Friday, May 31, 2013

Pure Laziness

This first week of no school has been wonderful! We have done next to nothing - and have loved every minute of it! (Well, almost every minute of it - I did make everyone help me clean the house on Tuesday morning - they all really didn't enjoy that, but it's apart of life.)  The kids have slept in, played on the computer, hang out with friends. Drew and I have slept, played on the computer, instead of hanging out with friend he did take me to the movies. 

And I have read several books - ok. More like a lot of books. Its' been great! I love that I can put a book on hold at the library from our computer and even download books from the library to my kindle. Been reading a new author as well as some new works by well known authors. It's been great! Books are like crack to me!

Back to the movie... We went to see this particular movie because it was filmed here locally and we were able to see some of the buildings. They built the from of the White House - we even got a picture of us in front of it (I'll dig that up later - it's on the other computer). The kids were so excited to see it - until we all realized it was rated R. After seeing it, I know why. While the language wasn't overly bad (but bad enough) it was the violence. Urgg. Yuck! But I really should have read the review....after all, the movie was about some bad guys taking over the While House. It was war - like a blood bath. So, not me. I had my eyes closed for half of it.

Drew owes me at least two chick-flicks!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Lazy Sunday Evening

It's been a very quiet weekend. We have stayed close to the house - no plans. It's been nice to relax - sleep in...even got a a nap or two in. Melissa did babysit yesterday - then went to a party with her friends. Right now she's trying to organize a sleep over with a few of her friends.

She even got her father to take her driving. She's not eligible for her driver's permit for months, but she is so ready! Drew's taken her a time or two. Her plan is to take driver's ed this fall - you have to be 15 by the first class. Since her birthday is in Sept, she's planning to take the class soon after that. We'll see when it's offered.  She is just biting at the bit to grow up and drive!

William on the other hand has had his driver's permit since last summer and rarely fact, I'm not even sure when he drove last.  He never asks and the last few times I have offered, his answer has been that he would rather sit in the back and read a book.

Crazy kid.

I think the big plans for the holiday tomorrow is to go to the movies....we'll see. I have read several books this weekend....and about to start another one...probably should get some sewing projects done, but right now I guess I'm like William. I would rather just sit and read a book.

Friday, May 24, 2013


With William finishing his last two finals this morning, 2012-2013 school year is officially done. We have a few weeks before we'll get the notice for summer homework, so I hope my kids enjoy this break.  I know Benjamin is have summer homework - unless the school changes it's ways (which we will all be happy about it!) More than likely he'll have to read two books and do two projects  for each and maybe a math project.

I remember seeing summer homework for Junior English....we'll see if we get notified for that. Good thing William loves to read!

Benjamin is already hitting the computer games hard and long. I told him to enjoy weekend, then he and I will have to come to some type of agreement as to how long is long enough.  William is right there with him on that score. And Melissa - my social butterfly - is already at her friend's house - that has a pool....we may not see much of her this summer....

William and Melissa will attend the youth camp. Benjamin will attend 6th grade church camp - with Melissa as a counselor. She'll, also, be a counselor for the elementary church camp. William will have summer soccer workouts. But as of now Drew and I don't have any trips planned....although we are throwing a few ideas around....we'll see what we come up with.

While I have enjoyed sleeping in these last two days I have not worked, I did still  get up some what early to get kids off to school (I hate the thought that they leave the house without seeing at least one parent!). Of course, having kids getting breakfast and lunches together does NOT make for a quiet morning! Tomorrow that's a different story! No one has to get up and out the door!! The house will be quiet.....and a quiet house will mean sleep!!

At least, that's the plan....

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Almost There

We are almost at the end of school. Today was my last day to sub (this month has got to be the highest number of days for me to work!!)  Tomorrow will be Ben's and Melissa's last day. And Friday will be William's last day.  I could be a mean mom and make Ben and Melissa go to school on Friday, but really - the teachers don't want them there. I'll probably check Ben and Melissa out after the awards assembly.

