Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My Day

My day took a surprising turn - ok, well. Not TOO surprising, I guess. As a sub if the phone doesn't ring by 6:20, then I'm good to go on my making my own plans for the day. I had a nice list to work on...

...finish cleaning the oven. I started last night and got the top layers of grime off, but it needed to sit in the cleaner overnight. As the kids were making their lunches, I scrubbed off the last of the grime.  While it probably is not as clean as it should be - it's not perfect! - it's clean enough!

....laundry. With three kids - one a teenage boy in soccer - there seems to always be laundry to do. But I had worked on it yesterday, so I only had two more loads - mostly mine.   I started  that last load when I headed to the kitchen.

....quilting. I have the goal of Thanksgiving to complete quilt I'm working on for Dawn.  But I'm not even done with the top....still lots to do!

....other odds and ends....always, stuff to do!!

But then at 7:20 the phone ranged. 7th and 8th grade math. Urgg. Not my best subject.  But I could tell the teacher was REALLY not feeling well. Beside, the above list is not a big enough reason to stay home when I haven't really worked a lot this year. 

It ended up being a great day. Several really good classes.....a few snooty teenage girls that need to be taken down a notch or two...not my job - and they weren't too bad for me....but I can tell they give a few teachers and probably their parents a run for their money.  I, also, got a text later in the day asking me to work a few other days. Feast or famine.

But it's good to be working.... AND!! I did get my oven cleaned before school, finished laundry after school, worked on the quilt while dinner was cooking.....and  to top it all off - my favorite part of the day: having a sit down dinner with my family. I LOVE having dinner with the kids and listening to the stories of the day....LOVE IT!!

Today we  officially found out that William made varsity team for soccer. We all felt like he would since he made it as a freshman and a sophomore. Sunday the season ended for the local rec team and Monday started the high school league. Should be a good year. We all really think we can take district this year - instead of 2nd place like we have their last two years.

Also, William brought home paperwork to order a class ring.  Yes, this means he's growing up!  He's not really sure he wants a ring or not. I told him only he could make that decision. Not me, him.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Sweet Friends

Last week there was a box at my door. I had ordered Benjamin's birthday present, so I was excepting the box to be that. But when I saw the return address, I knew it wasn't. This box was from my friend Charlotte that moved to Virginia this past summer. What in the world could she be sending me...that rattled??? 

I was so happy and surprised to find a box of my favorite chocolate!! 

Friends that speak your chocolate language are wonderful friends to have!! I so miss her! 

But then another friend blessed me as well. My friend Fay prayed the most beautiful blessing and prayer over me and another friend, Jennifer during church Sunday. 

Jennifer's husband is deployed for a year to a land far far away. I know Fay is upholding both of us up daily in prayer as we (once again) deal with life as happily-married-single parents. Her prayer Sunday brought tears rolling down my face. 

Whether it's chocolate or prayers, friends are a good thing to have.  

Monday, October 21, 2013


We're on to another week around here. Last week was all about recovering from the Memphis trip...all normal stuff.  Melissa babysitting...William had soccer games (tied one, won two - got one goal)...Benjamin had cross country practice...normal stuff.

Thursday night Melissa met up with her aunt and a cousin and went to Natchez for the weekend for a  hot air balloon race.  As usual, she had a wonderful time! I had originally planed not to go because I thought I would be working, but it ended up I didn't get scheduled to work. Ben and I really thought about going...but we both thought we would rain on Melissa's parade. I know how much she loves these weekends away from us and getting spoiled by her aunts and older cousins and grandparents. And she did. She's already planning next year's balloon race weekend. (But the rest of us may just crash that one!!)

The highlight of the weekend was Ole Miss beating lsu in football.  That win was a long time coming!! I think it's been since 2009 since we beat them. It was a sweet win!  Hopefully, we'll win a few more (despite many of our players being injured) and get a bowl game! Lots of the season is left...we'll see. We still have a few more tough games ahead.

Drew is doing well still in DC...and we're still not sure when he'll get to move home. All the background paper work that needs to be done in order for him to start the local job is moving ahead. Last week he requested official transcripts to be sent in and this week he'll have a physical and a drug test done.  We would love for him to be home around Thanksgiving, but not sure...that may be too optimistic....Christmas for sure, I think.

