Wednesday, April 20, 2016

My Boys

My youngest got his driver's permit today. If there was any doubt before, there's none now: he's a baby no longer. 

Shortly after we got home he was on Sykpe telling his big brother all about it. (I LOVE that they are so close!) While Ben was talking to William he realized there was a mistake on his permit. They said he has blue eyes instead of green. 

Then he said, "I wish I had blue eyes."

Me: "Really?? You don't like your green eyes!???"

Ben: "But blue is my favorite color."

Of course. That makes perfect sense. 

Then through Skype William adds, "But at least your eyes aren't boring brown like mine."

And you thought only girls think of these things. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A Typical Morning Conversation

As Melissa and Benjamin are walking out the door I hear: "We're leaving!!!"

My answer: "Okay! Have a good day! I love you!!!"

Their answer:

Yep. Crickets...well, after the door slams.  Have I mentioned that my children are NOT morning people???

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Comversations From Benjamin

On the way home from an after school study session, I noticed that Ben wore shorts to school yesterday.  A sure sign that summer is coming. I can't remember what comment I said, but I do remember what Ben said.   He informed me that he wasn't going to wear shorts to school again!  Apparently, too many people made comments on how skinny his legs are. 

Believe me. They are skinny...but I think they are cute!

So, I said, "But they are cute! Besides they look sort like your dad's and I think his are cute, too.
Ben's response? "Mom, you can't say those things to me!"

"What? Why not? I think everything about you is cute...well...except the surly attitude. That's not cute."

He just shock his head.

Later as we were getting ready for dinner I leaned my head on Drew's shoulder as I was waiting for him to finish using the ice dispenser on the refrigerator so I could get some water from. As I had me head on his shoulder I kiss him - after all Drew is my husband! 

But Ben saw it, "MOM! Stop!! NO PDA!!! You can't do that around me!"

Really?  Of course, his indignation just makes me want to show more PDA....just to see him get all embarrasses. (#badmom)