Friday, August 30, 2013

A Book Re-done

The other day I popped into the library as I was headed to pick up Benjamin from cross country practice.  I saw a book by Debbie Macomber I wasn't familiar with - I was so excited as she is one of my favorite author's. I glanced at the copyright date to make sure it was  new one - and it was - 2012.  In the past I have brought home what I thought was new book only to discover it was a new cover - which is why I didn't recognize it.

When I got home this time, I realized I was fooled again.  She (or her editors or publishers) took two of her old romance novels, put them into one book - added a new title. So, while the title was new, the stories were not.

I was fooled again! And disappointed.

Not that it stopped me from reading them. I can tell these were from her early years as a writer.  The characters and storyline were not as well thought out as her newer books are.

Oh, well.  I have found a new author (new to me anyway), Susan Mallery. While I wish her bedroom scenes were cleaner, her story lines and characters are very good.  Makes you want to go find this fictional town and move in and have dinner with some of these people.

But I guess that's what makes a good author - they make a make-believe place seem real.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Weekly Run Down

The days just keep going by, don't they?  Saturday I did next to nothing other than laundry and reading books and watching tv. Since the heat has arrived, it was a good day to be inside and lazy.

This week has been good. The luncheon I was to have last week I held on Tuesday. It went very well!  I think all had a great time. One lady said she that we should have luncheons every month! I hope so! One lady offered her house for next time.  It was just a relaxing time to sit and chat.

My highlight of the week (so far - because the true highlight will be seeing Drew tomorrow night!) was getting my new iphone.  When we moved back to the States three years ago, I bought an iphone 4 - top of the line back then. But lately I have had so many issues with dropped calls, that I finally quit answering calls and just letting everything go to voice mail. Not ideal when you have three teens you have to keep up with. I ordered a new one last week and it was to come in on Thursday. By Friday I had not seen it yet, so I called. Walmart, basically, said they lost my order and it would need to be bumped up to her supervisor  - and that would take 2-5 business days to be settled.


Monday I called to cancel the order as there was a Walmart in town that had one in stock, but I was told they worked it out and it was already in  shipping. YEA!!! It was delivered Tuesday afternoon. Of course, the biggest surprise was that I was able to get it turned on, my account transferred to a new company and synced to my lap-top all without having a melt down and having to call Drew.

I was quite proud of myself!  A very non-blond moment!

Today was the first day of a new Bible at church. I'm actually the teacher this time around.  Well, teaching is a strong word....I push the play button the DV and during discussion I make sure we stay on topic and watch the  clock. It's not rocket science, but I do enjoy it.  Today went well.  It's a good study - we're looking into the Old Testament judge Gideon.

Benjamin has cross country practice today....I'm praying he doesn't have a heat stroke as it'll be close or over 100 degrees.... I did take him an extra water bottle...not too sure he appreciated it....but he will come 3 o'clock.

Tonight I play to watch the Ole Miss game -first of the season! Fins up & hotty toddy!!  So, hope we win....and not embarrass ourselves.....

Tomorrow Drew arrives and Saturday is the big 50th anniversary party. Should be a great weekend. And yes, I already know it'll go way too fast for me.

Friday, August 23, 2013

A Good Day at Work and Another Good Shopping Time

It was a normal day in the middle school office....flat out crazy at times. But overall, a good day. The computer gaves me fits.  If I worked with the attendance program on a daily bases, it would be fine, but it's been months since I worked with it. By  the time the final bell ranged, I think it conquered.....even if I accidentally listed one kid as being in 'in-house' suspension instead of just being late....  Opps. (I did correct it by the time I left.)

One boy made me laugh. Not sure what this kid did that he needed an ice bag, but he brought his own to school. Several times he came to the office to refill it.  Just cracked me up.

