Wednesday, July 30, 2014

An Un-Welcomed Guest

Had every intention of going to bed early last night.  Until I saw/heard a wasp buzzing around my head in my bedroom.

And of course, everyone was out of the house for the evening. Lovely.  NOT!!

This happened a few times in Guam, but with geckos.  They ended up being sucked up in my vacuum cleaner.  Maybe not the best choice, but I was able to sleep with the knowledge that a gecko was NOT going to join me in my bed.

I sat very still and quite reading for well over an hour before William came home.

Sadly, he had no desire to kill the wasp.

Thankfully, the vile thing finally landed on the floor and I was able to hit him several times with a shoe.

Then I sucked him up in the vacuum.

And yes, I was able to sleep nicely with the knowledge that no wasp would be joining me in my bed!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Growing Up

This week the kids are with the youth group for Mission Week.  They stay the night at church and during the day they volunteer at different places around town. Last night as they were getting all their stuff together, we had to gather blow-up mattresses, sleeping bags, blankets, towel....all that fun stuff they need to camp at the gym at church.    At one point I asked Benjamin if he had everything he needed. He said yes...that he just needed a quilt.  I asked if he was sure and he said was.

As usual when the kids are gone, I get in a cleaning mood to clean their rooms. As I was straightening up Ben's room I saw his sleeping bag.  And that's when it hit me why he said he just needed a quilt.

His sleeping bag?  It's a Hot Wheels one...not exactly what a 13 year old wants to take for all the youth group to see.

Tonight after I helped cook and serve dinner for the youth group, I went to Target and bought Benjamin a nice plain blue adult size sleeping bag...with not a Hot Wheel in sight.  I'm sure he'll sleep much better tonight than he did with just a small quilt. He may be my baby, but he's not longer a baby.

Friday, July 25, 2014

First World Problems

Last night as I was able to watch the runway show on Project Runway, our power went out...then briefly came back on, then went out again and stayed that way.


I really like Project seeing all the pretty and different and even usual outfits the designers come up with, so I was a little frustrated.

Contrary to reports on facebook, the power was only out for about ninety minutes.  The first reports were that three sub-stations were down and it could be two or three days to get them back on.


Now I'm not worried about the runway show, but the food in my freezer!! I remember stories from my mom during Hurricane Andrew and the power outages for weeks.  During the early days people had to grill the food from their freezers and eat what they could or throw it all out.  We had this issues during Hurricane Irene.  And of course, there's Hurricane Katrina...lots of issues there with power.

We lost power quiet often when we lived in Guam.  There, it is usually only lasted three or four hours.  Those nights the food court in the BX became huge social events, since no one could cook. (I think that's why we were at the food court the night Benjamin participated in an jalapeƱo eating contest...or it could have been laziness on my part since Drew was out of town....) The only time I was really scared on Guam was when the whole island lost power due to a lady lost control of her car and ran it into the main transformer.  Most of the time the power went out due to brown tree snake getting stuck in a transformer....simple reason, but it took hours to find the right transformer, clean it, and then fix it.

We have lost power here many times - way more times that I would have thought!  No brown tree snakes here!  Last night was supposedly due to damage a storm did the night before. I think every one thought that since three sub-stations were down, it would take days to fix, but apparently they were able to fix the main station, the sub-stations came right back on. As of this morning, there were still about a thousand without power - but I think they were the same ones that lost power during the storm the night before.  Since there was already a power outage when ours went out, there were already repairmen on sight or nearby.  I guess that helped!

Whenever we had a power outage in Guam, we would get our generator out. Usually, by the time we finally did and got it all hooked up, the power came back on.  And yep! Same thing happened last night! While Drew was getting it all hooked up, the power came back it was just waiting for us to be almost done...

But I'll take power any day! Yes, I love the cool air of my A/C. I love knowing my food is at the right tempature. I love being able to watch tv.  Yes, I'm a spoiled first world girl.  And I'm fine with that.

A few months ago a friend adopted two siblings from Ethiopia. I asked her how they did during the power outage.....wondered if it freaked them out.  Of course, being from a developing country, they are more use to having no electricity at all, so they really weren't bothered by it (I think it helped that they were already in bed when it went out.)  But they were concerned about all the noises they could hear now the A/C was off and not drowning out all the nature sounds.  What they really were concerned about were hyenas. 

Yes, hyenas.  They had them in their village  - so bad that NO ONE went out during dark alone.  In fact, once a packed killed their donkey.

