I love listening to Podcast on my iPhone while I'm cooking, cleaning, sewing, and driving. Yes, I know this list is long. I don't listen to every single one that is published, but these are the ones I finding entertaining.  Hope you enjoy! Let me know your favorites!

Radio Lab Presents
Fareed Zakaria GPS (from CNN)
Death, Sex, and Money
From Scratch
Radio Lab
Wait, Wait....Don't Tell Me
Freakonomics Radio
Planet Money
Fresh Air
This American Life
Stuff You Missed in History Class

FBC Waldorf, MD
Calvary Albuquerque with Skip Heitzig
Voddie Baucham
People of Mars Hill Mobile, AL
The Austin Stone
Your Move with Andy Stanley
Mark Driscoll
The Village Church - Matt Chandler

Interviews (Most Christian)
The Happy Hour with Jaime Ivey
Lighten Up with Melanie Dale
Glorious in the Mundane with Christy Nockels
The Atypical Podcast
Surviving Sarah
Sacred Ordinary Days
The Influence Podcast
That Sounds Fun With Annie F Downs
The Phil Vischer Podcast
Mud Stories with Jacque Watkins
Feathers: Faith in Flight

Books, TV Shows,
Rob Has a Podcast (for Survivor!!)
From the Front Porch
Hope Writers
What Should I Read Next?

This and That/ Other
Smartest Person in the Room
Untold: The Daniel Morgan Murder
Revisionist History
Marriage is Funny
Back Story (history)
The Simple Show
The Girl Next Door
The Big Boo Cast
The Village Church - Culture Matters
Catholic Stuff You Should Know

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