Saturday, January 31, 2015

Going For Double

One day as a teenager, my mom and I  stopped by to visit my grandmother. As we sat down to play Scrabble (because that's what we did at my grandmother's house), I caught a glimpse of my grandmother's ears and yelled, "GRANDMOTHER!!" (Grandmother, because this was NOT a Momma Lee moment!)

Her and my mother both looked at me, " WHAT?!???"


Then my mom caught a good look at her ears and yelled, "MOTHER!!!" (Because, this was NOT a 'Mom' moment!)

Calmly my grandmother said, "Oh, yea...I got my ears double pierced. How do you like them?"

How did we like them??? We really were speechless. There was my 75 years old grandmother supporting double pierced earrings. 

Crazy. Amazing. And just so her. She had some spice in her, that's for sure. 

While there have been times I have considered doing the same, I've never gotten my ears pierced a second time. But today my daughter did. 

She had asked about getting them earlier in the week. Drew and I had no reason to say no. Melissa and I made a trip to the mall today to have the deed done. She did great - only winced a little. And so, now her ears are even cuter than they were before. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


I broken my sewing machine today. I decided that it needed cleaning before I started a few new projects. There was so much lint inside it!! Apparently, as I was trying to get my bobbin case back it, I chipped the side of it....not a lot but enough to snag the thread....which causes the thread to knot and jam. 

Yea...I wasn't very happy with myself. 

Thankfully, I found a replacement bobbin case for less than ten dollars on Amazon. Gotta love Amazon. They really do have just about everything! 

But I'll confess: I briefly thought about ditching the whole thing and telling Drew I needed a whole new machine. A nice fancy one!! 

Maybe next time! 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Yes, Another Ten Days...

So...I truly don't mean to go ten days without posting....  Part of it is life is sort of just routine...and part of what I think is cute and family would enjoy reading about, my kids don't want me posting about.  Yes, they are teenagers and parents "embarrass" them.

But, this too shall pass....

Soccer is going strong....I'm actually missing a game tonight.  In a bit Benjamin and I have a meeting at the middle school, so Drew went to the game without me.  But don't worry. There's plenty of soccer this week for me to see - three other games!!!  Tomorrow is a make-up game, then Thursday and Friday both have normally scheduled games.  I will admit that I'm seriously thinking of not going to Friday's game.  It's several hours away....I'm really thinking of being the lazy mom and not going. 

We had a game this past Friday night - out of town as well.  In was just miserable.  The temperature was about 39 degrees...raining... Just a yucky night to be out much less to be watching a soccer game. And it was on turf...I think I've shared before how I hate to play on turf. We lost.....5-0.  We actually sat in the car and watched from there. And I had forgotten my heavy coat at the house.  Had my hat and gloves and scarf, but no heavy I was much happier in the car.

Saturday the kids were all at a youth even so we were kid free - yea!!  We got several chores around the house done, then had a nice lunch out.  Then I took a good long nap while Drew started the taxes.(I'm sure others could think of more romantic things to do without kids, but that's what we came up with! We enjoyed it!)

There's been a few changes at our church.  They switched services times around some.  And Drew and I have switched Sunday school classes.  I just was ready for a change....wanted something different.  So far, I'm enjoying the new class....Drew just thinks it's "okay"...we'll give it more time to see how we both like it.

Also, our church is tearing down and old building - the original building, actually, and will start soon a new building that will house a larger sanctuary and new preschool area.  It should take about a year and half to complete. Lots of changes!

Saturday, January 17, 2015


January is my least favorite month. It's usually cold and dreary and wet. And it's a long month as well. (It's amazing to me how only one extra day can make a long month but it does, somehow -at least for me.) 

January is, also, the month that I had my first miscarriage.  That pain may have faded but never truely goes away. It was a long, cold, dreary, wet month in Albuquerque in 1996. While I'm sure we had some days of sunshine, I don't remember any. 

But today we did have sunshine! And the temperature was almost 60 degrees!! Oh, how we needed it!! 

We slept in...took our time getting dressed. When we all were dressed, we took the boys to get haircuts and a few errands....picked up some yummy bar-be-que for lunch. Afterwards, Drew and the boys got some chores done in the yard while I took a nap and slept way a headache. But I did sit outside for a little bit. Drew even put our new patio table together....makes me look forward to family dinners outside again soon. 

Late the afternoon and evening we all watched a movie together and put a puzzle together. 

Maybe if I had more relaxing full of family and sunshine days, I would have better feelings toward January! 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Soccer This Week

Tuesday night's game was bad. Very bad. We lost 5-0. On turf. I really hate it when we play on turf...that ball just rolls....and rolls. 

The other team was really good, though! As much as I wish I could blame it on the turf, they out played us at just about every position. 

But thankfully, it was NOT a district game. 

Tonight was a district game. And we won!! Yea!!! 4-0. The last time we played this particular team, they beat us, so it was nice to keep control of the game and win. 

Sadly, William didn't get a goal. But he did get two fouls. 

Yep. My sons who has never gotten a foul (that we can remember) in his life got two tonight. 

We can't help be laugh a little. 

When I asked him if he felt like he was fouling, he said, "No, I was just trying to get around him and he just fell down!"

Like I said, we can't help but laugh a little. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Books of 2014

For the year 2014 I read 104 books.  My main goal for the year was to read more non-fiction than fiction.  And I did.  By five.  Not a large margin, but I'll take it.  For 2015 my goal is to read two times more non-fiction than fiction. So far, I'm on target. I have only read two books this New Year and they both are non-fiction. One I struggled to read (The Rules and Exercises of Holy Living) and one I really enjoyed (Fields of Faith).  And learned that I really don't enjoy reading a book writing in Old English!