Makes me shudder just thinking about what all these two kids and so many others had to live with - and what people live with  NOW!!


After hearing that story, missing part of a tv show is no longer a great concern.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Crazy Teens

A few weeks ago, the church hosted a lock-in for the middle school. Benjamin said he had a good time. Last night it was the high schoolers turn with a lock-out.  Why, oh, why do teens like to stay up ALL. NIGHT. LONG????

Yes, I did it, too as a teen.  But now?  No way!

So, after youth meeting last night, they first saw a movie, then bowling, then ate at IHOP, then roller skating, then went swimming at one of the youth's pool.  Melissa and William walked in about 6:30 and were in bed asleep by 6:35.

Don't blame them there.

Sadly, they both had ortho appointments at ten.  After they got home from that, both went back to bed. Although, William said he really didn't go to sleep....just dozed for awhile.  Melissa slept hard until I woke her up at four.

Hopefully, they both will sleep well tonight.

I remember going to several lock-in as a teen.  Most were with my youth group, but we rented another church's facilities as they had an in-house bowling alley and let roller skates on their gym floor.  I, also, remember going to a few with my Methodist friends.  Let's just say the Baptist  believed in more supervision than the Methodist did.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Lazy Summer Day

This is a lazy week for me....not too much going on. Yesterday, Melissa and I went shopping for school uniforms. At one of the local 2nd hand places, we were able to get the rest of the bottoms she needed as well as a nice dress for her cousin's wedding. She still needs a few of the uniform pull-over/polos....hopefully, we'll find some she likes soon.  I think both boys are okay.....probably should  check on pants for William....but getting either of the boys to go through their clothes is a major ordeal.  I'm just not up for it yet.  Time is running out though.....maybe tomorrow morning since soccer is cancelled.

Melissa babysat last night for one family and this morning for another family.  She'll keep another family for the rest of the week.  Good thing too...she was down to $9 in cash!  Meanwhile the boys are just hanging out with me at the house....yep, you guess it: playing video games. 

I was able to work on a Bible study project this morning and got some sewing done. I started the day off with a slight headache and, so, was not so motivated to a book finished though!

Hopefully, tomorrow will be more productive!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

No Happy.....

Friday I picked up my new glasses. This time I went with the "progressive' no-line bifocals.

I don't like them.

And I don't like my old glasses because they give me headaches.  Urgggg...

Friday, July 18, 2014

Paper Work Done!

Today was the last of the kids' doctor appointments. YEAH!!  In the past I have tried to have all three in one day - that was just overwhelming for the doctor.  We just have a lot of paperwork that has to be signed in order for the kids to have epi-pens at school, and the doctors don't like to be rushed through them. Also,  I've gotten to where I don't like having two or three kids in the room at the same time.  Room is too small....feel like the doctor doesn't really give enough attention to each child. 

Last year all the paper work was done wrong, so the school nurse, then, had the hassle of calling and faxing the clinic to get it corrected. So, this year I felt that if each child was seen separately, then we could avoid that problem.  And I think we did! Each child got a thorough exam...we got to talk about each child's health in depth...and got all the paperwork done.

Also, each child got a lunch out with mom and dad as their appointments were all at 11:10. Love it when we can spend time one-on-one with a child.

Poor William, though....  He got  a little more education this know the kind...."turn and cough".  Poor kid.  But he is almost eighteen and he plays a sport that can be very physical. Oh, well. Such is a part of growing up.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Nerves of Steel

"You're too close to right side!"

"Slow down!!"

"You're too close to the left side!"

"Now you're driving too slow."

"Keep your speed steady."

"Both hands on the wheel!"

"Eyes on the road!"

"You're driving too fast again!"

Melissa heard these and many other instructions as she drove us home from my mom's today. It was her first time driving on an interstate.  Frankly, I just don't think I have the nerves for this new driver thing.  It's only 90 miles between Mom's and my house, but today it was the most nerve-wracking 90 miles I have driven in a long time....probably since William helped me drive to DC in November.

If you know of where I can buy some steel nerves, please, send me the info!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday Report

We enjoyed watching the World Cup over the last month....even if William fall asleep just before the
final. Not sure why he was so tired....but we all enjoy a nice long Sunday afternoon nap every now and then, and I guess it was his turn.

Friday night we had a few couples over for dinner. It went very well. One of the couples have a four month old.  So sweet! The other couple just came back from their honeymoon. We joked that the baby is what happens after the honeymoon! While we laugh, they did not. So, I guess it's a touchy subject.

