Friday, May 30, 2014

First Full Week of Summer

We are all enjoying our first full week of summer.  We have gotten to sleep in, hang out....and yes, probably already have watched way too much tv and played too many video games. The kids have had several that keeps them a little busy.  Of course, we love ones that are at the church or at some one's house where its just games and FREE!!  Free is good....saving money is good!.

I have been able to go walking with my friend and neighbor, Alice.  Our goal is to walk three mornings a week...maybe in the evenings as well.  She joined a gym and has been great at exercising for awhile now, but for me, I just trying to get back into the routine.  I did so well last year, then then Drew moved to DC and I got lazy. I'm trying to not be lazy this summer.

This morning on our walk neither of us looked at the weather before hand. So.  We got a little wet.....not too bad. Just a light mist.....reminded me of being in Guam! Thankfully, it wasn't a down-pour!

Yesterday I took  Melissa over to West Monroe, so my brother could take her over to meet my aunt.  Aunt Trish is taking her and my niece, Ramsey, to Ole Miss for the yearly Ladies Forum. Melissa and Ramsey both are beyond thrilled to attend!!  After all, a weekend away from the family, being spoiled by an aunt, and being at Ole Miss???  Heaven!!!

After I dropped Melissa off, I meet my friend Janean for dinner.  We've known each other since second grade.  Love spending time with her!  We exchange stories about our kids.....two of them have some of the same issues (shyness)....nice to get another perspective on things.

Other than a few chores, I have nothing too much on the agenda today....may by a little time playing with fabric....that always makes for a great day.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Lots of rain today, but I didn't mind. It gave me a great opportunity to wear my new raincoat. 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Weekend

Enjoying the sunset over the Missisippi River

Melissa pretending it's the Titantic....good thing it's not a boat that can sink....but what a view!!

Time at Lake St. this place!

William chillin'

Finding another sunset...what a good sport! He hates selfies....but since there's two of us, it's an 'us-ie'. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Last Day of School

Well. We made it through another year of school. Today was the last day.  All in all, it was a great year.  All the kids have done well. We'll get their official report cards next week and states testing scores as well, but since we have "school loop"  (a website that post all grades, assignments, emails form teachers, etc), we aren't excepting bad news.

Benjamin is glad he did NOT go to school today (we let him skip since no work would be done as grades were due Monday). It seems there was a crazy father around and the school went into "lockdown" mode.  Yikes! It lasted about twenty minutes, but from what I can piece together, no one was in any danger at any time.

This afternoon we hosted a youth group game day to celebrate the end of school.  I would say most of Melissa and Benjamin's friends came with only a few of William's.  But in the end I think everyone had a good day.  We played Apple to Apple, Hedbanzs, Catch-phrase, and a few card games.  Fun times.

I think they were hoping more kids would come. But it did start before school was officially out - we knew a lot of kids would either NOT go to school like Ben or leave school early after finals like William and Melissa.  Lots of parents work and just can't chauffeur their kids around all afternoon.  Also, while our kids are well known and well liked, they are not in the "popular" group.  Which seems fine with them - and me for that matter.  A few good friends beats a lot of so-so friends any day of the week.

We had several different tables set up for different games. Here's a picture of some of the kids in the den playing  Catch-phrase.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Melissa's Turn

Melissa came home from school yesterday saying she made the second highest score on her geometry end-of-course test. And she wanted to celebrate. With pancakes. And bacon. 

We love bacon. 

We all had to laugh as Ben showed pancakes should be neat. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Benjamin is DONE

Today was Benjamin's last day at school...well, technically, he can go to school for the next two days - and be bored  - if he wants.  Tomorrow is a field trip to a baseball game - which is a sport he doesn't care for at all...why pay almost $100 for a field trip for something he hates?? No. Not this family.  Of course, if he goes to school while many of his is on the field trip, he'll get busy work or watching a movie.  No need for that - he'll stay home.  Thursday will be full of teachers showing movies while they finish up their paperwork and clean the classrooms.  Once again, no need for that. 

There was an award ceremony at nine and I checked him out after that. We did a few quick errands and pick up lunch at Chic-fil-a - one of his favorite places!

Today he got A/B Honor Roll for the year (darn those English and Lit classes that give him a hard time....of course, if he would have handwriting that teachers could read.....or actually study...but that's normal, I guess...). He was recognized for the Duke TIP program where he was invited to take the ACT as a 7th grader. He made a 16 - not good enough to really get into a college yet, but for him being a 7th grader? That's pretty good!  Ben, also, received a trophy for having the most AR points in the 7th grade (AR is a reading comprehension program - he takes a test on all the books he reads and then gets points for correct answers.) He had a good year!

As we were driving home I asked him what was the best part of 7th grade. His answer was much like the one he gave me at the end of his first day of kindergarten. Then is was (said in a very depressing monotone voice) "Coming home."  Today the answer was "That's it over." Said in the same depressing monotone voice.

This kid. He cracks me!  But yea for summer!!  (The other two have one and half more days since the high school has to give finals on the last few days of school.)

