Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Spring Break

It's spring break this week. So, far it's good. The kids are in New Orleans with the youth group (as usual for their spring break). I have heard from Melissa briefly yesterday and I think they are having fun.  She left with a start of a cold...hoping she doesn't infect too many people.

Yesterday  I met my Bible study group at the park, so their other ladies' children could play. While the sun was not out, the temperature was nice and it was NOT RAINING!! Afterwards, I came home and got lots of sewing done.  I was able to finish a few gifts. After I give them to my friends, I'll post a picture.  Today I went shopping with a friend. While I had several things on my list, but I only found a few things.

I did find a great new winter coat - for $12!! What a great deal!!   I, also, found some new tennis shoes for half the price I paid last time. I was able to find a few things for the kids' Easter baskets....still need to get something nice for the boys....they are so hard to buy for!!  Melissa being the girl is so easy.

It's been very nice to take it slow in the mornings. After we go back to school next week, William will only have about a month left in school and the rest of the kids six weeks.  Most of our weekends have things planned already. Yep. Summer will here before we know it! 

Friday, March 27, 2015

Broken....not Broken....Now That's the Question

Two weeks ago Benjamin came home saying he hurt his toe/foot in p.e. that day. He had gone to go and kick the dodge ball, but missed. Instead, he hit the ground with all his weight.  I really didn't think too much of it.  He used the word "stubbed", so I figured it would be fine by the next day.  He really didn't say anything about it until the following Tuesday night after soccer practice.  Then he said he was in a LOT OF PAIN!

So, we iced it...handed out motrin...and made an appointment at the clinic. After all, it a "studded" toe is hurting four days later? It's not a stubbed toe...something else is going on.

The next day (Wednesday) we were able to get it xrayed rather quickly.  The doctor we saw said while it showed no broken bones there was something along the growth plate that looked odd. He did say that after a full MD (a radiologist not just a tech) read the xray, he would call me if there was anything of concern. 

While Ben was still in pain the next few days, I didn't think too much of it since I didn't hear back from the clinic.  But, late last Friday afternoon the doctor did call me back to say the radiology did think the growth plate looked broken - a possible type 2 break, but it just wasn't a clear picture.  He wanted Benjamin to take it easy - not walk it  - and return at the beginning of the week so it could be looked at again. 

Back when William was in 9th grade, he got run over by a goalie that was literally three times bigger than he was and so ended up on crutches.  Thankfully, we still had those, so we dug them out of the attic and gave them to Benjamin.  I think for a short period of time he enjoyed using them...until they started to rub under his arm and his arms got tired. But we (okay - more me!) made him use them until we were able to be seen at the clinic again on Tuesday.  He wasn't AT ALL happy about using them at school.  But his toe was still hurting, so I made him.  When he was asked at school what happened, he told them he had a fight with an alligator.

(Much better story than the truth.)

Ben said after awhile people stopped asking him.  (Gotta love his sense of humor!)

At this second appointment, we had another xray done (which took a sweet FOREVER!! since one machine was broken).  This doctor said that if he was pain-free he could lose the crutches, but still no running or kicking soccer balls. 

The clinic called by the next day to say the second set of xrays looked clear along the growth plate.  While I asked questions, the doctor that called really couldn't tell me if it was broken and just healed very fast or if it was bruised (is that even possible for a growth plate??)...  Either way Benjamin is still pain free (yea!!) and has clear xrays.

And went back to playing soccer last night.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

YEA!!! I have internet!!!

Last Friday after the kids went to school I realized that the Internet was out. But I didn't worry too much. Usually, when that happens we just need to reboot the modem. I do know how to do this, but just didn't feel like going upstairs and dealing with it.  I kept myself busy with other things (like a new quilt!!)

After Drew came home, he  did deal with it  - turned off the modem....rebooted everything...nothing....  So, he called the company and made an appointment for the following Monday. Let me tell you how thrilled the kids were to have NO Internet for a whole weekend....yea...that didn't go over well. 

Late Monday afternoon (much, much later that the appointed time, of course) our techs showed up. They saw nothing wrong.  NOTHING WRONG!!  Within a few minutes they had the system working.  We all were very happy to have it working.

Then there was Tuesday morning.  No Internet again.  I unplugged and rebooted everything. Nothing.  So, I called the company and forty minutes later still had no Internet.  The tech on the phone couldn't seem to figure out the problem.  I could hear him typing away and every now and then he would say, "I'm still here  - still working on it."

For all I know he could have been typing a letter or playing a video game.

After forty minutes he said he would have to get his supervisor and call me back.  Since I had to leave for a luncheon, I didn't have a problem with this. 

It was dinner time before I got back home from my luncheon, a doctor appointment for Ben, and a trip to the commissary.  This time Drew ended up trying to figure out the problem and calling the company.  He, also, was on the phone for close to an hour with on luck, but the tech did say he couldn't see our modem so maybe that was the problem.  So, Drew did a quick to the store and bought a new one. After installation and another conversation with a tech, he was told "it's not the modem....there's still a problem." 

