They think they do, but little things like throw-ins they just don't understand it really does matter how you throw the ball back in.

The next playoff game was Wednesday about five hours away.  I ended up going alone.  Drew was out of town, Melissa had to babysit in the afternoon, and  Ben wasn't interested in being in a car for that long of time.  But I really didn't mind driving that far by myself.  After all, I went to college that far from home, so I've driven lots in my life alone.  I set up some podcast to listen to and enjoyed the sights.

Lou-zee-ana is not the most beautiful place in the world....very flat at times.  I guess there is an eery beauty in the swamps and bayous in the winter...the trees all look dead, though. Not a leaf on them!  But I did see next to houses a few dogwood trees already blooming -such pretty pink!  And in more of a wooded area there was a tree blooming with leaves that looked dark red or maybe they were just turning from green??  Either way, the dark red was very pretty and a nice sight in all the dead of winter around.

When I got to the playing field (the pitch as true soccer fans call it), I was excited to see the field was grass and not turf.  I thought that would help us.

I was wrong.

It did not.

We lost 5-1.  It really should have been 4-0.  One of their points was given to them by our goalie.  He caught the ball, then dropped it. Inside the goal.  Which counts.  Urgggg.  He felt so bad! (This is why I'm SOOOO glad neither of my boys are goalies!!!)  Our one goal came from a penalty kick.  They fouled one of our players close enough to the goal that we got an indirect penalty kick (where they can have several players trying to block the kick.  A direct kick is just the goalie trying to block it.) But a point is a point and we'll take it!  There was another time we really thought we scored, but the ball just didn't go in.

Overall, I think our boys played HORRIBLE!!!!  Several played like they were sleepy....sluggish...DRUGGED!  Not sure if the long bus ride did them in....too big of a lunch at the all-you-can-eat buffet...but our boys just didn't show up and play well.  This other team did! I really didn't see any one player of theirs that was outstanding, but they just knew how to play well as a team.  I think that has been a problem for us all season....we have several good players, but there's three that seem to play for themselves more than for the team.  Two of them have a hard time getting along with the rest of the team...not sure if anyone on the team actually likes them!

William had some good touches with the ball, but just couldn't seem to outplay those around him and make a huge play happen.

Its been a great season, though.  I have thoroughly enjoyed watching William play not just this senior year, but all four of his years at high school soccer. He really did have a great season!

So, that ends high school soccer.  Now we're back to the recreation league....Ben is on the same team as the fall and William will play as well as be a referee.

Friday, February 13, 2015

I'm a Wimp

Several times last weekend I told Benjamin to clean his room - after all it smelled like something had curled up and died in there.  But the weekend was busy and it never got done.  As Benjamin walked in the door from school on Monday, I told him now was the time!! We were going to start in one corner and clean EVEYRTHNG!!  And that meant taking stuff off shelves, dusting everything, moving furniture....whatever it took to find and get rid of that smell!

So, we did...things got dusted....furniture moved...carpet vacuumed.  I even made Benjamin unroll his sleeping bag thinking a wet towel got left in there from a sleep over. While we did find dirty clothes in there, it was not the smell.  He did get rid of lost of trash that was hiding in his room. He, also, decided to get rid of all his nerf guns (which we gave to a neighbor). I was very surprised at that, but happy!  We, also, have a bag for the goodwill. Makes his room look so much better.

Then we moved to his closet area...Yep! That was were the smell was.  We cleaned out old clothes, found missing socks, emptied old backpacks and bag....but still nothing that was stinky. 

Until I moved the small shelf unit that's inside his closet and I saw something....."Please, tell me that's a gray ROCK!!"

"Nope. That's not a rock. That's a dead mouse."

Yep. I was right.  Something did curl up and died in Benjamin's room.

Poor Benjamin!  He muttered, "Why did it have to be MY ROOM??!!"

Did I mention that Drew was out of town??  Which presented me with a problem...how was I going to get that thing out of my house???

Not once did it cross my mind that I  would actually do the deed. No way.  I've done a lot of things because Drew was out of town, but this?  Nope. Not gonna happen.  Nor did I really think either of my boys would man up and take care of it.  So, I called a neighbor.  After all he had snakes as pets, so surely, he wouldn't mind helping???!!!  I'm sure he and his wife laughed at me, but thankfully, he disposed of the stinky thing. 

Yep. I'm a wimp.  And  I'm totally fine with that.

(Back story: We thought we had a mouse before Christmas. Drew and William saw one on the patio, and I thought I saw one inside, but we never saw droppings or a nest. Off and on since before Christmas we have set out traps but never caught anything.  But apparently, this little mouse did eat the poison we set out.  Praying that he was a loner and had no family....or if he did that they like the taste of poison as well....)