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Our Weekend

This has been a nice and relaxing weekend. Friday night we stayed home and I cooked fish tacos, one of my favorite meals.  I think I'm the only who really enjoys them, but my family has been good and they don't complain too much.  We had some computer issues that required a quick trip to the store and a little time for Drew to get it all worked out.  But he did. Not sure what I would do without my very own "computer geek" on call.

Saturday Melissa and I went to the graduation ceremony.  While we knew several of the students who were seniors this year, I mainly went to see how it was set up for our turn next year.  They really have it down pat! They started on time, kept the ceremony moving at a fast pace - no long boring speeches! It was done in just about an hour. Perfect! It was really well done.  Melissa and I sat with the youth pastors from our youth group as well as a other friends.  It was fun sitting with friends and yelling loud for the students we knew as they walked across the stage.  It was, also, nice seeing the joy on the families faces as they yelled for their student.  One lady had a tambourine! I thought it was very cool! And it got me thinking... While I don't have any tambourines laying around, I do have these little "hand clappers". I used them (and gave out some to other soccer parents) at the soccer games because the team couldn't hear us clapping for them because we were wearing gloves due to the cold temperatures.

William wasn't too much into the idea, though.... He would rather stay in the background...not draw attention to fact, I think he would rather NOT walk next year. But I have given him a year notice: get use to the idea of walking at graduation! You WILL! I see it like a wedding....a time for family and friends to celebrate. Celebrations are always fun!

Later in the evening Drew and I went to dinner with friends in town.  The weather was as wonderful as the food as we were able to eat outside. I love eating outside!! I find it extremely relaxing - when the weather is nice like it has been this weekend. The couple we met have lived overseas like us, but they lived in different parts of the world than we have.  It was fun hearing their stories...hopefully, they enjoyed hearing ours.

Today was church, a nice lunch, reading for me, a movie for Drew, Drew teaching Ben how to use the lawn mower, baking cookies......just a normal day...relaxing day....good family time.

May we have more of them as we head into summer!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Rainy Day

I am LOVING staying home on this rainy day!!  Especially, after working the last few days.  I have most of my chores already is clean, laundry is almost done, the floors have been vacuumed....nice! Even had a nice long chat with my good friend, Fay, and my mom. I still have a few things on my dinner for tonight, planning the menu for the next week, writing my grocery list.... But its so nice to have a day that I don't have to rush.

We have one more week of school. While Benjamin really isn't doing much in his classes at the middle school, the two high school kids are still working.  Last Friday William had his AP English test in the morning, then at noon had his AP test for math & stats. He got home at four! What a long day! Then yesterday he had his end-of-course  (EOC) test for week it'll be the final.  After all this testing in English, he should be very well verse in it!

Yesterday I had four sixth grade English classes and two seventh grade English classes. Oh. My. Two of those classes...well, I hate to call any one a fool....let's just say there are a lot of.....hmmm...."big personalities".  Not sure how in the world that teacher handled these kids ALL. YEAR. LOOOONG!!!  I do think part of the problem is scheduling.  This year they have honor classes in the morning and regular classes after lunch. I think if they would switch that, it would have been better.  Honor students are more able to sit and work later in the day than some of these other kids. I know there will be some changes in how the middle school runs for next year...maybe this will be one of them.

Later this week I'll be the art teacher.  Should be interesting....he's already warned me that it will include spray paint. This after a few days in art, that's it! No more subbing for this year.  For the most part I have enjoyed it.....of course, some classes more than others, but that's how it works.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

It's been a very nice Mother's Day.  Church was a great time fellowshipping and worshipping.  Then we had a nice lunch out where we saw several friends and neighbors- and good food!  And best of all? We got to eat our meal outside. I love having a meal outside (as long as the weather is nice like it was today!)

After we got home, the boys gave me a nice blouse (I'm sure Drew helped some!). Before we left for church, Melissa game me her presents: a nice tote bag and blue nail polish. Yes, I love blue nail polish!  Yesterday, Drew came home from the store with a bouquet of flowers.

After gifts, I got some time to read a book, take a nap, read some Amazing to both our mothers...  A very nice day!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Standing the Test of Time

One of the reasons we have enjoyed about subscribing to Direct TV is the recording options. We rarely watch shows as they air now. Just about all our shows are watched through DRV. 

Drew recorded a John Bon Jovi concert earlier this week for me. This afternoon after a nice long (slightly Benadryl induced -I ate something that bothered me) nap, I had time to watch it. 

So good! 

They performed a nice balance of older songs and new songs. What surprised me was how much I enjoyed the new songs! So many times, an older group like this one either puts out really bad songs or no new material at all. 

It seems John Bon Jovi still knows how to rock. 

Friday, May 9, 2014

Rain, Rain, Rain.....

Lots of rain here in the Deep South. Yep. It's that time of the year. I really don't mind the rain....would prefer the thunder not to wake me up, though. Thankfully, I was able to go back to sleep. 

