Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Competitiveness: Alive and Well

Last week as Benjamin was getting ready for his first cross country meet, he asked what Melissa's time was in the race that she did last year. After I told him, he said,"Hmmm. I can beat that!"

Ah, yes. Competitiveness is alive and well in our family.

So, Saturday come and Benjamin went to the meet.

And totally pooped out before he could finish the race!! We all were disappointed! Even though he took his asthma meds before the race, he got to a point that he could not longer breathe. So, he stopped, laid down on the ground to catch his breath.

Which, of course, was a good thing since breathing is sort of important.

Latter in the day after Melissa heard what happened within just a few minutes she had a comment of her own: "Well, at least now he can't brag that he did better than me."

Oh, the love just never stops.....

(We are waiting for the results of an some asthma testing in order to see what the best way to treat him.)

Sunday, September 23, 2012


A few weeks ago a friend told us about their attempts at "geocaching". I had heard about this several years ago, but have never tried or even looked into it. But this conversation got Melissa interested enough to look through the web site and even download an app on my iphone.

Geocaching is modern day hide and seek with an object.  A person hides an item then puts  the instructions (GPS numbers) on how to find it at a geocaching web site. Usually, there's a log book that you can sign. Some even have small trinkets that you can trade for.

Melissa and I went today since we really didn't have anything else going on (other than watching the Saints lose...again). There's a nice park not too far away from us that had many. We looked for six, but only found two. The first one was in a magnetic key holders underneath a guardrail.  The other one that we found was in a Thermos like container at the bottom of a telephone pole.

We  looked for four more, but are convinced that at least three of them have been moved.  The last one we need to hunt for again. It was at the bottom of a large tree that had lots of bush and vines at the base. I wasn't sure if the vines were poison oak or ivy, so we didn't get too close. We'll go back with a stick or something that we can poke inside the bushes. I was, also, thinking that it was a great place for a snake.

Something I, also, want to avoid.  Desperately!

And it was getting hot.

So. We'll try to find it another day.

Fun times! (Well...except for the police officer....I was pulled over on the side of the road while Melissa went through the cache - he just asked politely for me to get totally off the glad there was not traffic or a ticket involved...)

Friday, September 21, 2012

Just a Game

One of the things in this life I enjoy is watching reality TV. Not the trashy ones. The game ones. Survivor, Amazing Race, Big Brother, Top Chef, Project Runway.

One issue that has come up time and time again is how people see the show. Many just see it as a game....lie,'s all just a game. Then there are those that see if a reflection of how a person is in "real" life - or at least life without a camera around. I find that view a little extreme.

I mean we don't think after seeing a quarterback do a "sneak" play, that he's a sneak. We don't think of a runner in baseball as a thief after he has stolen second base.  We don't think bad of a person if they can bluff really well in poker or other card games. So, why do people forgot that these shows are a game....entertainment?

But, of course, within these games are real people with real feelings. Even within the games, people forget that it's all about winning - and for many players winning at all cost and they leave any morals they have at the door to pick them up afterwards.

To be honest, I 'm not sure how I would do in any of these games. While I  have a deep love for Survivor, there's is no way I would ever even try to be on the show. I like a comfy bed and food way too much. But besides that part of the game, I think I would have trouble leaving morals and emotions behind.

(And my family. I like being around them, too much to leave for a long time!)

But  I do enjoy these shows! The kids got into Big Brother with me this summer -much to Drew's dismay! He hates the show - and leaves the room when it's on.  But that ended this week, so it's on to Survivor and Amazing Race....I may even give that dancing show a try....I do like Apollo Antono and Shawn Johnson....

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Saturday was a "family adventure day" as we headed off to an event where we weren't entirely sure how it would go. It ended up being a lot of fun as we learned about chimps and were able to sit and watch them for a few hours. Then we continued our adventures with lunch at a Greek and Lebanese restaurant. (I may not be able to give into my wanderlust totally, but I can still experience the world.) I will say....Drew and I really didn't tell the kids exactly what they were eating until they tasted it. Overall, they all found something that they liked. Sadly, I did not write down the names of those dishes....and I can't remember the exact name!!!

Chimp yoga

What a happy bunch!
This big guy watched us a lot - I think he thought it was "people discovery day" instead of "chimp discovery day"!

Monday, September 17, 2012


This weekend I attended two gathers with very different types of people and strangely enough felt at home with both.  Both are a type of family to I see weekly, the other rarely. Many were new faces, but no matter. With all I had a connection with.

Friday night Drew and I attended a "Hail & Farewell" party on the base. At some bases we have been to, they were held monthly - here, it's more quarterly. Most of the time these are very informal. For this one we were asked to wear a jersey or shirt of our favorite football team. (I have to admit - I was a little taken back by wearing such causal clothes to the General's house. But PROUDLY wore my Ole Miss jersey!) While Drew has attended many here at this base, this was my first one here. Our lives here are so far removed from the base, I pretty much know no one there unless they attend my church or work immediately with Drew. But we went to this one because Drew was one of the "farewells".  (We are not moving, but Drew is moving on to a new chapter: retirement and a new job locally.)

