Monday, October 31, 2011

I Hate Halloween

I said it.

I really do.

It's like a day people think they can be crazy and that's it okay. 

We only had one set of Trick-or-Treat-ers. Rude Little Rug-Rats is what they were. "But I don't like that kind!!" 

Really?  You come to my house and barley even say, "trick-or treat!" and you want to complain about what I give you?  You're lucky I even opened the door!!

Because the plan to not.  I didn't buy any candy - not even to donate to the church's event (bad church member!). But Melissa decided late in the day to not go begging for candy trick-or-treating. She was torn between handing out candy and helping at the church.  While we were waiting for a response from a text I sent to the children's minister to see if she did need help at the church, Melissa  went through the house for any candy she can give out.

She didn't find a lot....some left-over Christmas peppermints, two bags of candy from when we were "Boo-ed".  Not a lot.

Then that little Rug Rat had the nerve to complain? I really should have not answered the door.

But what really drives me crazy are the people who think normal rules are out the door.  As I was driving home from picking up the boys at church (Melissa did help out at the church,but came home earlier), I saw a truck with  several boys hanging out of the run-roof and sitting on top of the truck! 

Free candy should not a license for stupidity.

Questions that Make you Think

Last week in at church the question was posed "What is your proudest parenting moment?"  I was stumped.  Had no clue.

Not that the kids don't make me proud - they do.  But on the spot, I just couldn't think of anything specific.  Then later as I was pondering the question, I still had trouble. 

Yes, my kids are typically good kids. Yes, they do well in school, sports, piano - generally get along with others, but are those things for ME to be proud of?  What exactly did I do that made them that way?

As Drew and I were talking about this, we both felt it was lots of little things we did.  We model behavior we want, we correct and discipline, we're consistent (mostly), we shared Jesus with them, we spend time with them. But mainly we just are being obedient to the Lord in how He has laid on our heart how to raise these kids. 

I'm not comfortable saying that's something I should be proud of - I see it as God's blessings. Are they perfect? No. Do they always make the decision we want them to make? No. But they are somehow wonderful.

Whatever I'm doing right, I pray that I keep doing right.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nasty Little Things!

First it was Melissa with a nasty virus....headache, fever.... A week later it was Ben. Ten days later it was Drew. And those nasty little bugs had the audacity  to attack Drew while we were in Natchez. He spent the weekend in bed while the rest of the family enjoyed the hot air balloons.

On the drive home we even skipped stopping in Monroe so we won't contaminate my family.  But apparently, that didn't help. Dad came down with something this past Sunday. Then mom became sick Monday.  Tuesday she called saying she needed help.

Have I said how happy I am that I'm here in Lou-zee-ana? It's so nice to be able to hop in the car and be able to help within a few hours - instead of days!

Thankfully, she just has a virus as well.  Sadly, she was hit harder than anyone else. I stayed until just before lunch on Wednesday - she is still weak, but was able to keep food down again.

I, on the other hand, am still healthy.  And praying that I stay that way.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Moon

A few weeks ago we spent the weekend in Natchez for the annual Great Mississippi Hot Air Balloon Race. We were very happy that we got there in time for the balloon glow and fireworks. Melissa had attended last year with one of her aunts and had a great time - we all were excited to be able to go this year.

After the balloon glow Melissa, Drew, my mother-in-law, and I were sitting outside waiting for the fireworks to start.  At one point Melissa got all excited and said, "Look!! Another balloon glowing!!"

Me:  "Um...babe...put your glasses back on."

Melissa: "Oh, it's just the moon." baby girl has inherited her father's near-sightedness.

We think she's cute and smart looking in her new glasses.  Melissa? Not so much.  But she does enjoy seeing things clearly.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Few More Books

I have made it through a stack of books from the library - sadly, only two are worth mentioning here.  The rest I read a few pages of then put down - never to be looked at again.

One of the ones I liked was Barbara Taylor Bradford's Three Weeks  in Paris. Its about four friends reuniting about several years (forgot how many) after art school.  In the weeks leading up to graduation, they all had a falling out and have not talked since. The books tells the story of how each arrived at art school, how each has had success in their own field and how each spent three weeks in Paris leading up to the 80th (or 85th, can't remember that either) birthday of their beloved art teacher.  It's a great read! Enjoyed it.

The other book was actually non-fiction - the life story of the author, Jeanette Wells. The book is  The Glass Castle.  The opening story is of Jeanette leaving her Park Ave apartment for a party, but returns home upset after she spots her mother routing through a trash can. The books tells the story of how they both have ended up where they are in life: one living in a posh Park Ave apartment and the other homeless.  It's a fascinating story   - totally American.  But also sad to know there are still people living in poverty and addictions.

For the most part I have had trouble getting into most books because my mind has been filled with the Bible study I have been teaching.  We have one more week before it'll be over.  I'm not sure what this morning group will do next....if they will continue to meet or take a break until next year like the Sunday night groups will do.  I do have plans to join a Thursday night group that will read together "5 Conversations You Need to Have with your Daughter" - but I will not be teaching.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Can You See Me Now?

As school was starting I received a note card in the mail reminding me of Melissa's annual eye appointment.  After talking to Melissa (who claimed she was having no trouble with her eyes) and remembering the school will test the students, I cancelled the appointment.

One less thing on my calendar.

Then after a month or so of school, Melissa started to complain of having a trouble seeing the board.

Really?  Couldn't you have realized that before I cancelled the appointment???

So, I rescheduled for today.  Incidentally, the school testing was yesterday - which Melissa failed.

Much to Melissa's sadness, she will be wearing glasses again. (She wore them for reading only from 1st grade to last  year, but they did their job and taught her eyes to work together.) I went ahead and ordered them today as well - no need to wait.  They should be in next week.

And yes. She has already asked for contacts.

A side story:  Melissa had to be held down - literally!! - for the eye drops to be put in for the dilation.  You would think at THIRTEEN!!! she would be better at this!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Another Week

Yes, sadly, another week has gone by without my posting.  Deep sigh.  I guess, I need to fight for more computer time! some of what has happened around here....

...Soccer: more and more practice...a few games...Ben's team won. William's team lost.  More practice. More games to come.

...Cross country - Melissa is starting to run.  She's had two meets so far - one more to go at the end of the month.  She's working hard to get better. The week she ran two miles at 19:37. Not the best time - not the worse time. But so much better then I could ever do!

...Piano.....piano is an interesting topic around this house.  All the kids will say they take lessons because they have no choice and we make them. True.  Until now. Today the two older ones were tested for the school's music gifted program. William is thrilled!  He's the one that truly LOVES piano.  The other two? Not so much. But understand that this is our family and we believe in music education.  Last night as were we talking to them about this test and going over some of the possible questions, Melissa said she hates piano and doesn't want to do this. Okay, said Drew. You don't have to anymore.    She was THRILLED!!!  Jumped up and down and hugged Drew.

Then, an hour later it was a different story!  She had second thoughts about quitting. She talked of how hard she has worked on these pieces of music.  We left the decision up to her - with her knowing that she could quit now and it would the end. But if she went to the testing then she would be making a commitment.  No more grumbling.

She decided to go to the test.

Both of them had to play two pieces then sight-read another piece.  I am THRILLED to say both were accepted into the program!! Oh, YES!! 

Big, big news here!  Drew even took them out to dinner at Olive Garden tonight.

In other news, it looks like Melissa will be back in glasses soon. She has been complaining about not being able to see the board very well at school. Today she failed a vision test given by the nurse. Good thing she has a complete eye exam tomorrow at the eye doc's.