Today I was in the school was a good day. Not too many crazy parents...there's always at least one. But you just have to laugh at them. 

As of now we don't have many plans for the weekend. Melissa does has driver's ed tomorrow.  Not sure what the rest of us will do. 

Yesterday I had the best lunch with a friend. Drew & I entertain quite a bit, but it  seems lately, we aren't invited over much.  I do understand! We have three kids & we can seem like an invasion force at times. But my friend invited me over to her house for lunch. It was just a simple salad & soup (perfect for an over-cast spring day), but it was so nice! Good food & good company. 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Day of Calm

Sunday afternoon I threw a small baby shower for a friend of mine. Well, not really a baby shower - she and her husband are adopting two siblings from Ethiopia. The kids are ages 12 (a boy) and 10 (a girl). At first, Sage was very unsure about this whole shower thing! She didn't even invite very many friends.  About an  hour or so into the shower, she said, "I was a little unsure about this, but this is fun!!"

Exactly!! I knew it would be!! And I knew her other friends were like me in that they wanted to bless her!.  She got several outfit sets for both kids. (She's very excited that the kids will have something of their own in their dresser drawers!) One friend gave her a bag of school and art things to help keep them busy on the l-o-n-g airplane ride back to the States. 

We all are looking forward to meeting these two who have already stolen Sage and Tony's hearts. The way things look now, they should be in their new home by the end of the month.

After the shower on Sunday, I hopped in my car and drove to mom's.  She had her second cataract surgery Monday morning.  As with the first one a few weeks ago, this went well.  She STILL can't drive, though.  We're not sure what's that all about. She and I both know people who have had this same surgery and they were allowed to drive the next day! Her doctor is making her wait until after both eyes were done (there was a two week period between the two).  She goes back on Monday for her one-week check up. We are hoping he will okay to drive then...but there's no guarantee.  All-in-all it will be a three week period of no driving for her - if the doctor allows it after Monday.  Dad hasn't driven in about ten years due to his health, so he can't help.  They are use to going out to eat almost every day....this staying home is not fun for them!

I came home mid-day yesterday and was able to get a few chores and errands done.  Even got a walk in with of my favorite things! It was so nice to sleep in today as well! No work for me!!!  I have about five days left to work.  School is counting down! We are all are ready for summer, I think....or maybe just ready to sleep past seven!

The kids came home from school with a tale of a friend getting arrested.  He, apparently, bought  a pill from a girl for his girlfriend.  The pill was a prescription for ADD.  It maybe have only been on pill, but it was enough.   I know this family....I'm sure they are just devastated.....lots of prayers for them. He and the girl both got arrested Monday. I know he missed one his senior final exams on Tuesday.  Not sure how it will all effect graduating...or school next

It did provide a time for the kids and I to talk about when do you turn on a friend. From the gossip after he bought the pill, he then told someone about buying it - someone over heard and either told a teacher or call the police. But I asked my kids -what would you have done??

It's a hard question. While we didn't not find an answer, I'm sure we will talk about it again.

While today and tomorrow both have one or two errands, there's no work or anything very pressing to do.  I'm enjoying a nice quiet, calm house while the laundry is going.  Summer is coming and if you have spend any time with my family, you know quiet and calm usually aren't how you describe us.  I'm enjoying it while it last!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Shopping Day

Today Drew & I went shopping. Not that he really likes to, but at times you just have to. Ever since Drew start his new job in January, he's mentioned he needed a new suit or two. I felt like today was a great day to look for one as nothing else was on our calendar. 

We looked at several stores, but no luck in his size and in the color he wants. We just may have to order one on-line.

We, also, have been talking about buying something for our mantel. I had a candle & a clock, but neither was really the right size. I have been looking for something, but nothing has caught my eye. Drew wanted to find something more modern, but we ended up with a pair of tall candlesticks. More traditional, than modern, but that's us, I guess. 

We ended our shopping day at Sam's. I had gotten a flyer in the mail advertising today as an open house with no membership needed. We have been a few times since we have lived here with family, but just didn't feel a membership was worth the money since it's all the way across town. Of course, that just may change when the new one opens close to us. 

Today was the first time I had ever seen a female manager. In fact, I don't think I have ever seen or met a female manager at Walnart either. (I seem to recall a lawsuit over that issue....) This manger was very nice, but boy!! did she give the hard sell for a membership!!  Wow! We said no today. I think we'll just wait until the new opens late summer. 

Friday, May 2, 2014

The Sweetest Time

In the afternoon from about 2:45 - 3:10 is one of my favorite times of the day. It's from the time the kids walk in from school and the time Melissa walks out to babysit. 

It's a loud crazy time with backpacks flying, shirts coming untucked, belts coming off, and shoes being kicked off. Then it's a  a mad dash to see what snacks they can find. For these teens lunch was a long time again. It is TIME. TO. EAT. 

All the while, I get hear about their day. Unlike the morning times, they are much more open to actually talking....holding a real conversation. In the mornings I get more grunts than actual words. 

It's a sweet time of the day.