Melissa and I went  on a short shopping trip this evening....all to find those shoes for my outfit.  The stores at the Boardwalk was a bust. Nothing good at all.  But at the mall? Success! Very happy with that!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Luncheon That was Not And the Shopping Trip that Was

Today I was to host a luncheon for a friend from church that has completed a local cosmetology school. Anyone that can go back to school and finish while in your late thirties deserves to celebrate!  She went to school beginning in February until last week Tuesday thur Saturday - all day long! WOW! A crazy schedule with a husband and three kids to keep track of.  Instead of hair, she learned how to give all kinds of facials. She hopes to be able to work in a dermatologist's office as soon as she passes the state test.  So, today was to the day that several us from our Sunday school class came together for a  lunch - just fun and fellowship, but her youngest son woke up sick. She spent the day at the doctor's office with him.

So...what to do....I could always find something to clean around the house...but what fun is that??  I went shopping instead. I had been looking for an outfit to wear to my parent's 50th anniversary party next week. I knew exactly the kind of dress I wanted!! Which of course means I had no hope in finding it.

I did see it....twice! But my size was no where to be found. I wanted a green shirt dress...sort with a 1950's flair.  Short sleeves....button-up....full skirt....but no. Not for me. What to do...what to do....

Last month I did buy this silky tangerine tank top. I decided that would be cute with white jeans. (My mom is wearing pants, so I guess my green shirt dress would have been too dressy.)  At the third store today, I found white jeans that not only fit, but weren't see through!  White can be needs to be a heavy one needs to see what color my underwear is!

I, also, wanted some cute shoes to go with this new outfit.  I have been wearing my white flip flops all they really aren't all that white anymore.  I ended up buying some new white flip flops with a thick sole...but not sure about them. Then I showed Melissa them. And yea. We agreed. They need to go back.  (I think her actual words were "They are god awful!")  Saturday I think she and I will take them back and try a few other shoe stores....I think a nice sling-back wedge would be just the thing.... know...since I knew exactly what I want......

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Books to Read

I haven't read as much in the month of August as I usually do. I have worked on a few quilts, probably watched way too much TV, and  listened to two sermon series by Mark Driscoll. (Each series was about ten hours long.) He's a pastor from the Seattle area with Mars Hill Church - such good stuff!! I started listening to him by my iphone podcast, then looked up the website. There I found several series that was not on the podcast - he knows the WORD!

So. Not much reading around here. But I have read two books. The first was A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet by Sophie Hudson from BooMama blog. Her blog is one of the first blogs I started to read based on a recommendation from my friend Polly (Hey, Polly!! Miss you!!).  She's very funny! Her book tells stories from her Southern family - being Southern as well, I can relate! There were several "laugh out load" moments! A great light-hearted book that tells the love of family and the Lord.

The second book I read this month is the autobiography of the VeggieTales creator, Phil Vischer, Me, Myself, and Bob: A True Story about God, Dreams, and Talking Vegetables.
I, actually, heard about Mr. Vischer's book from his podcast - The Phil Vischer Podcast.
 An excellent read on several levels! He talks about the rise  - and fall - of his Big Idea he produced Larry the Cucumber and Bob the Tomatoe - and how he lost it all. This book as some great business advice...what he did wrong and what he is doing right this time around with his new company, JellyFish Labs. But mainly, he talks about how we  should walk with God....that we should be like jellyfish... As jellyfish flow with the water currents because they have no backbone, we should flow with God's Will with no will of our be totally in God's Will instead of living for ourselves. Good stuff!

While I still have two quilts that need binding and one that needs to be layered and quilted (and a totally different quilt that needs to be started!), I have my eye on another book....John Grisham's Theodore Boone: The Activist.  This is a series aimed at teens, but I have enjoyed it. It's one of the few series that William and I both enjoy. He said this book was not as good as the others in the series...guess I'll have to read to find out if I agree!