Today Benjamin had his summer check up.  He needed his normal meds renewed as well as paper filled out for school so he can have his Epi Pens at school.  While he weighed one pound less than he did at his last appointment in April, but has grown one inch.

Not sure how you grow one inch but loss a pound!!


Friday, July 11, 2014

The Calendar Quilt

For quite a while now, I have wanted to do a quilt based on the months of the year. I probably had about half of the fabric I needed.  A few weeks ago I used my birthday money to buy the rest (as well as some other fabric I "needed" with some notions.) I started the quilt last week, but got side-tracked with a few things like kids and being out of town (and possibly a few books.....).

But this week I made a  point to work on it and last night I finished it.  I probably would have finished it earlier, but Mr. Seam-Ripper and I had (sadly) a few dates.  Uurrggg. I hate ripping out!!  But it needed to be done.  I had gotten a few of the pieces in the wrong place (which is easy to do when the pieces are the same size) and a few months out of order. Also, I wasn't happy with my football fabric (used for September). By the time it cut in to small triangles you could no longer tell it was helmets and footballs. So, I Mr. Seam-Ripper and I ripped out those triangles and I re-cut those parts.  I probably should have gone to the store and bought new fabric with a smaller print, but I felt that I had already spent enough money on this particular project.

I am a little disappointed with the over size of the blocks.....the picture from the pattern just looked bigger...I guess that's just a good photographer at work!  Also, I tried some quilt in some curves on the pinwheels....and I just don't sew curves very well....need to stick with straight lines, I guess.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

More Driving

Yesterday I had a few errands to do and I let Melissa be my chauffeur. Over all, I think she did a great job.  She does love to hug that right side...which is fine except here in  Lou-zee-ana we have almost no shoulders on our roads.  Seriously...what's up with that? Thankfully, she hasn't taken out any mailboxes...yet.

She was very nervous...especially, as a policeman was behind us.  Poor thing! I get nervous with a policeman behind me!! 

When she drove home from the DMV on Monday, there was a truck that was behind us all of the way home. (Turns out it was a neighbor being dropped off from a day camp.) Then the policeman yesterday.  But she did fine. She does have a little trouble keeping her speed steady, but as I told her that will come in time as she gets use to doing so many things at one. After all, driving is the ultimate multi-tasking event!

Made me think of a story a Sunday school teacher once told....  I don't remember exactly what kind of job this man had at Oxford, but part of it was to teach international students how to drive. He told us about how they would take FOREVER to look at the speedometer to see how fast they were going...which including them taking their eyes off the road and him slamming on the extra brake on his side and grabbing the wheel.  Of course, he told the story in a very entertaining fashion and acted some of it out.  Always makes me smile when I think of it....

...until I'm the one in the passenger side....and I DON'T have that extra break!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Another Driver

Yep. It's that time again. We now have another driver in the family. Melissa finished her driver's ed class last week & today got her permit (after three loooong hours at the DMV....those people do NOT move very fast, do they???). She now has to drive for at least six months before she gets her full liscense. During that time she is to get at least fifty hours driving / fifteen of which needs to be at night. 

She is so excited!!

William on the other hand has decided to be safe while his sister is at the wheel. 

Independence Weekend

We  had a very nice long holiday weekend.....even if there were a few bumps along the way and that it didn't have the best ending.

Thursday afternoon we drove north to Hot Springs, Ark in time to have a nice dinner and to see a magic show.   Several years ago, Drew and I were in Hot Springs for a marriage retreat and saw this show - we loved it!  What I really loved was how family friendly it was. What a rare find! So many times a show or movie has a comment here or there that you just hope flies over the kids' head so you don't have to explain something you know they (or you!) aren't ready to know just yet.  Maxwell Blade keeps in  mind who in is his audience.  I, also, love how at the very end of his show, he tells how his life was in a very bad place and Jesus saved him.  He doesn't hit you over the head with the Gospel, but just says Jesus is the answer. Then he finishes up the show.  He just plants the seed and lets God grow it.  Love it, love it, love it!!

Based on how attentive my kids were, I think they enjoyed the show as well. They were trying to figure out how all the tricks worked.  We think we know how some were done...after all, Drew used to be a magician...but there were a few we weren't too sure about.  Good stuff!

