Thursday, August 28, 2014

Be Like a Duck

Many times when someone says a negative comment, it's easy to shake it a duck does water.  Other times those comments are less like rolling water and more like a splinter under your skin. Trying to more like a duck this week...some times it's harder than other weeks....

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Dream Let Go

Today my parents sold "the land".  I think if my dad could have put how he felt into words, it would be bittersweet. Sweet, because, it was nice to sell the land and not have to worry about it anymore or pay taxes. Bitter, because, he never got to fulfill a dream he had for the land.

Part of the land was  given to him long ago (probably in the 1960's) from his grandfather. Then much later he received the bulk of the land from his father. Dad always wanted to build a house on the land and pond he could fish in the country like he did in his childhood.  (My mother being the city girl was NOT much into this dream.)  But life got in the way.  They never seemed to find the time or money to make this dream a reality as they were raising their family. After my brother and I were grown-up and married, Dad's career changed and then his health. 

One of my favorite singer/song-writers has a phrase "Some dreams are better from afar, that's just how things are" (Joshua Kadison's Georgia Rain).  From the first time I heard this song - this phrase, I've thought about this land....this house and pond that lived in Daddy's mind and heart.
My brother and I grew up going out to the country where my father spent part of his childhood. I remember fishing in relatives' ponds....and yes! Catching a few fish.  When we were out there, we always stopped to visit Dad's aunts and uncles and cousins. I'll always think of Uncle Ed when I see a coo-coo clock....I remember asking cousin Vic who is a pastor Bible questions...and the chickens. So many chicken farmers in this part of the country, and while I love eating chickens, chicken farms do NOT smell good...not all at!  I remember being really little and picking corn with my mom and other relatives.....going to several family reunions.....lots of memories....

The man who bought the land is, also, from the area. He even goes to the church where my grandparents were members and are buried at. He is spoken highly by my father's relatives. He talked about the pond he was going to build...and the house he would live in. There's still the shell of my great-grandparents house left.  He plans to incorporate  part of the old stone foundation into his new house, old bricks on part of the flooring, use some of the tin roof as a ceiling in one's nice to know part of our history will be still around for the future.

He offered for us to come back in a year and see what all he has done....see his dream fulfilled.  I think the land is in good hands.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Gone.....All Gone....

Not sure what happened....or how it happened by all my bookmark "favorite" websites are gone on my laptop and my iphone (they are connect via the "cloud").


So....all those cute quilt patterns I was saving for later?  Gone.

All those yummy looking recipes? Gone.

Those good Bible reference pages I like? Gone.


I was able to recover some through the "history" list, but not all.

Not a good day in tech-land.

Friday, August 15, 2014

The Yearly (or More Often) Event

As I posted yesterday, it was my first day of subbing. As usual the kids rode the bus home instead of with me. I usually follow the bus home, so why ride with mom when I can be with my friends?? 

And there's the fact they usually forgot that I'm working and just get on the bus out of habit. 

Yesterday I was about five to eight minutes behind the bus as I stopped by the library to pick up a book that was on hold. When I got to the house, what did I see?? All three of my kids outside the house. Why, you ask?

Because not one of them had a key in their backpack. 

This happens at least once at year. Or more. 

One of the first times, I get a tearful phone call. They had called their father and got no sympathy and were told to go to the neighbor's house until Dad got home. I was away with my parents that first time visiting the graves of my grandparents. They didn't get much sympathy from me either since we talked several times about having their key with them. 

They didn't get any sympathy yesterday either from me....well, Benjamin did. As he was trying to get to the hidden key in the back yard, he was attacked and stung three times from wasp. 

Feel bad for the little guy....but maybe now some one will remember a house key????!!! 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

First Work Day

I should have gotten the kids to take MY picture this morning as it was my first day of school  - as a sub, anyway. I have turned down several jobs - most later this month or even next month. I was actually surprised that I was offered a job this EARLY in the school year - a week to the day! 

While it is early in the year, it's not the earliest I have worked. The last year we were in Guam I worked the second day. Yep. The second day!  (You can read about it here.)

I had great classes today. The school has changed from a seven class day to a five hour block day.  I really liked it! I ended up having two algebra class (8th graders) and two math honors class (7th graders). (The teacher has one hour off for planning.)  Just about all the students knew me...just a few new faces.  Since all the classes were honors, they are filled with students that know how to be a student -meaning they know how to BEHAVE!!

The only real problem I had was the problem was the teacher did not leave enough work for the students. I had this problem last year when the classes were 50 minutes.  And it seems to see that I'll have the problem again  - maybe even more so - with the classes 90 minutes. urggg. But at least the kids were well behaved.

(Can I say the most well behave student was my little duckie, Benjamin?? I love having my kids!!)

