Saturday, July 23, 2016

Summer Happenings....

One of the things we have each summer is soccer workouts - "conditioning".  While there's not a soccer ball around, it's usually pretty brutal...weights...running... lots of each.  I'm so glad it's not me!

After the second day I asked Benjamin how it was, he replied it was better than yesterday.  I asked why was that?

He responded that he took both his asthma meds.

Really?  Hmmmm  What a great idea!

I said, "Ok....let's hear it: Mom, you were right."

Benjamin looked at me and said, "Mom, you were right....this time."

Oh, that boy!


Melissa was one of two girls to represent her school at Girl's State.  She was so very thrilled! She had been worked very hard to be in position to be one of the ones that got to attend. Over all, I think she had a good time.  She made some new friends.  But I do think she and the other girl from here were very surprised at how secular some things were and how mean some other girls were.

They had to sing chats through out the week.  A few were done at in the closing ceremony and I was not really thrilled about them. One was done in honor of the dance which was the only time the boys of Boy's State and the girls were allowed to talk and mingle.  The chant talked about being unhappy that they were all "cold sober". Hmmmmm.....hello! These are 16 and 17 years old!!  Why encourage alcohol drinking at this age???!!!

In Girl's State they practice government.  Melissa was a district attorney and even had to try a case. Now, the case was silly.  It seemed some one stepped on a crack and did in fact break her mother's back.  (As I said, silly! But it gave the girls a sense of how trials work.) Melissa talked about how some of the judges were just down right mean.  So mean, that they had to be told to stop by the counselors.   Melissa was not use to that! 

But as I said, I think she had a good time over all.


Both Melissa and Benjamin went to youth camp with our church. Both had a good time - as usual!  The speaker/preacher turned out to be a former Ole Miss football player. Melissa did get a chance to tell him she was planning to attend Ole Miss.

The last day of the youth trip, they spent the day white water rafting.  I think they had a blast! Which proves that have lots of their daddy in them!


Last week we put Benjamin in a soccer camp.  There might have been a slight miscommunication between Benjamin and I....He knew he had camp...and just never asked about the details....I knew the camp was all day...and just never thought to tell Benjamin that it was all day...  Imagine his surprise when at lunch time he didn't go home...but continued to play 100 degree heat....

Ben's not usually very animated....well....yeah....he was VERY ANIMATED! "Mom!! I could have died!! It's hot. I thought this was three hours - MOM, IT'S SIX HOURS!! SIX HOURS!!"

I was a bad mom and just laughed. 

I'm happy to say that he did in fact, not die.  But did do a lot of soccer. Hopefully, we'll see some results this fall during soccer season.

Okay - that's a few of the things going on this summer....which is close to an end.... School starts August 8.

Oh - William.... yes, I do have that other child.  He is in Texas working. We have heard from him once....I thin he's called his sister more.... Which is par for the course with William...