Monday, March 31, 2014

My Subbing Day

Today went much better than I thought it would. The first day back from a vacation is always tough...everyone is on the sleepy side....not many want to actually do work. I thought I would have the early lunch shift which would have me teach four classes in a row, but I was pleasantly surprised to have the middle shift. That meant I had three classes, then lunch, then three more classes. 

Perfect!  Love that schedule.

My first two classes of sixth graders were very good.  I really had no problems.  Then the two seventh grade classes....yea....hmmm....not so lovely. But could have been worse. I didn't throw anyone out of the class...I did leave a note for the teacher that one child deserved a "d-slip".  That'll be her decision tomorrow, I guess.

Then I had two more sixth grade classes at the end of the day.  Another teacher took them for testing.  As they finished they returned to my class where they read and we talked some.  One boy apparently had a burning question.

"I have a question I've been wanting to know for a long time!! So. Do girls fart?"

I was taken by surprise...not sure why....after all, this is middle school.  These kids have no filters in them at all.

Before I could answer with all the laughter, a boy in the back yelled, "No, they toot!"

Of course, that got the kids  -and me!  laughing all the more!  Then the curious boy said, "Do they smell??"

Yea....I don't think he has any sisters!

After school William gave me a great surprise!  He said he had heard that one of the local fast food restaurants will be hiring soon....and he was interested. Wow! Drew and I were just talking about how we need to figure out how to get him motivated to get a job when refereeing the soccer games ends in a few weeks.  We both thought it would be like trying to move a mountain!  William as great as a kid we think he is, doesn't like to talk to adults....or strangers....or even family or friends at times. He has great anxiety about much so we have thought about counseling, but didn't want the need for counseling to scar him.  I was so excited to see he was interested! I already needed to go on an errand (poster board for those never ending school projects!) and so it was a perfect time!

He went in and asked for an application!! I was so proud of him! I know this is a normal thing and not a big deal for most people, but for William?? It's HUGE!!!! 

I'm so glad I got him to go today as tomorrow they will hold large group interviews. He'll return tomorrow....hope it goes well....  I think it will...after all, the owner is a friend of ours....that always helps!!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring Break...No More.....

Spring Break is just a memory now. Today was a quiet Sunday. I did get a nice walk in. Tomorrow morning, though, is gonna be tough!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Ending Spring Break

Drew returned yesterday from his trip and the kids returned this afternoon from  their mission trip, so my vacation from life is over.  The days of quiet and reading are over and the washer and dryer are already running. All in all it was a good week. Over dinner we heard a few stories of the mission trip...I'm sure in the days ahead we'll hear more.  I think they all are just excited to sleep in their own bed and sleep in!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Still Enjoying Spring Break

After cleaning all day Monday, Tuesday was full of shopping with a friend- and even a haircut.  Today was mostly reading....I did get a few chores done.  We even got William's car back.

Friends of ours had their car in the shop for weeks....six and half weeks!! Since soccer and the school play was over and William didn't have an immediate need for a car, we let them borrow it. As Drew said, how can we sit here with three cars while they only have one with a crazy schedule? So, now that William's car is back in the driveway, my goal of not hitting it returns.  

Another thing to return is neck traction.  Waaaayyy back at our second base, I had some issues of numbness in my arm. It was finally decided that it was probably a pinched nerve in my neck.  I was given this neck traction device to use. Drew calls it my med-evil torture device. And I guess it would be torture if it was painful, but its not. Over the years, I had to pull it out off and on.  It's one of those times again since I'm having some numbness again. Hope it works....I really don't like going to the doctor...

Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring Break

This is our spring break...FINALLY!!!!! We are so ready for this week of sleeping in.  Which I did this morning - it was so nice! 

The kids left yesterday for a week in New Orleans with the youth group doing missions.  This is just another reason I really am thankful for the youth group the kids are apart of. The youth minister not only plans times to encourage the kids to have a stronger walk with the Lord, but he, also, plans times for missions. They will be working with the homeless as well as food pantries. I can't remember right now what else they will be doing....but based on last year's trip, they will have a ball!  Melissa did feel like there were at least two of the youth attending that she doesn't think has made a profession of faith.  I'm praying they will this week.