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Soccer - Again

I wish I had remembered to take a picture tonight! Benjamin was so happy! Tonight was his first practice for his spring soccer season. He's on the same team as he was in the fall, but with a few new members. And we need those new players!! There was not enough on our team last season - hopefully, we won't have that problem this season. (Several times we had to play with less players than the other team due to illnesses or players traveling.)

William's first playoff game is tomorrow. The other team is ranked very low, so we should win easily. Praying that we do!! 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Sadly, This is Normal

All military wives know how to tell if you husband is out of town: all things fall apart.  While we are no longer active duty, Drew still goes out of town some.  And yes, this week I can tell he's out of town without being told: Things are falling apart.

Last night I could NOT get my drain to work on the bathtub. Neither could William.  Which really isn't a big deal.  I could just leave the water in the bathtub....just irritating that its stuck.  It was stuck once before (when Drew was gone - of course!), but I was finally able to fix it.  Last night I just left it all there.  This morning I had William with his teenage boy muscles work on it.  He could not.  He just laughed - "Yea...I don't know WHAT you're gonna do with THAT!"

Thanks, William....

Then this morning Melissa's car wouldn't not start. Great....just great.....  So, I rearrange my afternoon schedule and got all the children to and from their activities. 

After we all were home, I had William to try again on the bathtub.  He had a great idea to use a butter-knife to try and pop it open. We were able to get it open enough for the water to drain.  I'll look at the drain later, and see if I can get it working normally.  If not, Drew will be home Friday and he can be in charge of it.

Then, it was time to figure out what was up with Melissa's car!  I got in it and decided it was the battery.  As I searched for our jumper cables, I realized they were in Drew's car.  Which is with him. In Dallas.


But thankfully, we have some great neighbors!!  Trey across the street did have jumper cables and we decided it was the battery. We got it up and running! Yea!! It's now in the garage with a battery charger.  

While these things were annoying and caused me to change my planned schedule, none of them were life stopping.  Thankfully, no child is sick or and the house is still standing!  But I'll still be happy when Drew returns home on Friday!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Going For Double

One day as a teenager, my mom and I  stopped by to visit my grandmother. As we sat down to play Scrabble (because that's what we did at my grandmother's house), I caught a glimpse of my grandmother's ears and yelled, "GRANDMOTHER!!" (Grandmother, because this was NOT a Momma Lee moment!)

Her and my mother both looked at me, " WHAT?!???"


Then my mom caught a good look at her ears and yelled, "MOTHER!!!" (Because, this was NOT a 'Mom' moment!)

Calmly my grandmother said, "Oh, yea...I got my ears double pierced. How do you like them?"

How did we like them??? We really were speechless. There was my 75 years old grandmother supporting double pierced earrings. 

Crazy. Amazing. And just so her. She had some spice in her, that's for sure. 

While there have been times I have considered doing the same, I've never gotten my ears pierced a second time. But today my daughter did. 

She had asked about getting them earlier in the week. Drew and I had no reason to say no. Melissa and I made a trip to the mall today to have the deed done. She did great - only winced a little. And so, now her ears are even cuter than they were before. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


I broken my sewing machine today. I decided that it needed cleaning before I started a few new projects. There was so much lint inside it!! Apparently, as I was trying to get my bobbin case back it, I chipped the side of it....not a lot but enough to snag the thread....which causes the thread to knot and jam. 

Yea...I wasn't very happy with myself. 

Thankfully, I found a replacement bobbin case for less than ten dollars on Amazon. Gotta love Amazon. They really do have just about everything! 

But I'll confess: I briefly thought about ditching the whole thing and telling Drew I needed a whole new machine. A nice fancy one!! 

Maybe next time! 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Yes, Another Ten Days...

So...I truly don't mean to go ten days without posting....  Part of it is life is sort of just routine...and part of what I think is cute and family would enjoy reading about, my kids don't want me posting about.  Yes, they are teenagers and parents "embarrass" them.

But, this too shall pass....

Soccer is going strong....I'm actually missing a game tonight.  In a bit Benjamin and I have a meeting at the middle school, so Drew went to the game without me.  But don't worry. There's plenty of soccer this week for me to see - three other games!!!  Tomorrow is a make-up game, then Thursday and Friday both have normally scheduled games.  I will admit that I'm seriously thinking of not going to Friday's game.  It's several hours away....I'm really thinking of being the lazy mom and not going. 