Today most of the eight graders were on field trip. Some went to Dallas to tour the Cowboy stadium then watch a Ranger's game. The others went to see a movie and spend time at the mall. Melissa chose to do neither (my checking account thanks her.) So, she got to stay home...sleep in...hang out....get a taste of summer.  She'll go tomorrow because the teacher will be handing out report cards, but we are excepting all A's, too.

Benjamin received his report card today. He did very well - ended up with all A's as his final grade in each class. He,also, did well on the state testing (we received those grades today as well).

I did have to laugh at several of the boys in my class dance and laugh and jump and down when they realized they did in fact pass into the next grade.  Ben was in the room by then to show me his grades and he thought it was funny as well. But, really, it's sad. To think you don't know if your grades are good enough.

Drew and I are very lucky that none of our kids have even been in that position.

William doesn't get any extra days off because the high school gives finals the last two days of school - and EVERYONE takes a final. No exemptions if you have an A like it was back in my day. He should end up with all A's as well.

We all are looking forward to sleeping in!!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

For My In-Laws -

Sorry, I haven't posted, but its just been the normal around here....  The election went well (all renewals taxes for the schools passed). I did work with some new people. It was nice to get to know them. The Clerk tried to move everyone to the precinct they actually vote in, so the new people were my neighbors - or at least lived within a mile or so.  One talked about her garden and how she didn't know what to do with all the lettuce she had - I told her to bring it to my house! And she did.  It was really good - nice and crisp...good bright taste.

The kids are finishing up school (two more weeks) and so are busy doing end-of-year projects and studying for finals. We're tying to find William a job for the summer....he's not so into it, but he's 16. He needs a job.

Drew is still looking for a job - no changes on the Air Force hiring freeze. And a few jobs we have come across I have even thrown my name in. Who knows! He may be a house-husband yet!

I'm subbing a lot - several teachers are retiring and are using up their sick days.  Good for me! Keeps me busy!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Busy Tomorrow

Tomorrow will keep us all busy! Especially Drew! He will be the taxi-driver around here.  I will be working a local election, so I will not be able to get the kids from one place to another - and all three have places to be (and people to see!)

William and several other boys from the youth group will be working in the morning helping a lady from the church clean up her yard. From the sounds of it, it's several acres. So...maybe yard it not the right word....her land.  I'm excited that he'll get a chance to make some money (that won't be coming from my wallet!).

Benjamin has his last robotics competition.   He has enjoyed this class, the other competitions (even if he had walking pneumonia at one of them), and the teacher in charge. I think he'll miss it next year. He will be taking Spanish next year instead of robotics so he can start working on high school credits.

Melissa is with a friend tonight, but tomorrow afternoon Drew will be taking them both to a wedding. The children's ministry is getting married tomorrow and we all at our church could NOT be more THRILLED!!  Many of us have been praying for her as a single lady  - praying God would send her a godly man to love her. And He did! They make a great couple. It's so much fun seeing some one's dreams come true.

In between driving the kids here and there, Drew will, also, dropping some food off for me. While most of the elections I work are in the church's gym that has a kitchen attached, because of the wedding we will be in a different part of the church and will not have access to the kitchen. I know by 5 or so I'll be ready for some hot food and a cold drink.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Just This Week

Things that are going on just this week that I'm praying for:

-Aunt Trish recovery from knee replacement.
-A friend's son spent the day having testing for eye problems.
- My sister-in-law's brother-in-law's sister died today - She & I went to school together - we're the same age. So sad.
- Good friend in Maryland having gall bladder surgery tomorrow.
-Two local families in the mist of adoption.
-A friend from our Sunday school class is having chemo this week - he's our age...elementary kids...fighting cancer.
- A nephew recovering from back surgery.
- Drew needs a job now that he's retired.
- And all the normal things I usually pray for....Busy week.