As I look over the books of 2014, I picked out my favorites.  Here goes!

The Romanov Sisters by Helen Rappaport - a biography of the last Russian Czar's daughters - very sad...but I learned  a lot.
 Joan by Donald Spoto - a biography of Joan of Arc - amazing....I didn't know much about her before reading this, I'm now I awe.
Rescuing Julie Twice by Tina Traster - a memoir of an adoption of a little girl suffering from Reactive Attachment Disorder....very good

The System: The Glory and Scandal of Big-Time College Football by Jeff Benedict and
 Armen Keteyian - behind the scenes of college football -yep! It's all about the money
 and winning!  (Warning: bad language and details of a sexual assault.)

Unwritten by Charles Martin - fantastic!!! Just may be my new favorite fiction book
and author!!!

 I, also, read several sci-fi series that were enjoyable. I think I most enjoyed the series placed in
 a quilt shop.

I'm looking forward to the books and authors I'll discover in 2015! 

Monday, January 12, 2015

In Our Soccer World.....

We've had some good soccer games in the last week.  Last Monday we played a game about an hour away.  It was at tough game! The field was turf - which our boys are NOT use to!  Oh, how that ball rolled...and rolled!!  But we did win - William even got two goals! We played very well for the first part of the half, then  when they scored as well, it was like our boys gave up.  SOOOOO frustrating to watch!! Then about half way in the second half, our boys got their act together and won. 

Thursday night's game we, also, won - 11-0.  Sort of gotta feel sorry for the other team...  The other team is from a small town about 45 minutes away.  They are just farm boys - this town just doesn't have a lot of people moving in and out - they are just a little too far from the Air Force base for that, so most of the students are more into foot, base, and basket ball - the traditional Southern sports.   Towards the end of the game the coach let a few of our defenders and even our goalie play forward and striker positions so they could try to get a goal.  It was pretty funny! They were just not use to playing that position and couldn't hit the ball at the right angle.

Saturday we played a team that's higher ranked than us from a few hours away.  We ended up winning 4-2 (I think that was the score....can't remember), but the referee was HORRIBLE!! Never before have I seen a ref yell to the parents, "Opps! My bad! We'll do a "re-do"  WHAT??? Seriously??? 

Also, we have two brothers on our team that just can't be nice to each or really anyone.  One got a yellow card, the other got two yellow cards which makes it a red card and so he had to leave the game.  They just sass and fuss at each other - argue with the refs - tell other team mates what to do... drop cuss words...Urgggg.  And sadly, our coach just doesn't have the guts to bench them or kick them off the team because they are so good.  And from what we can tell, there's no discipline from the (divorce) home. 

I'm sure the other team left with a  bad taste in their mouth from us.

Our boys were excited to beat a higher ranked team, though.  William did not get a goal, but played well - had some good passes. 

My aunt was in town for the game and I think she enjoyed it.  I think William enjoyed having her there, as well.

This week we have one away game and one home game.  And as usual the weather is calling for cold, cold temperatures....lovely.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Alive and Well

Yes, it's been awhile since I've posted...we are alive and well.  We really enjoyed our holidays....we really didn't do anything major....just stayed at home and enjoyed family and life. 

I've already posted on how our holiday started: by learning that Melissa earned a 29 on the ACT. She was pretty much on a high from that for all of Christmas break!  Still in - in fact yesterday when she went back to school, she made sure to stop by a few of her teacher's room to let them know. 

My parents came over and spend several nights with us.  My brother and his family came over for several hours Christmas Day.  I have to admit: it was extremely nice not to travel.  We all got to be good and lazy!

We did see several movies.  Drew and I saw Unbroken.  Very good!  But I would say, read the book before you go.  Of course, the book is better, but, also, it explains the change in Louie's life.  He met Jesus and his life was changed. The movie glossed over that...sadly....but not surprising as Hollywood doesn't even want to admit there's a God much less that His name is Jesus.

We, also, saw Night at the Museum Three. I enjoyed it.  We thought the kids would go with us, but they all found some reason not to be seen with their parents in public.  Yes, they are teenagers!  I did take Melissa and a friend to see Into the Woods (but Melissa asked me NOT to sit with them - like a dagger to my heart, I tell ya!!).  I enjoyed it as well - neither of these two movies will probably win any awards, but they were fun to see.

We, also, watched lots of (but not Ole Miss as they seemed to have NOT SHOWN UP TO PLAY....very, very frustrating!).  Melissa and I did do a little after Christmas shopping but not much...I didn't brave the mall.....too much craziness for me.

The kids seemed happy with their Christmas presents.  William got a video camera, Melissa concert tickets, Ben got some Minecraft stuff , and they all got a small Ping-Pong table.  Of course, the boys are enjoying that more than Melissa!

The other big event is Melissa getting her driving license.  She has had her permit since the summer and as of January 3rd was eligible to get her full license.  Which, of course, she wanted!  My plan was for her and William to share a car for several months to six months before we bought another car.  Well....I got out voted.  Drew bought himself a new Toyota Camry.  It's a very nice car!!  So, that means William got the blue Camry and Melissa got the white little Matrix that William had been driving.  They all are very, very happy!!

And I'm still driving a mini-van.  Oh, well.  A few more years of driving soccer plays and giggly girls around, then I can down-size. 

One of the gifts I was excited about was fabric. Yes,  I got fabric for Christmas and I was very happy with it all.  In the last week I have pieced a quilt together for William.  It's green.  No surprise there for anyone who knows how much that boy likes green.  Today I was able to piece the back together, but not quilt it as I need to get some green thread.  Hopefully, I'll be able to buy that tomorrow and if I don't work on Friday, then get to the actually quilting.  So, now I'm looking at patterns for my next stuff!