We had a game this past Friday night - out of town as well.  In was just miserable.  The temperature was about 39 degrees...raining... Just a yucky night to be out much less to be watching a soccer game. And it was on turf...I think I've shared before how I hate to play on turf. We lost.....5-0.  We actually sat in the car and watched from there. And I had forgotten my heavy coat at the house.  Had my hat and gloves and scarf, but no heavy coat....so...yea. I was much happier in the car.

Saturday the kids were all at a youth even so we were kid free - yea!!  We got several chores around the house done, then had a nice lunch out.  Then I took a good long nap while Drew started the taxes.(I'm sure others could think of more romantic things to do without kids, but that's what we came up with! We enjoyed it!)

There's been a few changes at our church.  They switched services times around some.  And Drew and I have switched Sunday school classes.  I just was ready for a change....wanted something different.  So far, I'm enjoying the new class....Drew just thinks it's "okay"...we'll give it more time to see how we both like it.

Also, our church is tearing down and old building - the original building, actually, and will start soon a new building that will house a larger sanctuary and new preschool area.  It should take about a year and half to complete. Lots of changes!

Saturday, January 17, 2015


January is my least favorite month. It's usually cold and dreary and wet. And it's a long month as well. (It's amazing to me how only one extra day can make a long month but it does, somehow -at least for me.) 

January is, also, the month that I had my first miscarriage.  That pain may have faded but never truely goes away. It was a long, cold, dreary, wet month in Albuquerque in 1996. While I'm sure we had some days of sunshine, I don't remember any. 

But today we did have sunshine! And the temperature was almost 60 degrees!! Oh, how we needed it!! 

We slept in...took our time getting dressed. When we all were dressed, we took the boys to get haircuts and a few errands....picked up some yummy bar-be-que for lunch. Afterwards, Drew and the boys got some chores done in the yard while I took a nap and slept way a headache. But I did sit outside for a little bit. Drew even put our new patio table together....makes me look forward to family dinners outside again soon. 

Late the afternoon and evening we all watched a movie together and put a puzzle together. 

Maybe if I had more relaxing full of family and sunshine days, I would have better feelings toward January! 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Soccer This Week

Tuesday night's game was bad. Very bad. We lost 5-0. On turf. I really hate it when we play on turf...that ball just rolls....and rolls. 

The other team was really good, though! As much as I wish I could blame it on the turf, they out played us at just about every position. 

But thankfully, it was NOT a district game. 

Tonight was a district game. And we won!! Yea!!! 4-0. The last time we played this particular team, they beat us, so it was nice to keep control of the game and win. 

Sadly, William didn't get a goal. But he did get two fouls. 

Yep. My sons who has never gotten a foul (that we can remember) in his life got two tonight. 

We can't help be laugh a little. 

When I asked him if he felt like he was fouling, he said, "No, I was just trying to get around him and he just fell down!"

Like I said, we can't help but laugh a little. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Books of 2014

For the year 2014 I read 104 books.  My main goal for the year was to read more non-fiction than fiction.  And I did.  By five.  Not a large margin, but I'll take it.  For 2015 my goal is to read two times more non-fiction than fiction. So far, I'm on target. I have only read two books this New Year and they both are non-fiction. One I struggled to read (The Rules and Exercises of Holy Living) and one I really enjoyed (Fields of Faith).  And learned that I really don't enjoy reading a book writing in Old English!

As I look over the books of 2014, I picked out my favorites.  Here goes!

The Romanov Sisters by Helen Rappaport - a biography of the last Russian Czar's daughters - very sad...but I learned  a lot.
 Joan by Donald Spoto - a biography of Joan of Arc - amazing....I didn't know much about her before reading this, I'm now I awe.
Rescuing Julie Twice by Tina Traster - a memoir of an adoption of a little girl suffering from Reactive Attachment Disorder....very good

The System: The Glory and Scandal of Big-Time College Football by Jeff Benedict and
 Armen Keteyian - behind the scenes of college football -yep! It's all about the money
 and winning!  (Warning: bad language and details of a sexual assault.)

Unwritten by Charles Martin - fantastic!!! Just may be my new favorite fiction book
and author!!!

 I, also, read several sci-fi series that were enjoyable. I think I most enjoyed the series placed in
 a quilt shop.

I'm looking forward to the books and authors I'll discover in 2015! 

Monday, January 12, 2015

In Our Soccer World.....

We've had some good soccer games in the last week.  Last Monday we played a game about an hour away.  It was at tough game! The field was turf - which our boys are NOT use to!  Oh, how that ball rolled...and rolled!!  But we did win - William even got two goals! We played very well for the first part of the half, then  when they scored as well, it was like our boys gave up.  SOOOOO frustrating to watch!! Then about half way in the second half, our boys got their act together and won. 