With each family, the General told about the bases they had been stationed at, children they had, their favorite football team....With each family, I felt a connection. While names and faces and bases are different, we are part of the same military family. We understand  what is not said. We understand the sacrifice and hard work that went on at home while the active duty member was assigned to a deployment or had that job that required the most un-godly hours anyone can pull without sleeping at the office. We all understand how hard moving is, while at the same time it's so exciting to see new people and places (and how we can FINALLY get away from that crazy neighbor!)  We understand how we all have maybe too much wanderlust, but still have a  desire to see our kids have roots. In so many ways, I feel the most comfortable here. Maybe because, I'm surrounded by those who have walked in my shoes.

The seconded gathering was a training session at our church for  a new outreach program. Here, too, I'm surrounded by a family, but in such a different way. While there were a few military families there, I would say most were not. But we all have the same world-view. We all have the same faith. We all have the same destination. Here, I know I can speak of my strong faith without sneering looks of disdain. After all, if you can't share your testimony and faith here, then were can  you? If you're not accepted here, then where? I could have only named a few faces with the correct name, but yet still there is a connection here, too.  We all can laugh over the same jokes, understand how deep Peace can be, and how Truth has set us free. We're all apart of the same body.

These gatherings were bookends to my weekend. Both were different but yet so enjoyable. Oh, how I love both.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Loving - Make that The Evil Big Brother

One of the big changes this school year is for Benjamin to get him on his own instead of wanting for me to wake him  up. He did have an alarm clock, but it's too hard to work and beeps with the power goes off (which has turned out to be more often here than in Guam!! VERY CRAZY!!) So, the other day I had bought a new alarm clock. I was pleasantly surprised when William took it upon himself to set it with the correct time and the alarm for him.  I even praised him for it.

Such a sweet big brother!

Then the alarm went off the next morning...EXTREMELY LOUD!!! I mean, it could have waken the neighbors it was so loud!!

I looked at William who was already up and eating breakfast, "Did you set the alarm for loud??""

He just smiled and giggle an evil laugh.

"Here I thought you were being a loving brother, but no. You took advantage of  getting a dig in didn't you???!!!"

He just continued with his evil giggle.

Oh, the love we have for each other in this house.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Time for More Meds and Cooler Weather

Today the temp is in the mid-70's with clouds - so much better than the 102+ we had this week. I love summer and enjoy the sunshine and warmness, but it's September. I'm done melting. We are enjoying this. I'm looking forward to the next few months when we get to pull out long-sleeves and sweaters...I really love sweaters!

I ended up taking Benjamin to the doctor yesterday for an asthma check up. He has been using more "rescue" meds during cross country and soccer - more than I thought the doctor would like. And I was right. So, we are starting on some new controller meds. Also, we are going to have some testing done to see if this is his asthma and allergies or if it's more "exercise induced" asthma.  They have the same symptoms but are treated differently. 

While we were at the doctor's he offered to go ahead and have Benjamin get his flu shot. Sure! I had no problems with that....Benjamin on the other hand was not so thrilled. But he is so much better at shots than his sister.  Last year we had to hold her down.

Which is understandable at three. Not thirteen.  It was not a pretty sight.

Hate to see how this year will go....

All  in all it's been a good week. And are now enjoying a lazy weekend. We hosted a dinner party for  a few friends last night, so we are just going to hang out and watch some football the rest of the weekend.  (Of course, I think Melissa has other plans....I think she wants to go shopping......that babysitting money is burning a hole in her wallet....)

Monday, September 3, 2012

The Long Weekend

We all enjoyed our long weekend. We went to Oxford, MS to watch the Ole Miss football game. We went two years ago, but this trip was much better in that the game was a night - so it was sooo much cooler and we won.

Winning always makes the trip better.

After the game was over, we stayed in the stadium a little while listening to the band. When they were through, they played a song from the radio over the loud-system and I discovered a marvelous thing:  Embarrassing my teenagers.

What a joy!!

I started to dance to the song since we all were in a good mood due to the win and the song had such a bouncy beat - how could you NOT dance?? 

William looked at me - "Stop dancing!! Please, stop! People are starting to stare!!"

Which, of course, just made me want to dance more.  Yes, I have an evil bone or two.

He and Melissa quickly ran up the seats to get away from me....of course, then that made me yell at them  - "Come dance with me!!!"


"Oh, how I love to embarrass my teens!!!" I yelled!  One lady looked at me and laughed, then said, "I can't wait until I can do that!"

"Yep - they're such easy marks!"

And the ironic thing: I never set out to embarrass them. But oh, the joy!