Urgggggg  Frustration!

Late Wednesday our techs show up (and yes, much later than the appointed time).  This time they couldn't get the system to work.  They finally figured out that an outside part was not working  and they replaced it.

Finally!!! After six days, we now have Internet again!!

No longer frustrated.....but I will make sure I get credit for six days on my bill.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Five out of Thirteen

One of my goals last year was to read more non-fiction than fiction - which I did by one or two.  This year my reading goal is to read twice as much non-fiction as fiction. Right now I'm at five fiction out of thirteen. Not a bad start...most of my fiction has come this month. I guess I needed some light reading as I have been recovering from my surgery!

I just finished a book I bought in New Orleans while with Ben on his school trip.  It's Marcelle Bienvenu's Who's Your Mama, Are You Catholic, and Can You Make A Roux? (Book 1): A Cajun / Creole Family Album Cookbook.  It was fun seeing all the memories she had surrounding food.

And yes. There's a few recipes I just might try soon! I'll let ya know if they turn out well or not.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Nightinggale

Several years ago I read Winter Garden by Kristen Hannah. Since then it has been one of my favorite works of fiction.  It's about two sisters learning of their mother's life and how she endured World War II and the following years under communist rule. As you read this book you want these people to be real! But then  you don't want them to be real, because you don't want anyone to have to endure all those horrors of Europe during that time. But what a great story!

This week I read another book by Kirsten Hannah - and once again, the character seems so real you want to meet them...but don't want anyone to have to endure the horrors of World War II.  The Nightingale is a story of another two sisters.  This book in place in France, but as in Winter Garden  there's parts of the story place in modern times. In Winter Garden the two sisters are in modern times looking back as they learn their family's story, and in The Nightingale the two sisters are in France during WWII just trying to survive while the modern story of one of the sister's son learning the truth of all his mother did during that horrible time.

An amazing story!  But as with many stories connected to WWII, you'll some tissues.....but worth it. 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

William's Quilt

Many years ago I decided I would make a quilt for each child during their senior year of high school. Over the years I even made a point of collecting fabric for the boys. (Fabric that boys would like is hard to come by!) Back in January I started William's with the plan to finish it before my surgery. While a lot of the work is just sitting at my machine, the actual quilting part of very physical. I have to get on the floor and even crawl around on my knees while I tape part of the quilt to the floor and then pin it altogether. 

But then, I broke my machine. Urggggg. I was cleaning it out and forced the bobbin case in a little too hard...apparently while it was crooked....  No sewing got done while I waited for a replacement case, but  after it came in I was able to get the quilting and binding done before the surgery. All that was left was hand sewing the binding closed. Perfect  thing to do while resting and recovering from surgery.  

Here's the quilt. I think he likes it. Can you guess his favorite color??!!

Thursday, March 12, 2015


Last week I had some minor out-patient surgery....sort of female stuff.  As for as pain, I've had more deep achiness instead of sharp pain. But at times I can feel my incisions...that's no fun. Then last Thursday I had tummy issues... Then beginning Saturday I started to have an eye thing going on - I got diagnosis on Monday with Pink Eye.

Pink Eye.  At 45 years old.

Good Grief!

While I tire faster than I want, I think I'm good.  My tummy issues have resolved, my eye seems almost better (will continue to take eye drop meds until Sunday), and the achiness from the surgery is about gone.  I'm moving faster than I was last week.  I still have to take it easy for awhile  - I'm not allowed to exercise or lift over five pounds until first of May. (sort of hard when a gallon of milk is eight pounds!) Just need to get my energy back...if I could sleep well, I think that'll help.  (I've always been a horrible sleeper!)

So, I'm taking it easy....Haven't worked in almost two weeks and probably won't get called in to work next week due to state testing.. But I'm not really complaining.  I did finish working on William's quilt....it just needed the hand-sewing and I read some....and watched lots of tv and took lots of naps last week - trying not to nap this week, so I'll sleep (that's the plan, anyway!!).

Drew and the kids are taking good care of me. The boys were sent to Walmart Monday for the week's fresh items - I think they enjoyed it! Or at least enjoyed using my credit card. Melissa was disappointed that she couldn't go due to babysitting...but I promised she could go next time.  Melissa brought me an ice and chocolate one day - such a sweet girl I have!

Everyone else in the family seems healthy....which is always good!

Sunday, March 8, 2015


Last weekend I was a chaperone for a school trip with Benjamin  and 47 of his classmates.  Overall, it was a fun three days....tiring, but fun. I really enjoyed touring Houma House Plantation. The gardens were beautiful!  I love trees and they had some wonderful old trees. 

Love the gnome peeking up!

Now...this is the mystery of the weekend.  This tree was blooming all over South Louisiana but, t I have no idea what the name of it is.  Against the winter bare trees, this beauty stood out. If you know what its called, please, let me know!!