Friday the boys just stayed around the hotel, watched tv....stayed lazy...which they all loved!  Melissa and I walked up to the main street and went shopping.  We both ended up with a few bath soap items. Melissa found a great top for less than $10. Then we meet the boys for lunch and some geocaching. (We found three.) It was just one of those easy - no rush days.  We went back to the hotel to watch some of the World Cup....take a nap....continued being lazy...catch some fireworks out of the hotel room window....just a great day.

Saturday we spent at the local amusement and water park.  While none of us are big on roller-coasters, everyone enjoyed the water slides.  Well, everyone but me. I'm more of a wave pool and lazy river type....that way I don't have to go underwater...which I'm not very fond of...after all, I have no gills so I'll just say on top of the water, thank-you-very-much. 

Drew spoiled us by renting a cabana...that even came with a we got out World Cup soccer games in...along with plenty of shade. So worth the money!!!

Off and on during the day, Melissa said she had a headache....yeah, well, so did I...but I had no meds so we just toughed it out.  Once we got back to the car around six in the evening, she took her migraine medicine...but it didn't work.  About eight-ish she took some more...and then started to throw up.  Thankfully, we had brought a bucket! (One of the things the cabana came with was a bucket with ice and water bottles...while I didn't really want the bucket, I knew it just might come in handy with a child and a migraine. As William said as we stopped along the road to take care of Melissa, "good call on the bucket, Mom!!"  See. We moms do know a thing or two!)

After we got home around nine-ish, Melissa just couldn't keep anything down and was still in massive pain.  So, after a twenty minute phone call to our insurance getting permission (twenty minutes!! I had to talk to three different people!! I'm trying to focus on the fact that I have great insurance - and I am VERY THANKFUL for that, but it's a loooong twenty minutes when your child is in pain.) to take her to the ER.  We got there about 10:45 and got home at 2:30.  Not a short trip....but it could have been so much worse, I guess.

(On a side note....there is some weird stuff on the tv that late at night.....unless you believe in alien adductions.....)

They gave her an IV for the dehydration, medicine for the nausea and two different kinds of meds for the pain.  About ten minutes after the medicine was given, I asked her how she was feeling I got a "I feel happy!" response in a sort of a loopy voice and a slight smile.  Very funny!  And she was still feeling happy Sunday afternoon. (I, on-the-other-hand, was not....I should have asked for some of that happy medicine, too. Thankfully, my head is clear this morning. Oh, how I hate migraines!)

So, our weekend ended with Melissa and I staying home from church and sleeping.  By supper time we both were functioning almost at normal. While it wasn't a trouble free weekend, it was still a good weekend....just next time I'll take some headache medication with us and try to get her to drink more water. Live and learn.

Friday, July 4, 2014


This morning Melissa and I spent shopping and this afternoon all of us went geocaching. We found three! Fun times.

Futbol now.....fireworks later...

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hump Day

I started the day off with a walk with my neighbors, Alice and April. Alice and I have been walking most mornings since school let out.  While I don't really like getting out of bed at 6 a.m., I do like an early start to the day and visiting with her.  April usually walks with her husband, but he's out of town, so she joined us today.

Later in the morning I did some errands while Melissa was at her practice driving portion of driver's ed. Yep. Pretty soon we'll have another driver in the family.  I have yet to ride with her as the driver.....I'm still recovering from William driving when we were going to DC in November (that would be when he almost killed us in Atlanta and then later added "character" to my van.)

Anyway - back to Melissa.... She was VERY nervous  the first two days and was not happy with how she drove, but today felt calmer and felt like she did better.  She has one more day of practice driving with her instructor, then she can get her permit.  With this being a holiday weekend, it'll be next week before we're able to do that.

Later in the day I was able to work on my next quilting project....didn't get nearly enough done as I wanted to, but that's how things go in a full house! This project how each block representing a month of the year in a windmill pattern. Very excited about it!

As I posted a few weeks ago, I got off facebook.  But now I'm back on....not sure if I'll stay on....but for now it's fun catching up with friends.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Scrappy Quilt

About five or six years ago I realized that I had about three boxes of fabric....way too much for a military wife to be carting around. Some had been left-over from my projects....some left-over from a large project I over-saw for the ladies chapel group in Guam....some were given to me....some I liked, some not so much.  So, I set a goal to get the fabric down to one make quilts with what I had.  Now, I did still buy fabric when I wanted to make a special quilt for someone, but I, also, really tried to use what I had.

I can now say I'm down to one box of fabric.  Below is my latest scrappy project....not sure who it will be, it'll be sitting in my craft closet until the Lord tells me who needs a little love.