Friday, April 29, 2011

Take Me to Taco Bell

Yesterday after Bible study I did some of my weekly errands then drove through Taco Bell for lunch since Drew wasn't able to meet me for lunch (something about having to work...yeah - whatever). 

It had been quite a few months since I had Taco Bell.

I should have let that run continue.

Not sure if it was my taste buds or if the cooks had a bad day, but the taste was just so not good.

In the future, please, remind me to eat somewhere else!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hump Day

The community Bible study that I attend was today - for the first time I really enjoyed all of it - not just part of it.  I go to a Bible study to make friends - to get encouragement - as well as to study what God has to say.  This group is really strong in teaching people how to study the Word, but not so good in building relationships.

One lady in my group today said she thought they didn't really want relationships to form so the focus would be on the Bible.


And I can see how that point of view would be supported and enabled.

Just doesn't work for me a lot of the time.

Each we week we meet in small groups to go over the study questions, then we meet in a large group for lecture. (And by large group I mean about 300 ladies!)  I usually feel very alone in large group. I have been known to skip out of it and get a start on my  weekly errands.  Our small  group usually just dispersed  - each their own way. Several have known each other for many, many years - they sit and talk. I'm sure they don't mean to leave me and the other new ladies out of the loop.

But today was different. Oh, we still all left the small group as usual, but a few ended up sitting next to me during lecture and I was able to have some great conversations with them.

So nice.

One lady is very interesting.  She was  missionary in Afghanistan for many years - has been back in the States about three years now. All her children are grown, but all are within a few hours drive as well as having some other family members in the state.  She is just a lot of fun to visit with.

Just a nice morning!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Being Left

Today I left my kids.  And just walked away. In public.

Sort of.

Okay, not really.

They boys wanted to see the movie "The Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2".  Knowing that I barley survived just hearing the first movie in this series play in the van, I really didn't want to see the second one.

By the time we left, Melissa decided she would go as well, so after I paid for the tickets, I just left.

But not too far - just a few doors down to the bookstore where I sat and read a book.

So nice.

I will say it felt a little disconcerting walking away from a public place and leaving my kids alone. With William being 14 and Melissa 12 (Ben's 10) some would say it's about time I gave the kids some breathing room!They did fine - at least according to each other's version of events - all behaved well. 

Me?  I'm just really glad I did not have to sit through that movie. And glad that my kids are growing up  well.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bigger Than Life

That, my friends, is a weed. 
Quite a large one, I might add. 
Apparently, Texas isn't the only place that does things big.

Monday, April 18, 2011

More Conversations With My Kids

Ben: You know, mom, in the olden days they use to race ferries.

Me: Race fairies? Really?

Ben: Yes, they really did.

Me: Race fairies? Are you sure?

Ben: Yep.

Me:  Wait - you  mean fairies like little people with wings or ferry boats?

Ben: Ferry boats!

Me: Yes, you're right! They did use to race ferry boats - not little people with wings because you know there's no such thing.

Ben: Yea, I know.

Me: Good.

Ben: So. Mom....are you ready to admit you're the tooth fairy?

Me: Um....

Sometimes he is just too smart for his own good!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Melissa called from a friend's house this afternoon.

Me: Hello?

Melissa: Hey, Mom.

Me: Hey - how's it going?

Melissa: Good - are you home from church?

Me:  You called the house phone which I answered, so yeah. We're home.

Melissa: Oh. Yeah. Okay.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Money & Respect

Oh, I had many thoughts about the Great Budget Fight that went on last week. I do admire people who stand for what they believe in and fight for it. But not at  other people's expense.  Congress had eight months to protect military families.

But they did not. Instead they used us as pawns.

While my family can handle a half pay pay check, many of my fellow military friends can  not.Many spent the week deep in worry and stress.  My heart ached for the enlisted families  - especially for those who's military member is deployed. 

To be so far away from your family AND have to worry about money??? CRAZY!! Sheer craziness.

