Saturday, October 28, 2017

A William Conversation

William came home this weekend to hang out with Benjamin for one of our game nights. Which was fun...even if I lost at the games I played...and a few people that said they would come did not. (Yes. Very rude in my book.)

But this afternoon Drew & I got to hang out with William as Benjamin was at work. We played cards...and I still lost. 

But great conversation. Love hanging out with my boys. As we were playing, Drew and I decided we would go to a street fair tonight. We tried to get William to go with us. His response?

He turned his nose and said, 'Y'all are going to be ...adventurous."  

And he said it as if it was the most discussed thing he ever heard. 

We just laughed! Yep. Adventurous would describe Melissa, but never William!! 

That's okay. This world needs calm, reliable, stready, constistent men in this world. Others can be adventurous. 

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