Monday, March 28, 2016

What Am I?

My parents came over this weekend for a short visit. Saturday we went out to eat. Melissa sat down across the table from my father. He looked at her and said, "That's where my wife sits."

Melissa said, "What am I? I'm your granddaughter.  She can sit next to me."

We all laughed! Dad wasn't too happy. But he got over it.  This is just normal George...since his stroke he has become so reliant on Mom. At times we try to give her space - even if it's just a chair over.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

What Do You Hear??

I thought I said, "I'm baking bread." 

Probably what I saw: "I'm bakin' bread."

What the kids heard when they asked what I was doing: "Bacon bread."

Needless to say, when they realized there was no bacon involved they were highly disappointed! 

But still took a bite of the bread. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Good and the Ugly

Another quilt done!

The Good:  I love the elephant! This was my first time using a technique called 'paper piecing'. It took a little while before I got comfortable with it, but when I did I enjoyed it.  I would use it again! I don't think that elephant could get any cuter!! 

The Ugly: puckers. (Deep sigh...) the gray was left over from my owl quilt and I forgot that I had cut this fabric in the bias- which means it stretches. A lot! But I totally remembered when I put the borders on...and saw all the puckers.  Frustrating. Oh, well. It's done. 

With this elephant pattern as well as my owl quilt, I feel in love with the pattern first. But sometimes it's the fabric that inspires me. I have some beautiful gray fabric with pink flowers that reminds me of Japan. I'm not sure what exactly I want to do with it....I bought two yards - which is enough to be a focal point of a quilt. While I think about it, I'll do another scrappy I'm always trying to keep a handle on how much fabric I have...really don't want to be a hoarder of fabric! 

Friday, March 4, 2016

Oh, The Love

Wednesday William had his wisdom teeth taken out.  All four wisdom teeth.

Let's just all say, "ouch" now!

I was lucky enough that none of my wisdom teeth had roots, so I never needed mine out. So, I had no idea what to except with William's surgery.  Thankfully, it all went well.  It was pretty fast  - less than an  hour.  Afterwards at home, as long as we keep giving him the pain meds, he was fine.  He did sleep a few hours right when we came home, but stayed up the rest of the day as well as all day on Thursday.

When Melissa and Ben came home from school,  they both asked, "How's William??"

Then they wanted to know if we got any funny video of him being loopy on all the medication. When I said no, they were HIGHLY disappointed!

Sibling love....gotta love it!