Friday, May 22, 2015

Last Days of School

William's last day of school was earlier this month. He got home just before lunch, so I took him out for lunch them to his favorite place. 

The library. 

Where he picked out ten books. 

I love my book worm.

Benjamin's last day was just this Tuseday. He found out he made the high school soccer team - yes, he was very exited, but he, also, excepted it. That night he had an awards & crossover ceremony. He got the Principal Awards for having straight A's all year. 

I took him and his best friend out for lunch on Wensday to celebrate. It was very nice to chat with both of them and hear what they were hoping to get involved with in high school. Both will try to join the robotics club as well as some of the other STEM clubs. (Yes, their geeks. Nerds. And they are totally okay with that!)

Melissa's last day was yesterday - Thursday, because the high school holds finals for all classes. She went out to eat for lunch with a friend. (Too cool for mom!) 

In the evening several of all the kids' friends came over to burn some of their school papers, books, and other work. The all were so excited!! Lots of glee and giggles. Afterwards, they played a few games, ate pizza, and just hang out. A great way to start the summer. 

Thursday, May 21, 2015


Late in the evening on Wednsday the little brother from across the street was banging on our door telling us that Benjamin was at his house bleeding. 

Not what a Momma wants to hear!

After I got to the neighbor's house and saw Ben, I was very relieved to see him not covered in blood. He did have some in his hair, but not covered or dripping. 

He was coming down the stairs from their playroom and tried to jump over a board that was at the bottom of the stairs to keep the dog out. But Ben didn't factor in the low ceiling at the bottom of the stairs. 


Thankfully. The bleeding stopped within a few minutes and so we elected not to make an ER trip. As Drew was washing the blood out of his hair, we found a second cut. That one was smaller than the picture of the one below and it had stopped bleeding as well. 

I'm sure Benjamin will have a headache in the morning, though.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Quick Witted

Yesterday the middle school year book came out. For each eight grader there were two adjectives describing the student.  Benjamin's words were "quick witted" and "reliable".  I thought both were exactly right.

As the high school soccer  coach found out yesterday!

Whenever William would score a goal, as he was running back to the middle of the field for the kick off, he would pound his fist at his side. Nothing boisterous, just a little movement with his head down as he was running.  Over the years the coach has made several comments about this habit - called it William's "finisher". It's so different than the other boys with their yelling and screaming and high-fiving other players. 

Yesterday was the try-outs for the high school team for next year (It's usually in October - not sure why the coach did it so early) and Benjamin tried out.  (Of course, he did! Not doubt!  He has been waiting to play for HIS school for a long time since there's not team for the elementary or middle schools.)   During the try-out the coach asked Benjamin, "Do you have a "finisher" like your brother?"

Benjamin's rely?


Sassy even.

"I guess you'll have to wait until I score to see."

Yep.  The coach is learning that Benjamin is a different boy that his older brother.  William would have NEVER answered an adult like that. He would have barely had any words at all - mostly grunts.  But not my Benjamin.

After he told me what had been said, I told him that I probably shouldn't be laughing. After all, it's on the verge of being disrespectful.  But laugh, I did.

Hope the coach did as well.

Monday, May 18, 2015

The End And Almost The End

This weekend marked The End of high school for William  - he is an official high school gradate.  It was a great weekend with lots of family in town.  The day went just about perfect!  The rain even held out until we were at home.

Day is Almost the End of school for Benjamin and Melissa.  Benjamin has finals today and tomorrow, then a small "cross-over" ceremony tomorrow night  and he's done with middle school! (School is still in session until Thursday, but I'm not making him need in him helping  the teachers clean the rooms!) 

Melissa has finals Wednesday and Thursday...she'll only get out early a few hours. She was actually studying last night, so I think she's almost ready for her test....but I know she will be very happy when they are over!

This afternoon is sort of a big event for Benjamin. For reasons I'm not very clear on, the high school soccer coach decided to host try-outs for next session now instead of the normal October time-frame. Benjamin left for school with his soccer bag all  packed with his gear and extra snacks.  I feel like he'll make the team... After all, like his older brother, he's been playing since he was small - and he's good! (I know, I know....the mom always says that!) The coach knows William has a younger brother that plays as the family name will help!  I'm not sure when they team will be announced....tomorrow perhaps.

Other big news here is the rain.  Lots and lots of rain.....too bad we can't ship some of it to California with their drought...while their lakes drain empty, ours are over-flowing.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Uncertainties to Certainties

Lately I have been praying for so many of my friends as they walk the road of uncertainties. Problems are every where it seems....job issues...children's mental and physical health....all have lead these dear friends to be overwhelmed with uncertainties.

I know something about living with uncertainties.  That's just the life of a military wife. And as one of a newly retired military wife, as well.  Those months that Drew didn't have a job after he retired from the Air Force were filled with uncertainties. In the mist of it all we didn't know how God was going to work things out.  We felt in our hearts we were meant to stay here in Louisiana where our kids were settled and we were close to our families, but we didn't know how God would make it happen. Many days we had to push aside the feelings of being overwhelmed by those uncertainties and chose to trust in the One we were certain about.

And so, with those thoughts of our recent past I pray for my friends going through their current time of uncertainties. Pray that they focus on what is certain...God...the Almighty...

...that lives not only in heaven, but in our hearts...(John 14:2-4; Col 3:1-4;Eph 3:17)

...that gave up heaven to be Immanuel (God WITH us!)...(John 6:38; Matt 1:23)

...that desires us to have joy to the full...(John 15:11)

...that lives in us to direct us....(2 Tim 1:14; John 16:13)

...that who holds all things together - including our very lives (Col 1:17)

...who will be our finest treasure (Job 22:25)

...who is our refuge and strength (Psalm 46:1)

...who is our source of eternal salvation (Hebrews 5:9)

...who is near to the broken hearted (Psalm 34:18)

And mainly, I pray these friends will focus on the God who loves them. (John 3:16, Ro 5:8, Gal 2:20)