Here's praying that the other classes I teach this year will be just as well as behave.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Normal Life

Life around here as been normal....nothing too earth-shattering.  Today is the fourth day of far everyone seems to like the new year with their new schedules.  We did have a minor issue with William's.  He was placed in a speech class - which he had waaay back in Guam (yes, in 7th grade but it was considered a high school class).  After talking with the school counselor, there's really no other choice.  The class he wanted ended up not being offered for some reason. But the counselor did say she would put in on his transcript a Speech 2. I really don't think it matters, though. It'll be an easy class - fun, too, hopefully!

He does have some heavy duty class this semester....pre-calculus & pre-physics - yikes!  He has them next semester as well, and if he does well on the test in May, he'll get college credit (I think that's how it's to work). He's, also, in ROTC again.  We are disappointed that he did not get English 4 now.  A senior project is required in order to graduate and we really wanted to do that this semester.  Oh, well.  Not much we can do about that.

Melissa, also, has a heavy schedule this time around: English, Biology, World Civilization, Algebra 2. Next semester will be a little easier for her as she will have Spanish 3, PE, US Civics, and another elective. But she seems happy with it. She does have some good friends in her classes and at lunch. Sadly, she and William do not have lunch together now....maybe in January.

Benjamin is still at the middle school and is on more of a regular schedule, and so has all the normal classes.  I know all but one of his teachers as she is new to the school. I hope she's good...she's not whom I wanted Benjamin to have for science but she is NOT who I did not want him to get.   Hopefully, he'll learn something in 8th grade science - unlike Melissa did with "that other" teacher.  Ben is happy that he has all but one block with his best friend, Gannon (who has recovered nicely from his bike fall and concussion). 

On a surprising note, I have already turned down two sub jobs!!  One was in September on my Bible study and errand day.  The other was for this Friday when we have plans.  I do have one job lined-up, but it's not until October.  The district has a new computer program that handles subs instead of the teachers calling for themselves.  It should be a better way, but I'm not clear on how it all will work. (I think it automatically goes to the next sub if I reject a job....but I'm not sure....I did email the teacher anyway....hopefully, she will still request me in the future!)

I've been keeping busy these first few days of school....there's always cleaning (this week it seems to be laundry EVERYWHERE!) and errands (its amazing how fast we run out of milk and bread!!).  I'm hoping to get some sewing in...I've started on a new quilt....and of course, Mr. Seam-Ripper is making more appearances than I would like!  (That really means that I need to pay attention and quick trying to do more than one  thing at a time!!)

All in all - life is good.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Catch a Kiss Where and When You Can!

Every marriage has it's traditions...ways....quirks even.  One of Drew and mine is that we give each other a quick kiss during the welcoming part of our church services.  Most of the time no one notices....but then there are the times that a few people do. It usually shocks them. They totally don't expect to see a quick kiss.

This past Wednesday night at church we had two older ladies sitting behind us.  And they REALLY didn't expect to see our kiss. (It really is a quick one!) They were like "NO!! None of that - especially not in front of us that have no one!"

Really?  That's your problem, not mine.  You not having any one has nothing to do with me.  How about we be happy that a couple that's been married for over 23 years, still enjoy catching a quick peck and still enjoying being together??

Yea....they hit a nerve!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

New Times

Tonight Melissa & I were watching part of the CMA Fest where lots of country music singers performed. (I'm assuming there's a music award show soon.) There's a lot of performers that I don't know- in fact, most I haven't heard of. Of course, that's because I usually listen to Christian music. 

But as we sat here, I amazed at how many songs were about getting drunk. 


What happened to all those sad country songs? 

But there's is definetly a new type of country singer. Most now seem to look more like a big city 'hipster' with their skinny jeans and tattoos instead of a flannel plaid shirt and a cowboy hat.  One drummer even had a two foot Mohawk. 

I'm sure Jonny Cash and Patsy Cline are rolling over in their graves. 

Monday, August 4, 2014

Those Frantic Phone Calls

Saturday night as I was cooking dinner I got a phone call from my friend (& neighbor & walking partner), Alice. I could barely understand her through her tears.  At first all I got was: "You were right!" "He'll wear a helmet from now on!!"  "Trey's taking him to the ER now."


Turns out Ben's best friend, Alice's son, Gannon, fell off his bike. A neighbor who saw the accident said it looked like he flipped three times before hitting the ground.  Thankfully, Gannon doesn't really remember that part.  He now is sporting two very large bumps on his head.  Alice said one was the size of a golf ball, the other an orange.

While the CAT scan came out clear, he was still in a lot of pain Sunday night...very scratched and bruised.  And can we say "lucky"? "blessed?" to be okay??? 

I just looked at Benjamin - "This is why!! I'm not just being mean or old!!" All my kids have basically quit riding their bikes because they don't want to be seen with a helmet on - you know, how "uncool" they are, right??  But I'll take no riding a bike over riding with no helmet any day of the week!