My first day of spring break was all about cleaning. Spring cleaning on spring break. I really wasn't sure what I wanted to do this week.....thought about several things including traveling some. But in the end it came down to something  that was talked about in my Bible study this sessions: callings and tasks from the Lord. I really feel that my calling right now is to take care of my family as well as I can. Today my task was to clean. It literally took HOURS to clean out Melissa's bathroom, bedroom, and closet. Oh. My.  I was able to get rid of lots of several walmart bag size of trash out as well as lots of odds and ends that do NOT belong in her room.  There's a few things I can't finish - like going though her clothes until she returns, but at least the floor is now clean.

And the bathroom is no longer a hazard to society.

(I feel so sorry for Benjamin for having to share a bathroom with her.....)

The boys' room didn't take nearly as long!

There's still a few places in the house I would like to clean and organize this week.....but the main parts of the house are done....nice and clean.

For the rest of the week I'm planning to shop some, read a lot, watch a few movies, maybe sew and continue to sleep in.  Love sleeping in!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

This Week Happenings

Yesterday I taught sixth grade science. I know now very, very well the four factor of resistance....temperature, diameter, material, and length. All in all it was a good day....I REALLY   like it when a teacher leaves lots of work to do.  It was an odd day in that there were no bells due to the eight graders testing.

Today was math for all three grades. It went well...even though math is probably my worse subject.  Whenever I do the budget, Drew calls it "Kelley Math".  Hey, it works for me!  Today the day started off well - nice quiet sixth grade classes....but ended with the eight graders....that did NOT have enough work to do!  Urrrgggg.. Not my favorite classes when there's not enough work. Thankfully, they behaved.

 I just had to laugh at one sixth grader. As I was standing next to the door as the students were walking in, one looked at me and asked, "Are you our sub??" I answered, "Yes" very nicely....but I just wanted to say "No....I just like to stand in the hallway of the middle school to kill time."  Yea....some kids just don't think before they talk.

Monday, March 17, 2014

3rd Grade

Friday I subbed in third grade. One little boy had a desk butted up right next to the teacher's desk - away from everyone else's. It didn't take me long to figure out why.

That boy had a mouth on him!!

Early on, he looked at me and said, " I tell all the subs this: I'll probably turn your hair white."

Me: "Hmmmm. I'm usually in the middle school. I think I can  handle a third grader."

Him:"oooooo wow."

Later in the afternoon  he said to me privately, "My first kiss was with some one is this class."

Me: "ooooo wow. Yea, I didn't need to know that."

Third grade was very interesting.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Giggles

Friday afternoon I subbed in a third grade class. Turns out two of the students were the twins Melissa babysits. One of the came up and gave me a hug. So sweet. But I had to laugh when she asked for my last name, "Melissa's never told me!!"

I had forgotten how much that age laughs - giggle, really. Every little thing was funny! What can you do, but laugh with them? 

Tonight Melissa has two friends spending the night. (The original plan was to attend a school dance - her first date!! But due to lack of ticket sales, the dance was cancelled....Melissa was so disappointed!) Three teenage girls do a lot of giggling as well! But what a sweet sound it is. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


This has been a good week so far. I was able to stay home Monday and get the laundry done. Always a feat in a family of five! Sadly, the kids have learned their lesson about leaving money in their big bills for me this week. I think I got one penny....not even a pen or paper-clip this week.

Tuesday I taught first grade. It's a nice change from the middle school. I really don't think I could be with little one every. single. day. but once-in-awhile?  Lots of fun! I could do without the coughing though....I used germ-x several times and washed my hands  a lot! When I got home, I took my zinc. I do NOT have time to be sick! Today I taught at the middle school for the computer teacher while he took care of spring pictures. What a difference!!  Not just in attitude, but very little coughing either.

But not sure what is up with the gum!!!  These teens need to know they look like cows chewing a cud with their smacking! They, also, need to learn, that when I see smacking, the gum will be thrown in the trash - or swallowed. I really don't care which.