Monday, August 19, 2013

The Start of the Week

Today Benjamin had his first day of try-outs for cross country.  This is only the third year the school has had a team. During these last two years, there was no try-outs. Any one who wanted to join, did.  But there were a few problems....lots of people bought a shirt, showed up for practice, but did NOT show up for a meet. I think the sponsor teachers (both of the female PE teachers) were tired of that! Ben said they announced that they would take 25 students. He thought about 50 were there. He felt like he had the second fastest time for his grade.  We'll see how it goes the rest of the week....some may get faster the week goes on.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday Night

It's a loud night at my house. Melissa has her friends (I think I counted 13 or 14) over for Bible study. She and two friends from Sunday School started this group around January (I think). During the school year they meet on Friday afternoons, but now that half the group is in high school, Friday afternoons are busy due to the high school football games.  After looking at every one's schedule, Sunday nights were chosen since our church doesn't currently have a class (that'll change sometime in September).

There's been lots of giggles, but some good sharing of the Word as well.  And some good snacks.  Can't have teenagers without some good snacks. They are a must!

The boys have hid, of course. Ben in his room and William in the loft with the tv headphones on.  Now a few girls have left and the remaining ones are playing "catch-phrase" (a type of board game).

So glad Melissa has some good friends....hope they are able to keep being sweet and seeking Jesus.

Yesterday my plan was to treat the kids to a movie, but only Melissa wanted to go. Not sure what was up with that....William did say he was tired. He had soccer practice from 8am to 10.... But Ben??  Who knows! Melissa and I saw "Red 2". While it was violent - after all - it is about spies and CIA agents, the language was not bad at all. I was quite surprise - and happy!

Afterwards, we stopped for an ice cream treat and to look for me a dress for my parent's anniversary party.  I know exactly the kind of dress I want. Which means, of course, I will not find it in my size!  I tried on a few, but nothing yet. I may just pull something out of my closet. 

I have a few things planned for this week. I'm hosting a luncheon on Thursday. A friend from church has finished a school where she learned how to do facials - as esthetician. Just keeping it simple...soup and sandwiches....probably minestrone and muffalettas. Friday I work - it's for the front office, not in the class room, but I'm excited. Melissa will babysit four afternoons and William will for three- that'll keep them busy!

We're missing Drew...but we were able to get in a few good conversations in with him as well as one Skype visit.

Monday, August 12, 2013

High School

Melissa is much more talkative about her schools than William ever was.  So far, she has told me about...

 .... learning about dip - and that would be the kind that boys use to put a "dip" in their mouth - not the kind of dip that goes with chips.

....stumbling upon an acquaintance making out with her boyfriend behind the school as Melissa was trying to find her way to her PE class.

.....hearing the senior baseball boys talk about making the freshman baseball players throw-up because the work out was so hard - Melissa got a kick out of this because of the freshman they were talking about is one that she can't stand!

....listening to a junior talk on and on about her fiance and her up-coming in her wedding when she's twenty-one or in years from now, but you know - she's soooo in love!! (Melissa was really annoyed at this conversation that she had no way to walk away from as they were in class waiting their turn with the teacher to set up their  PE lockers.)

I told Melissa she needed to write all these down!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Frist Day of School

Today was the first day of school for my kids. Over all, I think it went well. While they may not admit to it, I think they were excited. Each of them had their clothes laid out last night - that took me by surprise. I wasn't with Melissa, but the boys? both of them?? Yep. That surprised me. But there on the floor was their uniform.

Both boys are happy with their schedules - both have classes with friends. William will be taking two college classes this semester and  I think one or two next semester. Melissa wasn't too fond of her schedule  - she only has one class with a good friend. None with her other close friends - not even lunch with them.  She and William do have lunch together, though. I'm sure Melissa will end up making some new friends, but I was disappointed for her as well. She's really had a hard time on the friendship front here...hopefully, this won't cause problems.

I, also, enjoyed the first day of school. I had breakfast with two my friends, then did errands on the base. I had only about an hour and half of a quiet house before they arrived home from school. Tomorrow though I have nothing planned other than making a quick trip to the library. Well, maybe a few loads of laundry.....that, of course, never seems to go away.   Should be a nice and quiet day!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Picture from Yesterday

Here's a picture of the loot, I mean, medication we got from our doctor's visit yesterday. And to think, this is only for two children & they were out of two of Ben's asthma meds and we didn't need a renewal yet on another. 

Way too many allergies is this family.