Monday, April 13, 2015

And The Days Just Go By....

Spring Break was nice. The kids came back from their church trip late Thursday night instead of Friday afternoon.  It was so nice to have that extra day with them!  Over the Easter weekend, Melissa and I cleaned out her closet and bathroom.  Well....more like me standing over her and making her get it done....she could clothed a small nation....and make them beautiful with all her lotions and potions.  I told her, that for the next few months she could NOT buy any more clothes or make-up or any way bring more stuff into this house. 

Easter was just okay....I had nursery duty.  Over all, the class was good - just a lot of three year olds running around.   Melissa has been babysitting a lot for a family where the father is deployed and the mom works weekends, so she was babysitting Easter.  We brought the little ones to church with us and had them over for our Easter dinner, but since we don't have high-chairs or toys for small ones anymore, it was little hard to have them here. Also, I'm still not allowed to pick up anything over five pounds, so I'm not much help with the eight month old.

Part of the reason I haven't blogged lately is because, I just have not felt well.  Allergies are killing me this spring.  On Monday  after Easter I went back to the doctor for help.  She doubled a few of my meds and gave me some new eye drops and cream.  It worked for a few days, but over this weekend my eyes started to bother me again.  I think since we were outside a lot because of soccer, I was covered in tree pollen.  Saturday when we came in from soccer, I took a shower and switched out my sheets  - and added a half of a tab of Benadryl to my little pharmacy I'm taking.  I think it worked, since my eyes started to be better.  Today has been  a good day and I haven't taken any Benadryl. That's good. Hopefully, it will last.

Last Monday as I was going to the doctor's, Drew was on his way to the airport. He worked out of town for the week. He got back in town on Friday in time to go to a soccer game of Benjamin's. This game was the first of the weekend in a tournament. I really wished I had passed on this tournament.... We are a 12-14 year old team. All three teams we played were 14-15 year olds. And we're a "rec" team and we played "travel"/"club" teams.  It was good for our team to see how well a team can play. But if I had known we were going to play older players, I probably would have passed....we lost all three games....very, very badly.

Last week was quite....but too many trips to the doctor. I took Ben in on Thursday for his yearly asthma check-up.  I wasn't please with last year's check-up and this year's was just as bad. Just as last year this doctor doesn't seem concerned about an asthma action plan or peak flows....or anything else that other doctors have drilled into me.  It's a good thing that Ben is very healthy right now and that I know what do when he's not healthy.

I haven't worked since before my surgery.  I have been called a few times, but have had things on my calendar....and I don't get called when my calendar is clear. And it's a good thing I didn't get called today as I had to take Melissa to the eye....from the kids she keeps over the weekend. 

I'm really hoping that's the last of the doctor appointments for a long, long while.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Spring Break Part 2

I'm still enjoying Spring Break. Yesterday I drove over and spent the day with my parents. We didn't do anything overly exciting...lunch...shopped at a few stores... But it was very nice to just sit and chat.

Today I did a few things around the house. We had workmen in the yard working on the sprinklers. They get all messed up back in the fall when we expanded our driveway and patio.  I did get very frustrated with my laptop.  It just doesn't want to talk to the printer.

Urgggg  So frustrating!!  I did what I know to do to fix the problem....which isn't very much and did not fix the problem!  So, I put it all away and spent some time in prayer.  Life looks so much better after prayer, doesn't it?

Acts 3:19 says, "...seasons of refreshing come from the presence of the Lord." This is so true! I have this things called "hour of prayer" that I got from a visiting chaplain when we were in Guam.  I love it! It calms and helps be me be clearer in mind and in what I need to focus on.

So, I spend the rest of the day on things I could do and just let my personal "geek on call" handle that lap top and printer. I'm sure he'll get them talking again.

But the best thing about today? The kids will be home late tonight! While I've enjoyed a quiet house, I'll be glad when they get home. And I'm glad we'll have a few more days off before school gets back into session on Tuesday.  Love these lazy days!