Monday night Benjamin had a soccer game. While I am not a fan of the time change, I did enjoy the sun while he played an evening game.  I know he rather play a striker position so he can score goals, he has done really well at defender! I was sort of surprised!  He doesn't let very many balls get by him. 

Tomorrow is Bible study and errands....Friday I work half day in third grade..... A nice full, but not too busy week. Just the way I like it.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Saturday Project

Re-lining then new pinestraw. Looks good, but the two yard workers are a tad stiff today from all that manual labor.

Friday, March 7, 2014

My Current Favorite

Chicken Pot Pie....oh, how I love thee. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

The Start of the Week

Today I got to drive as the snow was falling...and slide at least once on a very small patch of ice. After all, if there's ice around and I'm driving, I'll find that small patch of ice.  Thankfully, it was so small I didn't go anywhere.  (It was just under an over-pass.)

All this snow was a little surprising....that's what I get, I guess, for not paying attention to the weather forecast. Usually, when I see not-so-good weather I stay at home, but for almost a month now, I have planned to take my mom to the eye doctor.  We knew her eyes would be dilated and we all agree its just not fun driving like that.

The snow was more like mist.....not too bad at all. The temperature was below freezing, but since the weather had been in the seventies just two days ago, the ground was just not cold enough for lots of snow. There were several spots between her house and mine that had a "heavy dusting" amount - it was so pretty! And yet I am very glad the roads were mainly clear.

Except that one little patch....

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Our Week

Monday: I worked in my favorite place at the school: the office. It was a good day - not too crazy...busy, but not crazy like it was back in December. That night consisted of chores around the house & all the normal mom things. 

Tuesday: I worked on the office again. The big difference on this day from Monday is I took Ben home just before lunch since he was feeling quite yucky. That night Drew & I attended the high school spring play. Once again, the kids did a great job! William & Melissa were in charge of the microphones. (Well, William was in charge & Melissa helped him.) I'm really glad the kids are enjoying this! It's a great program - the teacher in charge does such a wonderful job & knows how to deal with teenagers. 

Wednesday: I spent the morning at the doctors with Benjamin. He had not been feeling well since Sunday. It was time to get him checked out. Also, the schools here really enforce the need for a doctor's note concerning any absents from school. The school nurse thought it could be fifth disease or strep. (Yes, what a wide range of options!) But the doctor decided it was a sinus infection so we're on antibodics and steroids. While we were on base,  I made a quick dash through the commissary as I needed things for William's birthday dinner. 
That night Drew & I went to church. The pastor is going through Ecclesiastes which I think is a very depressing book of the Bible. But this part we went through was encouraging. It's in chapter 5 & talked about it's okay to enjoy the money you earn. Lately it seems that I heard so much about the evil of money & how you should give away all your extra money. So much so I was starting to feel guilty if I bought any thing 'fun' or a 'want' not a need. It's nice it see a verse that says to enjoy your money as it's God's reward to you. 

Thursday: Ben was still sick! Hate seeing any of my babies not feel well. While he laid on the couch, I went to Bible study, did chores, got some sewing done, took the big kids to the was a busy and productive day. A good day other than Ben still felt bad!

Friday: Benjamin STILL not well!! Wondered if and when those meds would kick in!  I was hoping he would feel well enough by mid-morning, but no. I was scheduled to work at 11:15, so instead of him going in with me, I changed his meds so and he slept the afternoon away. I decided the sudefed was not working and gave him Benadryl. Which is why he slept the afternoon away. But I think between that & the other meds finally kicking it, he started to feel better. 
Friday night we celebrated William's 17th birthday. We had chicken teriyaki, sushi, tempura & cinnamon roll cake. Lots of good! Good food at that! We even pulled out our chopsticks. A nice quite evening - we don't do big birthdays. He got some money from a few family members, an English soccer jersey with his name on the back, and a wallet. His old wallet was a Velcro one. We thought he needed a 'man's' wallet. I think he was happy with it...especially the money tucked inside. 

And that brings us today today, Saturday....chores, errands, and if one little boy wakes up well, we'll have a soccer game to yell at. 

Just a normal week around here.