Last week William took the PSAT. Overall, he felt like he did well. He said the math was easy, but he didn't not finish the last question. It was fill-in the blank, so he couldn't even guess.  He thinks he did well on the reading comprehension - which he usually does. But then there was the grammar part....yeah....not so well there.  We (Drew and I with William consenting) have decided to look into him taking a class to improve his grammar.   This is where our school doing a "4 by 4" block schedule is a problem. He took English last fall and will has it this year beginning in January, so that means he has gone a whole year without any grammar.   We'll get the results of the PSAT sometime in December, I think.

Today while Drew was at the laundry-mat, his (MINE!!) laundry basket, hangers, and dryer sheets were stolen as his back was turned to switch one of his loads.  He said he couldn't believe someone would steal it!  But then felt sad for them....if you're that bad off you need to steal a laundry basket - then take it! Of course, it would have been nice if you asked first.....

If you know of a cloning machine, please, send it my way before Thursday afternoon.  All four of us need to be in four different locations at the same time.  Not sure how this will play out......

Monday, October 14, 2013

Quotes From the Weekend

Melissa to William as she was explaining that we would have two hotel rooms -one for the kids and the second for the parents because "you know what they DO!!!"  Ah, yes. What the parents "DO"....kids learning about the facts of life wreck that part of your life!!

William as we were an hour or so outside of Little Rock, "Why are we going to Georgia by way of Arkansas??"  Me: "Where do you think we're going?" Him: "Atlanta" Me: "Hmmm...no. We're going to Memphis to pick up your father from the airport then we're going to Ole Miss.  Not Atlanta. Not  Georgia - or anywhere near there. Where did you get that idea?"  Him, "I don't know. Just thought we were going to Atlanta."  Crazy kid.  And to think he made a near perfect grade in geography.

Melissa at the ice skating rink, "I'm the best dressed person here!"  Yes, Princess, you are. (She had a skirt that twirled and tights.)

William as we were pulling into Danver's for dinner, "You think it's a nice restaurant...until you see the drive-thru...."  Not sure what he expected when we said it had sandwiches and a nice salad bar.

Usually, it's Benjamin that makes the funny comments....he's been on the quiet side this weekend...I'm sure that won't last long!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

If Only......

If only I could have taken a picture or video of Melissa tonight! I had told the kids to clean their bathrooms yesterday, but she had a migraine and went to bed  - skipped supper even.  So, tonight she needed to clean her bathroom.  As I went to tuck her in and say good night, I asked her if she cleaned her bathroom.

Hm.....cleaned it...hm...yea.....

Yea, I know that look. Did you clean your bathroom yesterday or today??!!?? 


So, up she went - after I took away her kindle, phone, and some money I say laying on her nightstand. "But I'm not dressed!!"

No one's looking!!!

So she got up and cleaned her bathroom - with GREAT guidance from me! - in her underwear and bra.

But her bathroom was so sad being dirty....it's now happy.

Tomorrow, her room will need to get happy.....

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Not Having Good Luck ....

I was trying to watch the Ole Miss game, but the rain starts & knocks out direct tv. Hate direct tv.....

Friday, October 4, 2013

Our Day of Sports

Benjamin had a great cross country meet this morning. He ran the two miles in 15:30 - about a minute fast than the last meet. Very proud of him! He is having such a better year this year than last. No asthma or walking pneumonia, thank goodness! 

This afternoon we baked in the sun during William's soccer game. 90 degrees have never felt so hot. William played great! I can see improvement in his footwork and passing. We ruled the game! But sadly we could NOT get a ball into the goal! We must have kicked the ball towards the goal two dozen times and their goalie was there EVERY time! He really earned his keep today.  Sadly. Even more sad, the ball found the net for them. So, we lost one to zero. 

Hopefully, William's game will go better tomorrow afternoon. 

****this failed to post earlier...the pictures were taken Saturday...trying again....update: William's soccer game on Subday was cancelled due to rain.