I'm not sure if you can tell me anything to change my belief that many in Congress used us as pawns.  Eight months. That's plenty of time of putting your money where your mouth is - to show that you truely care and support our troops.

Now, we see what happens next.  Later, this week they are to sign into law the new budget that they agreed upon late Friday night.  Then we get to watch the fight over 2012's budget.

It's not going to be pretty, I feel.

We'll see if the military will be used as pawns again or given the respect the fighting men and women of the Armed Forces  deserve.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

William's Start

Tonight was William's start of his soccer season. He did great! I thought he played a lot - at least half the game, but William was upset that he didn't played more.  But there's a  lot of boys on the team - all wanted to play! I really think William got a lot of play time - way more than I thought he would.

He didn't score, but got several good kicks in  - and  even body-checked a few guys!  He's still on the small side, but he's not the smallest  on the team - for which I'm very grateful!

(And yes, I left the other two kids at home - they watched Beverly Hill Chihuahua 2 - and were all tucked into bed and just about to sleep when we got home.)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Simplify Your Life

After the soccer game last night, I made some decisions to make my life simpler. Like not forcing Melissa to go to the night soccer games  - just let her stay home - and get to bed early so she won't be grumpy. She's so not fun to be around when she's grumpy.

But I, also, made some other decisions - just simple I was to leave town on Friday, but now won't go until Saturday. 

Again, this morning I changed my schedule just to make my life simpler. Instead of going to the base and sitting around waiting for some medication to be filled at the pharmacy and running through the commissary all the while hoping I would get home before the kids did from school.  But instead I decided to simplify my schedule.

I decided to just shop at Wal-Mart instead of the commissary (except on meat and dairy Wal-Mart's brand is just as cheap as the commissary and Wal-Mart is so much closer to the house!) and to wait on the medicine.  Afterwards, I came home and cleaned my kitchen.

Not sure about you,  but my life is seems so much better with a clean kitchen.

With plenty of time before the kids came home from school I even got some other things done. LOVE IT!

And what was one of the main messages at Bible study this morning? Simplify you life so you have more time for God.

Yeah! Love when God confirms to what His leading.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Tonight was Benjamin's first soccer game  - and the best part?? HE SCORED!! So proud of him!!  He was so proud of himself!!  His team won 3 -1, I think.  So happy for him!

Melissa on the other hand, was not too happy.  She really  hates going to the games. Which I can totally relate! One of my greatest times in my  childhood was when I was old enough to stay at home along AT NIGHT! so I didn't have to go to one of my brother's baseball games.  

I loved staying home alone. The first night I watched Child of the Corn.

Maybe not the best choice of movies.....but still. I was home ALONE AND NOT AT A BASEBALL GAME!!!

So, I'm going to be a good momma and not make her go to William's games later this week.   I know she'll be thrilled!

And hopefully, she won't be watching Children of the Corn.....

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Old Family Home

A few Fridays ago I went with my parents to Jackson. Here, Dad is looking at what's left of his
great-grandparents' house on Dad's land in Mississippi. 

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Natchez Pilgrimage

Melissa with her Nana and her favorite Aunt Margret

The Big Dance - loved all the beautiful dresses!
The boys may not admit it, but I think they enjoy learning about the history of Natchez.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Mr. 14

While his cake tasted exactly how he wanted it (lemon), it looked nothing like I wanted it.....
That's what I get for trying to take a short cut and not flouring the pan properly!!

April's Fools Day

I really don't like this day. I hate practical jokes - or any joke that's at  the expense of someone else.  Of course, I even feel bad at laughing at America's Funniest Videos! - It just seems wrong to laugh at some one while they could be getting hurt.

Of course, they do send the video in themselves....

ANYWAY!! Didn't mean for this place to be dark for a few weeks....really meant to post....

We've had a good month of March - did lots! Saw family, started soccer, spring break....mostly normal stuff! Will post some pictures...