Thursday, October 1, 2015

Soccer Update

Benjamin is having a hard time with soccer right now.  For the last few seasons with the local rec teams, he has been one of the older ones on the team. But this season? He's one of the youngest as he went from the middle school level to the high school team. So....going from the big fish to small fish?  Not going over well with him.  He's not getting a lot of play time and the older boys are just out running over him.

He's grown a lot this summer - taller than me now,  but still he so skinny!!!  He has gained a lot of muscle and strength  since the team has been working out in the gym consistently since June. But he's still just getting out-run. He's still one of the younger ones.

And to top it off two of his friends who are also freshman are getting more play time.  One has even scored already.  Yea....he's a little bummed.

Drew and I are hoping that once the rec league is over and the high school league starts and he'll be playing with boys closer to his age, he'll have better success.