Thursday night's game we, also, won - 11-0.  Sort of gotta feel sorry for the other team...  The other team is from a small town about 45 minutes away.  They are just farm boys - this town just doesn't have a lot of people moving in and out - they are just a little too far from the Air Force base for that, so most of the students are more into foot, base, and basket ball - the traditional Southern sports.   Towards the end of the game the coach let a few of our defenders and even our goalie play forward and striker positions so they could try to get a goal.  It was pretty funny! They were just not use to playing that position and couldn't hit the ball at the right angle.

Saturday we played a team that's higher ranked than us from a few hours away.  We ended up winning 4-2 (I think that was the score....can't remember), but the referee was HORRIBLE!! Never before have I seen a ref yell to the parents, "Opps! My bad! We'll do a "re-do"  WHAT??? Seriously??? 

Also, we have two brothers on our team that just can't be nice to each or really anyone.  One got a yellow card, the other got two yellow cards which makes it a red card and so he had to leave the game.  They just sass and fuss at each other - argue with the refs - tell other team mates what to do... drop cuss words...Urgggg.  And sadly, our coach just doesn't have the guts to bench them or kick them off the team because they are so good.  And from what we can tell, there's no discipline from the (divorce) home. 

I'm sure the other team left with a  bad taste in their mouth from us.

Our boys were excited to beat a higher ranked team, though.  William did not get a goal, but played well - had some good passes. 

My aunt was in town for the game and I think she enjoyed it.  I think William enjoyed having her there, as well.

This week we have one away game and one home game.  And as usual the weather is calling for cold, cold temperatures....lovely.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Alive and Well

Yes, it's been awhile since I've posted...we are alive and well.  We really enjoyed our holidays....we really didn't do anything major....just stayed at home and enjoyed family and life. 

I've already posted on how our holiday started: by learning that Melissa earned a 29 on the ACT. She was pretty much on a high from that for all of Christmas break!  Still in - in fact yesterday when she went back to school, she made sure to stop by a few of her teacher's room to let them know. 

My parents came over and spend several nights with us.  My brother and his family came over for several hours Christmas Day.  I have to admit: it was extremely nice not to travel.  We all got to be good and lazy!

We did see several movies.  Drew and I saw Unbroken.  Very good!  But I would say, read the book before you go.  Of course, the book is better, but, also, it explains the change in Louie's life.  He met Jesus and his life was changed. The movie glossed over that...sadly....but not surprising as Hollywood doesn't even want to admit there's a God much less that His name is Jesus.

We, also, saw Night at the Museum Three. I enjoyed it.  We thought the kids would go with us, but they all found some reason not to be seen with their parents in public.  Yes, they are teenagers!  I did take Melissa and a friend to see Into the Woods (but Melissa asked me NOT to sit with them - like a dagger to my heart, I tell ya!!).  I enjoyed it as well - neither of these two movies will probably win any awards, but they were fun to see.

We, also, watched lots of TV...movies....cooking shows....football (but not Ole Miss as they seemed to have NOT SHOWN UP TO PLAY....very, very frustrating!).  Melissa and I did do a little after Christmas shopping but not much...I didn't brave the mall.....too much craziness for me.

The kids seemed happy with their Christmas presents.  William got a video camera, Melissa concert tickets, Ben got some Minecraft stuff , and they all got a small Ping-Pong table.  Of course, the boys are enjoying that more than Melissa!

The other big event is Melissa getting her driving license.  She has had her permit since the summer and as of January 3rd was eligible to get her full license.  Which, of course, she wanted!  My plan was for her and William to share a car for several months to six months before we bought another car.  Well....I got out voted.  Drew bought himself a new Toyota Camry.  It's a very nice car!!  So, that means William got the blue Camry and Melissa got the white little Matrix that William had been driving.  They all are very, very happy!!

And I'm still driving a mini-van.  Oh, well.  A few more years of driving soccer plays and giggly girls around, then I can down-size. 

One of the gifts I was excited about was fabric. Yes,  I got fabric for Christmas and I was very happy with it all.  In the last week I have pieced a quilt together for William.  It's green.  No surprise there for anyone who knows how much that boy likes green.  Today I was able to piece the back together, but not quilt it as I need to get some green thread.  Hopefully, I'll be able to buy that tomorrow and if I don't work on Friday, then get to the actually quilting.  So, now I'm looking at patterns for my next quilt....fun stuff!